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Living Your Truth And Leading With Authenticity – Exclusive Interview With Michelle Fragias

Michelle Fragias is the CEO of Boss Lady Academy and Founder of the HERVOICE Speaking Circles and Speakers Club, a passionate advocate for Women Leaders and Business Owners to live authentically and speak their truth, believes that to effect positive change in the world it begins with more Women stepping into their leadership, speaking up, sharing their voice, their gifts, their stories, their ideas. With a commitment to supporting women in various life and business stages and over two decades of experience in leadership and communication, Michelle blends her empathy, authenticity, and steadfast dedication to foster growth. Her mission is clear: Helping Women Live and Speak Their Truth to Impact Change in the Way of Being in the World.

Smiling photo of Michelle Fragias

Michelle Fragias, Public Speaking & Leadership Coach and Mentor

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

Michelle believes that embracing your truth is the pathway to personal empowerment and freedom and when we take this path of living and speaking our truth we not only unlock our full potential but also pave the way for others to do the same.

Michelle Fragias is a passionate advocate for women's empowerment in both personal and professional spheres, a dedicated Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and mother of three boys and three angels. With a blend of modalities from Applied Positive Psychology, Corporate Leadership, and expertise in various coaching techniques, Michelle is committed to supporting women in living to their fullest potential by following their dreams, speaking their truth, sharing their stories and gifts on stages and ultimately building sustainable businesses and life that align with their authentic selves. As the Founder & Owner of Boss Lady Academy & the Creator of HERVOICE Michelle is a distinguished Speaking, Business & Leadership Coach, Mentor, and Speaker. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in business management across various industries, Michelle helps women find safety and joy in sharing their stories, Speaking on Stages, and growing sustainable purpose-led businesses that align with their desired lifestyle.

Michelle's journey is a testament to resilience, triumph, and transformation. Michelle’s work is built on the highs and lows of being a mother, wife, senior corporate leader, and entrepreneur—and learning to balance the many hats of being a woman (whilst attempting to maintain her own mental health and well-being). From the loss of children to losing the entirety of her family assets and having to start again to burning out three times and almost losing her life…oh, did we mention the surprise pregnancy at 40?

Now, having risen from the ashes…Michelle is dedicated to showing you, that anything is possible with the right mindset, structure, plan, and a community of other like-minded women you can create a new way of Being... you just have to be willing to embrace your truth and take the bold uncomfortable steps to live and speak them.

Can you start by telling us about your business and how it makes a difference for your clients?

I support other women in exploring their truth, their talents, and their desires, so they can speak out their hearts, and create a meaningful impact in their lives and businesses. I encourage women to step into their full potential, embrace their authenticity, and lead with purpose and confidence. To acknowledge all the parts of what makes them who they are and to work through what and who they want to become.

My work is all around working from the inside out, we work on the core root of what may be in the way of reaching their fullest potential both in work and life.

I have courses, workshops, retreats, live events, and personalized 1:1 coaching and mentoring to give women the tools, strategies, and support they need to connect to their truth and then ultimately live and speak it.

From introductory public speaking workshops to Intimate Public Speaking circles to self-led coaching and tailored one-on-one coaching and mentorship programs, I offer a supportive and inclusive environment where women can develop their communication leadership and business skills.

I believe in the transformative power of authenticity and self-expression because I stand by the belief that when women embrace their true selves and speak their truth, they not only unlock their potential but also inspire others to do the same. And this is how we change our world and the world around us.

Smiling photo of Michelle Fragias

Share a bit about your journey so far. How did you end up where you are today in your career?

I never thought I would be doing what I am doing today .. from a Young age I have always loved the Stage, to Speak to Entertain it felt like it was my home to make a difference in how people feel. But for years I quashed this dream because I used to believe that it was not possible, I was not good enough and it wasn’t till I had a scare in my mid-30s. Where I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. This was the first of many wake-up calls that my life needed to change something needed to change. My health was terrible and being a relatively new mum I knew if I was going to be around for my boys I needed to Change my Way of Being and I knew that started with me, you see anything can Change if you have the right mindset, structure, plan, and a supportive community. I am where I am today because I decided to say yes to me, yes to my dream of having a Life and Work that I didn’t have to escape from, to be able to do life the way I want with the people I want and being so lit up in everything I do.

The greatest gift I give myself every day is the gift of sharing what I have learned with other women

To help women find that clarity, confidence, and momentum in their own life and entrepreneurial journey, enabling them to live and speak their truth, lead authentically, and make a positive impact in their lives and the world.

I believe that the wellbeing of our world needs to change and it begins with our way of Being in the World For far too long I have seen Stress, Burnout, Anxiety, Unhappiness and so much more. If we can start living more to our Joy then that Joy will be felt by others and ultimately Joy, Peace, Freedom, and Happiness become Contagious.

We all face challenges. Can you talk about some tough times you've had in your career and how they've influenced your path?

How long have you got… Challenges are endless. I guess it's how you look at them.

I see challenges as growth opportunities, but If I had to pick one it was the one that was the true turning point for me in my entrepreneurial journey.

I took the leap from my 10-year corporate career and went all in on my Business at the end of 2019. However, what I didn't plan for was COVID, Home Schooling, Losing my Father in Law In a sudden accident, supporting my husband navigating grief supporting my own Parents Health Battles of Dementia & Cancer not to mention the challenges of having Twin Teenage Boys in their Prime Hormone State! I had this plan of how I thought this Business would be and when it didn't go to plan, I put pressure on myself to push myself into spaces and places that did not feel authentic to me, putting our family into greater debt, chained to other people's ideas of how I should be and not trusting my brilliance, I was listening to other people in desperation to make my business work, when I was continually pushing back and rejecting and avoiding my gifts for the fear of rejection, judgment.

So when I decided to finally accept all the parts of what made me me, to Accept and No longer seek external validation this is when everything changed for me and I guess it's why I do what I do now.. From my path of rejection.

Everyone has something that keeps them going. What motivates you in your work?

I motivate me… I decided long ago when I embarked on this Business Journey that I will never give up on myself, on my dreams of Living My Truth no matter how hard it gets - I won't quit on me

Knowing that I instilled this in me I model Never Give Up on Your Dreams for my Children and my Clients that no matter how hard it can get, accept that it may not always go to plan but learn to Trust your Dreams and Trust the Journey and Trust the plan will always work out .. it just may not be how you thought it would.

What are the current goals you have for your business? How do you plan on reaching them?

I want to change the way of being in our world where everyone flourishes where Love, Joy, Happiness Peace & Equality are our New Way of Being.

I believe that this change begins with more Women Leaders and Speakers taking the Stage, Sharing their Stories, and Speaking Their Truth.

Speakers are the Activators of Change and my goal right now is to see more women speakers and leaders on stages across the globe.

Globally, more than two-thirds (69 percent) of all speakers were male, while less than one-third (31 percent) were female.

I want to see more balanced genders on the stages.

One of the ways I am doing this is through The HERVOICE Speakers Club & HERVOICE Speaking Circle which is designed to help women find safety and joy to Speak Up and Share their Gifts and then connect women leaders and speakers with stages across the globe.

You can check out details of A HERVOICE Speaking Circle here or To be connected to more Stages Click here.

Unfortunately, Women Leaders and Speakers are dealing with a lot of internal doubt, rejection, and judgment and Shame… Until Women are Willing to Work through this, rid of their doubts, rejection, and judgment, and back themselves we won't be able to close this Gap.

I desire that HERVOICE becomes the Go To Space and Place to Help Women Find their Voice to Speak Up and Share Their Ideas, Their Story, and Their Brilliance. I have this Vision of HERVOICE Speaking Circles located in all major Cities around the World and having a Global Community of Female Leaders, Speakers, and Changemakers.

Smiling photo of Michelle Fragias

What sets you apart from your competitors?

My ongoing commitment to Trust, Authenticity, Transformation, and Freedom.

The biggest thing that sets me apart is my offering is more Intimate, personalized, and tailored

Every HERVOICE Speaking Circle is Unique, and personalized to the Group and the Individual participant's needs its why I only take a set number of women at a time, my Club is co-created together with the members for the members, My 1:1 Coaching is diverse from working on internal, deep-rooted subconscious, parts of self, inner child, shadow work to the Strategic, Structure, Planning. My Coaching style is a blend of Healing, Nurture, Structure & Strategy.

Looking ahead, what do you hope to achieve personally and for your business?

Looking ahead, I aim to continue supporting women in stepping into their authenticity, embracing their true selves, and leading with purpose and confidence. I hope to inspire positive change in the lives of many and create a community of empowered women who collaborate, co-create, and uplift each other. Creating a ripple effect of Impact in the Way of Being in this World.

For me, it's all about Prioritizing my own Health & well-being, Family Fun Adventures & Travels, Living Life on Purpose, and Surrendering to where my Life and my Work Leads me to Next.



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