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It’s Not Too Late To Sexy-fy Yourself When You’re Middle Aged!

Written by: Linda Terjesen, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Four months ago, an Entrepreneur and Nurse Practitioner stumbled upon my Instagram site, and we started chatting.

She wanted help losing weight. Well, she didn’t just want to lose 20 pounds. She wanted to open her closet and wear her clothes again. She wanted to get rid of the belly fat. She wanted to gain more energy and get her self-confidence back. She wanted to learn how to maintain consistency with exercising without just going all in and then slowly stop. She wanted to learn how to manage delayed onset muscle soreness. She wanted to control her late-night binging and stop her addiction to carbohydrates, which had become outrageous. She wanted to figure out some quick breakfast options, so she didn’t skip eating in the morning.

She got all this and more!

When I shared her transformation online, her comments were:

“Thank you. You are such a dedicated and beautiful individual. I am so blessed to have come upon your Instagram site. I commented on something, and you reached out just at the perfect moment. The first pictures are painful to look at. Not because of my weight. But you can see how terrible I felt about myself. I was in such a funk. My latest pictures show the me I love to be. Energetic. Bright. Confident. Happy. You truly have made such a difference. Helping me on the inside as well as the outside.”

You see, transformations like this are really not about losing weight. It’s about changing lives. It’s about becoming the person you desire and deserve to be. It’s inner work. It’s all about YOU. It’s about putting yourself first. Prioritizing you and your health.

Stories like this make my work so worth it. It truly warms my soul and makes me smile big time. I love being a life changer and making a real difference in the world.

So no matter what age you are reading this or what health condition you’re in, just know you can change, it’s your choice, and it’s all up to you. Just do it. You are worthy!

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Linda Terjesen, Executive Contributor BRAINZ Magazine

Linda Terjesen is an International sought-after Certified Nutritionist, Health & Fitness Expert dedicated to helping middle-aged women worldwide build consistency, lose belly fat and boost metabolism to feel and look confident for life with a sustainable, real food approach. After Linda lost her only brother at age 45 to a sudden heart attack, Linda decided to follow her passion for health and fitness and help others live their healthiest life. As a relatable Coach who truly cares about her clients and their success, Linda has served over 100 Clients worldwide, providing a wealth of accountability, support, and education.



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