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Michele Ogston - Empath Coach on How to Create a Purpose-Based Life

Michele Ogston is a meditation & mindfulness teacher and a certified intuitive life coach specializing in life purpose & mindset. She works with her clients to empower people to never feel stuck in life. It is her belief that by breaking the patterns that have been holding you back and rebuilding with self-love, purpose and mindset, you can live the life you were intended. After experiencing her own loss through the death of loved ones and a painful divorce, she decided to turn her pain into passion.

Michele Ogston
Michele Ogston

I'm Michele Ogston, and I am a certified intuitive empath coach. My coaching story begins with when I was stuck! I was unhappy and depressed. I tried everything I was "supposed" to do to make myself happy. I read, worked out, ate healthy, drank plenty of water, spent time with loved ones, but nothing was pulling me out of the downward spiral. It wasn't until a day that started like any other ended with a realization that saved my life.

I had dropped my kids off at school and went home to start work and clean up. My depression was robbing me of any motivation. I sat on my bed and started going through my emails. A mass email had gone out from the school. A mother, someone we all knew, had dropped her kids off at school and drove up to a local mountain top and killed herself. I sat there in disbelief! So many thoughts went through my head. What happened? What was going to happen to her kids? Why would she choose that option? She must have been so sad and lost.

And then it happened. What if that were me? Could I slip so far into depression that I would leave my kids and choose to die? I had lost someone to suicide 20 years prior, so I was familiar with how quickly depression can take hold. Suddenly, I saw myself in the mother's shoes. I could see it happening around me. I thought of my kids and the pain I felt when suicide took a loved one from me. It was in this moment that life shifted. I picked up the phone and texted a friend who I knew was seeing a therapist. I booked an appointment and my journey to self-healing began. Through the healing process, I realized I never wanted anyone to feel stuck in their life. I wanted to spread the word that we are all one decision away from changing our whole lives.

I am happy to say, since that moment, my life has changed drastically. I went through a painful divorce and I did a lot of healing and learning. I can honestly say the peace and security I found within myself after my divorce allowed me to attract the people who were meant for me in my life and allowed me to let go of those who weren't serving me. I became more in touch with who I really am. I strengthened my spiritually and dove into being an empath. I realized some of the patterns I had made in my life were due to the fact that I was not serving myself as an empath. I now use my abilities to have balance and purpose in life. Vibrating at this level enabled me to meet my current husband. I would go through it all again to obtain the level of fulfillment I have now. We live a quiet, loving, peaceful life in Northern California. We have 4 kids and fur babies. I'm no longer stuck. Life is good!

What is it that you do for your clients?

I help empaths break the habits that hold them back to be able to live an authentic life with purpose and meaning. I turned my pain into my passion by offering clients several ways to work with me. I run a monthly support group for empaths offer 1:1 support. I recently started a weekly life coaching group for empaths to go a little deeper than the monthly support group. This group offers the opportunity to have the camaraderie of a group setting and the depth of 1:1 coaching.

Who should hire/work with you?

People who feel drained and overwhelmed or people having trouble setting boundaries. People who are looking to empower themselves and have a deeper understanding of their strengths, gifts and abilities.

How do you create a purpose-based life?

You begin to create a purpose-based life by asking yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What is your story? = this is the key to creating intentions.

  2. What do you value? = helps you establish boundaries and your non-negotiables

  3. What are your natural abilities? = allows you to take the strengths you naturally possess and use them to serve.

  4. How can you use your natural gifts to serve you and others? = when you use your natural gifts, you are living the life that was designed for you. This enables you to serve others. This is where your purpose lies.

What is your big goal? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

My big goal is to be able to empower empaths earlier in life, so the pain, loneliness, and patterns don't allow them to just survive life. It is time to heal. 10 years from now, my husband and I will be traveling and touring and speaking to people about being an empath and how to enhance their lives. I hope to write a book and hold classes as well as work in my groups and with my 1:1 clients.

You can connect with Michele on: Facebook , Instagram, LinkedIn or visit her



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