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Introducing BrightFlixx – Free Unlimited Streaming For Classic Film Enthusiasts

As an entrepreneur has contributed to not only to the Entertainment industry but also to the Financial and Banking industry and many more.

Executive Contributor Kassem Lahham

Today marks the beginning of an exciting chapter I've been dreaming about since my childhood. I'm thrilled to unveil unlimited streaming access on BrightFlixx—a curated collection of movies, TV programs, documentaries, kids' content, and live TV channels, all available for free at BrightFlixx.


Kassem as Charlie Chaplin

Classic cinema — Now free for everyone


With this new freemium model, BrightFlixx is making it easier for everyone to watch classic Hollywood movies and selective vintage content including even newly produced content, for free. The free option lets you enjoy a huge collection of old movies, favorite TV shows, and interesting documentaries without paying anything. BrightFlixx wants to keep the spirit of old movies alive and make sure everyone can enjoy them, now and in the future.


Elevate your viewing experience with BrightFlixx premium


While I'm proud of the extensive selection available for free, BrightFlixx also offers a special subscription plan for those looking for an even richer viewing experience. By opting for this plan, you'll enjoy an ad-free environment, crystal-clear UHD quality, and the ability to personalize your viewing journey. Plus, you'll gain access to premium shows and an expanded lineup of TV channels, ensuring there's always something for every taste.


Why choose BrightFlixx?


BrightFlixx isn't just another place to watch shows. It's a gateway to old, amazing movies and shows that remind us of the past. You can watch big Hollywood movies, local classics, and everything in between. BrightFlixx loves celebrating movie history and makes sure you can watch your favorites your way, with features like 'My List' and 'Continue Watching.'


Come along on this journey


From a young age, I've been fascinated by the movie business, and now, I'm proud to have created something that shares this passion with the world. BrightFlixx has so much to offer, whether you're a lifelong cinephile or just beginning to explore the world of classic cinema. I invite you to visit and discover the wonders that await. With BrightFlixx, every viewing is an opportunity to uncover something truly special.


For more information on BrightFlixx or to explore our premium plan, please visit the site.


Welcome to BrightFlixx— where every show is a chance to see something memorable.


Kassem Lahham, Entrepreneur Guru

Mr. Kassem, as an entrepreneur has contributed to not only to the Entertainment industry but also to the Financial and Banking industry and many more. He stands-out by his radical client-centric mindset and broad experience with UHNW individuals and their needs in wealth management gained as a Senior Private Banker since 1987. He has also played key role in influencing youth with business mindset, financial knowledge and much more. One of the way he has done this is by serving as a guest lecturer at the Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST), American University of Kuwait (AUK) in Kuwait and at the American University in Amman, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, giving lectures about Wealth Management,



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