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Killer Of Your Dream – Impact Of Pessimism On A Small Business Owner

Written by: Alan Melton, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Alan Melton

Running a business can be challenging, as it often involves various challenges. Along the way of making your dream come true and achieving your goal, you must not let pessimism take over. This mindset can be a silent killer and sabotage your business and personal goals.


On the other hand, maintaining a positive mindset will be your mental foundation of being resilient, open to opportunities, and productive when facing obstacles, allowing you and your business to thrive despite the unending changes in the market landscape.


This article will examine how a positive mindset can lead a small business owner to success. It will also provide strategies for transforming a pessimistic mindset into productivity and profitability.

Impact of pessimism and positive mindset on a small business owner

Pessimism has a huge impact on a small business owner. Whenever you are in this state, it drains your energy and makes you full of doubts, making you unable to make decisive decisions and stopping you from moving forward.

On the other side of the coin, having a positive mindset helps you create wonders for your business by enabling you to see good things in challenging situations and use this to your advantage. It means that you keep on moving forward despite the obstacles you face.

Consequence of pessimism

It is not uncommon for an individual to have negative thinking. However, if unaddressed, this may lead to an ongoing problem. You will feel unmotivated, which will slow down your business growth.


Additionally, most business owners who let pessimism take over are more likely to miss many opportunities that could have benefited their business. It also hinders them from developing ideas, strategies, and solutions for their business.


Recognizing your pessimistic signs, such as lacking progress or feeling overwhelmed, is important. Once you have identified the signs, you can take steps to address them. Either you ask for help from your friends, set achievable goals (with your team), or a professional like a mentor or a business coach who can help and guide you in running your business.


Common pessimism patterns of small business owners


  1. Self-doubt: Many business owners experience self-doubt. Maybe you have experienced it too. This can be true especially if you lack knowledge and experience in a specific area or your self-doubt has something to do with your past. I have experienced this lately when I need to record a video for our VSL and Reels content. I was hesitant to do video, thinking I was not good at it and didn't know how to use technology. This caused delays and missed growth opportunities.

  2. Fear of failure: Clearly, we all are afraid of failure; who is not? Thus if you only focus on failures and you disregard your successes, your morale will decline. That can be true even if most of those projects you worked on were successful. This mindset will cause you to get stuck and you may be unable to move forward because you are afraid to take risks in trying new things.


Transforming pessimistic thoughts into a positive mindset

Your mindset is your ultimate navigator. It is your greatest asset. This can be true whether you are achieving your business goal or your personal goal. Here are three practical strategies small business owners can employ:


  1. Practice gratitude: Fostering gratitude is the best way to combat pessimistic thoughts. You can spend five minutes reflecting on at least three things you are grateful for in your business or personal life and then read it aloud. This will help you shift those negative thoughts into positive ones.

  2. Set realistic goals: Having a set of achievable goals is helpful in preventing you from feeling overwhelmed and fearing failure. Doing this makes your tasks more manageable and allows you to celebrate small achievements and progress, boosting your morale and motivation.

  3. Surround yourself with positivity: Join and engage in communities that inspire and support their members, or hire a coach or mentor who transmits a positive outlook. This environment will have a powerful impact on transforming and maintaining your positive mindset.



The journey as a small business owner consists of ups and downs. It is important to remember that even though pessimism may be hard to overcome, by actively working on transforming it, you are already one step ahead of overcoming the silent killer of dreams. Practice the three steps above and you will look back in a few months in amazement of the progress you have made!


Your mindset is your ultimate navigator. Letting pessimism rule over you may slow and, worse, stop your growth. Stay positive and keep pushing forward in achieving your personal and business goals.

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Alan Melton Brainz Magazine

Alan Melton, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Alan Melton is an accomplished entrepreneur and seasoned business coach with a track record of profound impact. In 2002, he established Small Business Coach Associates, making use of his experience from founding and growing several businesses and consulting over a thousand business owners. With his leadership, his business was recognized as an Inc. 500 fastest-growing company and has earned him prestigious awards, such as the U.S. SBA’s Small Business Person of the Year and the Governor’s Sterling Award. His mission alongside his team is to "coach you to wealth and business freedom."



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