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Newtonian Vs Quantum Model Of Reality Explained

Written by: Barbora Jedlovská, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


A lot of us don't realize that there is more than what one can experience with their senses. There is more beyond what you can hear, feel, see, smell and touch. There is a higher dimension, called the QUANTUM field or the Quantum model of reality that everyone has access to, where possibilities and potentialities are unlimited and, literally, endless. So let's take a look what is the difference between the Newtonian and the Quantum model of reality.

NEWTONIAN model of reality:

When living in this reality (also referred to as 3D physical reality) you might usually only believe what you can witness with your eyes, seeing on your bank account, or going through the data as something evidence-based. Those are the materialists of this world who would say: ''I am not gonna give thanks until my lover, my clients, my money shows up. And I am not going to be in joy until my abundance is finally on my bank account.''

That's the old model of reality of cause-and-effect. Waiting for something outside of you to change how you feel inside of you. That's the Newtonian model of reality – when you let your senses define your reality.

QUANTUM model of reality: On the contrary, the QUANTUM model of reality is beyond your senses which means that you begin emotionally embracing the event before it's made manifest. And you CAN convince your body emotionally that it's already occurred, and those emotions are driving the new set of thoughts. And so when you do that properly, your brain and body are no longer in the past, they are literally in the future, tunning there from the very present moment.

In general, we have been hypnotized and conditioned into believing that we need a reason for joy, for gratitude, for feeling abundant or loved.

That's the old model! The new model says that you give thanks before the event's made manifest and you convince your body emotionally that it's already done.

HERE IS THE THING If your body is in a state of giving gratitude, your body as an unconscious mind begins to believe it's already done. And gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. So then when you are combining a clear intention with elevated emotion and you are in a new state of being, then you are literally signaling new genes in a new way before the event has occurred and your body begins to change. You signal the gene and the body is already in the future.

So your senses should be the last to experience what our mind has created. And so then the materialist would wait for the event to occur to give thanks, BUT THE QUANTUM mind has already experienced it enough times, that when their mind and body are in the future, they have a sense of knowingness and they don't necessarily care if they see it in their 3D world, they KNOW it's there because they 'met' it emotionally many times before while tunning into the QUANTUM.

You are the creator. You have the power to create your life and your future from this very present moment. Tune into energetics for business in my Free Video Series to find out more. Click HERE for instant access. Thank you for reading :) Much love and light, Barbora

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Barbora Jedlovská, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Barbora Jedlovska is an international Mindset, Manifestation & Personal-development coach, online educator, and ex-pat living in Scandinavia for the last 11 years. She has been certified as a high-performance Proctor Gallagher consultant working alongside Bob Proctor.

Barbora helps to draw out your hidden blocks and blind spots, effortlessly dissolve them and propel you towards your highest potential. With Barbora, you work on reprogramming your thinking and unblocking limiting beliefs that are holding you back on your deepest subconscious level.

Barbora supports people who are stuck, frustrated, confused and isolated to find inner peace, clarity and connection so they can go all out and really flourish instead of merely existing or settling for a mediocre life. She is all about bringing more alignment and ease to your life while helping you to raise your awareness and consciousness to reach your full potential.

Barbora's approach is half scientific and half esoteric/spiritual as she strongly believes that both aspects are equally important when it comes to transforming someone's life. In her work, she applies Human Design, Neuroscience, Quantum physics, Spirituality and Energetics.



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