Meet Coach Lucie Hanzlickova – Sharing Her Childhood Trauma

Lucie is an Accredited Coaching Master helping women healing from toxic relationships and taking back control of their life by guiding them through a proven formula, step by step. She is a survivor of multiple abusive relationships that has been affecting her life journey since her childhood, and she was able to break the circle. Lucie believes that she went through her life challenges to be the light for those still lost in the dark, and she is on the mission to support women who self-sabotage their life, relationships, or work career/business. She believes that every single woman has power and enormous potential to awake their inner warrior and have the ability to create a life they always wanted regardless of their past Awareness/Support/Empowerment.

Lucie Hanzlickova

Who is Lucie?

My name is Lucie Hanzlickova, I am 42 years old single mom, and I live in beautiful Devon in UK with my precious 5 years old son Samuel.

I was born in the Czech Republic, where I spend a big part of my life, although I always felt like I don't belong in our small village. I wanted to see the world, and I had big dreams to chase.

So far, I moved more than 22 times, lived in 11 cities and 4 different countries.

I am an introvert, empath, and spiritual soul.

Like every Scorpio, I am intense, emotional, and fascinated by anything or anyone mysterious, dark, and rebellious.

I love food, photography, travel, nature, the sea, books, and good movies.

Did you have a happy childhood?

My childhood wasn't easy, my stepfather was an alcoholic, and we always struggle with money. My stepfather's alcoholism causes many issues between my parents and violent behavior towards us kids.

I was sexually abused by my stepfather when I was 12. My mother caught him and stopped him, but we never spoke about it.

The next day I was taken to the hospital because I broke my leg. When I return two weeks later, life goes on like nothing ever happened, leaving me with my hidden, unhealed trauma, which was affecting my future relationships.

When I was 17 years old, my very best friend tragically died. She was my closest person, more like a sister to me.

This event affected me in a way I couldn't cope with, and my behaviors changed. One day I got in a big fight with my stepfather, and he made me leave our house. I was homeless and wasn't even 18 years old.

Let's say my childhood wasn't full of Rainbows and Unicorns, but I do have some happy memories.

Has your background influenced your work?

My own life story made me realize that helping other women experiencing abuse and trauma is my path and reason for what I do, and it's also part of my own healing journey.

I am here for other women. This is the simplest thing we all can do. I met so many people who have been shamed and judged not just by their friends and family but also by authorities that should be there to help and protect victims.

It's essential to provide safe and no judgemental space for survivors.

Where can women find a place like that?

In my support group, I put a lot of effort into helping women feel accepted, safe, and uplifted. My content is positively focused, which I believe it's very different from most of the groups, and I love to see how women are no judgmental and supportive of each other. It makes a big difference.

I work worldwide, but I also want to mention the new charity Heald Scars, a place where we focus on a large group of women in the UK who already left the risky and unhealthy life events.

Can you tell us more about charity Healed Scars, and how are you personally connected?

Healed Scars is supportive sisterhood of women who have rebuilt their lives after the trauma. We offer free sessions for female and trauma survivors.

I am one of the providers for this charity

and very close friend of founder of charity Ewelina Chin. My and Ewelinas paths crossed when she invited me to be part of the project The Empowerment Calendar 2021, the campaign to share awareness and supporting trauma and abuse survivors. Calendars are available to purchase, and money from selling calendars will be used for further free support.

What is it that you do for your clients?

I help women rebuild a healthy relationship with themselves after abuse and make the most out of their lives.

Many of the survivors, including me, felt like they lost themselves, and they struggle to find their purpose. It's like starting from scratch with all that heavyweight of self-doubts and fears.

Sadly in many cases, abuse doesn't end by leaving a toxic relationship. I have been there myself and battle on my own for way too long.

This is where I can be instrumental, make a big difference, and help clients on their own feet as fast as possible.

I help with healing trauma, breaking trauma bond, teach how to control emotions, recognizing red flags, setting up healthy boundaries to prevent cycles of slipping back into another toxic relationship, which is more common than you would think, but I also empower women and help them create a specific action plan to achieve their dreams and goals.

Who should hire/work with you?

This is a great question, and I am glad you ask. Speaking from my own experience, I never worked with a coach myself until about a year ago, and I wish I were because it would save me years of pain and suffer.

Now, I am not talking just about toxic relationships and abuse but also how I show up in my life. Wanting to achieve my dreams is one thing, but sometimes it felt almost impossible if you were continually doubting and self-sabotaging yourself!

But back to your question.

Who should work with me is a woman ready to say YES to herself and put herself first for once. A woman who wants to stop wandering through life and make a clear vision of where she wants to be. Woman who is willing to do her "work" and understand it will be uncomfortable. Simply a woman who wants more from life.

The healing journey is a lonely space, and there is a lot of that can take you down without support.

We can learn the hard way or have someone who has been there, made it out, make all the mistakes, and now guiding others through easier way.

What is your big goal? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

My big goal is to write a book that will help women recognize, deal and heal from abuse for the next generations.

In 10 years, from now I see myself retired, traveling the world, and hosting retreat programs to empower women.

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