Less Hustle & More Flow - How to End Stress and Struggle and Skyrocket Your Success With Ease

Written by: Susan Francis, Executive Contributor

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For the longest time, in fact pretty much all of my life, I believed that hard work created success. I wholeheartedly believed that the harder I worked, the more action I took, the more I hustled, the more success I would have. And let me tell you, I was determined to out-hustle everyone. I was ambitious, dedicated and not afraid of hard work. I put in the effort, I put in the energy, but yet I wasn't creating the results I wanted. Perhaps you can relate?

When I started my entrepreneurial journey a few years ago, it became apparent that what I was doing was not working. I was out hustling everyone I knew, and still not hitting any goals. It left me deflated; feeling like a failure, and like I just wasn't cut out for this.

I was signing up for every program trying to learn new strategies and marketing skills, looking for the secret sauce, looking for the one thing that was finally going to unlock my success. Was it organic marketing, funnels, ads, running a Facebook group, LinkedIn, doing more live streams?? What was the secret sauce? Thousands of dollars and many courses later, I did not find it. No sauce.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. It wasn't my action that was creating at all; it was my energy. It was what was within me. It was what I believed about what I was doing, how I truly felt about myself, how I felt about my business and how I was showing up. It was my energy and my alignment, not the action at all, that was determining my results.

You see, there is no amount of action that can make up for misaligned energy. We are energetic beings, and we communicate far more with energy than we do with words. People can feel your energy, and your energy and vibration are what is creating your reality.

If you take action from a place of believing your business is hard, not feeling confident that people will want to buy from you, worrying that people don't have the money, and feeling uncertain where your next client will come from, then you are literally repelling business away from you.

When I truly got that it was mastering my mindset, focus, and energy that determined my success, my business went from $500 months to $15K months in 60 days. It was no new strategy, no secret sauce. I was taking all of the same action, but I was showing up in a different energy. I was showing up believing something different.

To be able to skyrocket your business success, or to thrive in any area of your life for that matter, you must master your mindset, focus and beliefs. How you feel about what you're doing is the most important thing.

Ask yourself… How do you feel about your goals? Do you believe you can create them? Do you have fear around them? Are you showing up fully as the person who already has them?

It's not what you do that matters. It's how you feel about what you do.

For life to flow, to create success with ease, you must clean up any contradictory energy. Any fears, doubts, worries need to be cleaned up. You can not create more money or more clients from an energy and belief that “business is hard and no one wants to buy from me”. Instead, you must connect to your value, your worth and know how incredibly amazing you are and how your work impacts the world. You must show up in this energy.

To get into a state of flow, you must be aligned with what you want to create, because when you are in alignment, you show up differently. When you are connected to the truth of who you are and aligned with your goals you are guided. New ideas flow, inspiration lands, new opportunities come to you.

From an aligned place, there is no hustle. There is only flow because you understand that it's energy that creates . One hour of aligned action is worth 100 hours of misaligned action. Do the inner work. Shift your beliefs, master your mindset, show up in the energy of knowing everything is always working out for you, and allow your life and business to flow with ease.

To learn more about this you can listen to my podcast episode, (#2) Less hustle, more flow.

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Susan Francis, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Susan Francis is a leading Mindset, Manifestation and Business Mentor and Coach empowering female entrepreneurs to create more income and impact their soul-aligned businesses. She helps women unlock the truth of who they are, helps them to step into their power fully, and teaches them the secrets to taking quantum leaps in their success. She believes life was meant to be easy, to feel good, to flow, and you can create anything you damn well want! With a background in senior management in the fashion industry, she escaped the 9 to 5 hustle after her daughter's birth to follow her passion for helping other women create epic time and financial freedom. Trained in NLP and Time Line Therapy, and obsessed with the Law of Attraction, she knows at a very deep level that everything is an inside job, and as she helps clients make shifts in their mindset, and energy they become magnetic to their dream lives and business success.



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