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Investing in Women in Digital Business

Written by: Natalia Nicholson, Executive Contributor

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You may be surprised to learn that, even in 2020, less than 35% of all SMEs in the UK are female-led. Even more surprisingly, just 5% of these organizations have someone from an underrepresented group at the helm. Worse of all, only 9% of start-up funding for UK businesses is given to businesses led by a woman.

It couldn’t be more obvious that something has to change. That is why the Women in Digital Business crowdfunding campaign, backed by NatWest, has been established – so the world of digital enterprise can become more diverse and, in turn, more vibrant and exciting.

What Should I Know About The Women in Digital Business Crowdfunding Campaign?

Backed by NatWest, this initiative has been set up to raise funds to support women from ethnic minorities and underrepresented groups interested in joining the Women in Digital Business mastermind group to launch or scale-up an online business of their own.

The 12-month program consists of a full training day each month for the participants so they can learn how to set up a sales funnel, use social media to its best advantage and create a digital marketing strategy. Participants also benefit from a weekly call during which they can get helpful advice and ask questions so they can keep on track with their new enterprise.

The initiative is designed to give a vital boost to women from underrepresented groups who wish to become entrepreneurs in the digital sector but require some additional support and nurturing to help them excel.

Raising Money To Support Digital Businesses

Individuals and businesses donating to the crowdfunding initiative can rest assured their investment will be going to a worthy cause. Initially, the money will be put towards investment in 10 UK businesses led by women who have participated in the Women in Digital Business program and whose enterprises have been proven to be viable.

The funds will help them to start trading effectively and also to help them scale up their operation so they can achieve maximum profitability. Each one of the eligible businesses will receive an award of up to £10,000 so it can make progress towards achieving its goals.

Surplus donations will help underrepresented women join the Women in Digital Business mastermind, enabling them to start their own entrepreneurial journey. Donations to the campaign will help to further the overall mission to boost diversity in the sector and work towards a more vibrant online digital world.

For those who want to support this campaign, you may send your donations here.

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Natalia Nicholson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Natalia Nicholson is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business and Digital Marketing Coach, and Professional Public Speaker. Natalia has over 20 years of experience working as a digital serial entrepreneur and has had plenty of her own failures as well as success stories. This has perfectly placed her to be able to offer insight and advice to other women aspiring to become digital entrepreneurs, together with those who have already launched their own businesses. Through her mastermind group Women in Digital Business, Natalia teaches them the best way to leverage the potential of digital marketing and helps them to learn the best ways of overcoming the challenges that they are facing when it comes to becoming a successful online businesswomen. Her passion for online business coaching and digital marketing has inspired her to bring inspiration to women from largely overlooked underrepresented groups.



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