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Playing Small With Money Doesn’t Benefit You Or Anyone Else

Written by: Sarah Moody, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Did you know that people are generally more willing to talk about sex than to talk about money?

It’s true. And it’s ESPECIALLY true for women.

But guess what? Not talking about money is limiting our potential to have an AMAZING impact on the world.

To be frank, women (especially women of color) have been taught a bunch of bullshit beliefs about money. In the background of all your money decisions, thoughts like these are probably swirling in your brain:

I wish I had more money.

Rich people are bad.

It’s greedy to want more money.

You don’t deserve more money.

Making money is taking money away from other people.

You’re not good with money.

Men are better with money.

You should give your money away.

How do I know that these beliefs come from society? Because I hear the SAME EXACT BELIEFS from dozens of students, from all different classes, races, and industry backgrounds. It’s systemic y’all!

The weird thing about beliefs is that it feels so uncomfortable to challenge them, that we spend ridiculous amounts of energy finding evidence for them. In the context of money, that usually looks like arguing FOR our limiting beliefs. It feels righteous and evolved to reject money, because we’re telling ourselves “See? **I** am not a bad person. **I** don’t engage with money.”

The problem is… we all DO engage with money, whether we want to or not. Pretending to not want or need money just reproduces the same power structures that have always existed. It does nothing to change your life, and nothing to change the lives of others.

I don’t know about you, but that is NOT what I want for myself, or for you! We DESERVE MORE.

The truth is, you can make money just as easily from a place of love and ease as you can from scarcity and fear. But there’s a big difference between rejecting money because of old patterns and making a conscious choice about money and deciding it’s neutral.

Money is pieces of paper and metal and you get to decide what to believe about it.

So I challenge you to be honest with yourself. Dream big. If you did make more money how would that align with your why, your purpose, and your values?

How would you, the world, and what you care about transform?

Are you willing to be uncomfortable to make that a reality?

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Sarah Moody, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sarah is the only certified coach who:

  • Recovered from decades of anorexia and bulimia.

  • Has been a tech veteran for the past 20 years and started a company from scratch after getting fired from a job in 2001. Clients are some of the largest software enterprises in the world, and the company has grown by over 400% in revenue.

  • Has coached hundreds of clients and is on a mission to help other high achievers like herself, break through burnout and bring magic back into their career and life.



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