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Interview With Amie Dean – Trauma Therapist And Ascension Coach

Amie Dean, LMFT is a certified clinical trauma therapist and Ascension Coach, she helps driven, empathic women struggling with self-criticism, perfectionism and anxiety heal their inner child wounds so they can live an authentic, spiritually awakened life true to their souls mission.

Amie Dean, Trauma Therapist And Ascension Coach

What's your story/background?

As an empath and highly sensitive person I always struggled with anxiety and feeling the emotions of others. I grew up in an alcoholic family where I tried so hard to regain control and felt a strong sense of responsibility. It wasn’t until my late teens that I realized, I needed to begin therapy due to severe panic attacks that were taking a toll on my life. It was through my own trauma healing journey that I discovered a strength within myself and it led to the desire of wanting to become a therapist as well.

How do you help?

In my Sacred Journey Therapy Inc. practice I work with these clients who want to explore their past and origins of their traumas, and as they build up a sense of empowerment and resilience they are ready to join my Awakened Living Community coaching program. It’s a 12 month program with like-minded women who want to break through emotional/spiritual blocks keeping them stuck on the awakening path. It’s for those who want to transform on the deepest possible level.

However, you don’t have to be a therapy client to join the program, it’s for anyone who feels like they have maxed out what they could get from therapy, or just want to focus more deeply on the spiritual side of healing their trauma.

What is your message?

How to Heal The Inner Child And Awaken Spiritually – i'd love to share compassionate tools and resources to begin or deepen the journey of healing wounds that keep them stuck in anxiety, self-criticism, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, depression, loneliness, etc.

What is your favorite tool that helps?

The Pathway Back to Love Process is a wonderful relief when experiencing emotional triggers:

  1. Visualize white light on the inhale and when you exhale state to yourself “I am love”

  2. Witness the emotion you feel and affirm “this is only a wave in the ocean of who I am”

  3. Hand on your heart saying to yourself compassionately: “I choose to be kind and love myself through this”

What was a challenging lesson you had to learn on your spiritual awakening journey?

The hardest lesson i had to learn is that just when we think we are healed, we can become triggered by an event that challenges us to our core. For me, this was when my dad passed away suddenly, he was my best friend – at the time he was making plans to move to CA from FL so we could live closer together.

My inner child wounds were deeply activated from this loss, I felt an emptiness I couldn’t fill, and so began the journey to truly understand my inner child and her deeper needs. I discovered that we need much more gentleness and compassion for ourselves than we typically provide, it’s changed how I relate to myself – I now feel a very deep love for all my sub-personalities (parts of us that are fragmented) Healing my grief led me to create the Awakened Living Community so I could reach more people who were read.

How can I heal at the deepest possible level?

Creating self-awareness (through journaling, tracking emotions) around the emotional and behavioral patterns that keep you stuck in the different areas of your life, practicing mindfulness and compassion as a lifestyle and seeking support – we are not meant to heal our wounds on our own. We are meant to help and uplift each other.

Why don’t I know what my life purpose is? Why am I so stuck?

Our inner child wounds (such as shame, guilt, embarrassment, loneliness, sadness, etc) activate sub-personalities in us (fragmented parts of us) that dim our light. It leads to self doubt and a disconnect from our Highest Self. By healing the inner child wounds, you naturally discover your life purpose and the obstacles that kept you from creating that reality, simply fall away.

What does spiritual awakening have to do with trauma healing?

Sometimes we get stuck in the cycle of spiritual bypassing, which means we avoid and suppress our deepest pains and hurts, despite our best efforts to do yoga, meditate, etc. The masks of sub-personalities and your inner child wounding, keep you stuck in ego (fear based) consciousness, this is why you can feel like the same negative patterns keep happening in your life, and it can feel like you are backtracking on the spiritual path. As we heal the trauma wounds, you align with your Highest Self which increases your vibratory state of consciousness.

What is an important message you want to share for those who are ready to deepen their awakening:

We can’t truly live life to the fullest and love our life (or who we are) unless we choose to live authentically, to live vulnerably and to lead with love.

Where can readers follow and find you? to join a community of other spiritual awakening journeyors and catch live trainings to learn more about the Awakened Living Community and to book a call with me to find out if it’s the right fit to watch my meditation videos and trainings to deepen your spiritual awakening Spiritual Awakening Guide Book

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