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Inspiration Contagion Book

Written by: Holly Jackson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Inspiration Contagion! Discover How You Can Spread Inspiration and Healing Like Wildfire

It all started with a small idea I discovered from my meditation cushion. That tiny seed of an idea. That small spark of inspiration…

Why not focus on inspiration instead of pain and challenge? Why not share stories of struggle and pain but in a way that ignites hope, healing and connection?

From there I launched my podcast, Inspiration Contagion. I wanted to start collecting stories of inspiration from others. To refine our definition for inspiration, success and legacy. And to remain inspired but surrounding myself with others who had BIG dreams and goals. People who weren’t afraid to take action. Who aren’t afraid to stumble, fall but get back up again.

When I wanted to start writing, I got stuck. Until I found my publisher who coached me through my excuses. She told me I had three books in me. And of course, it would be overwhelming to put it all into one book. So why not break it into three?

That’s exactly what I did. The result… a mere 7 months later I published my first book!

Inspiration Contagion, Health Secrets for Raving Success is a success! It hit 1 new release in two categories on Amazon. And I was able to snag bestseller status in three categories.

It has been a whirlwind. A roller coaster with ups and downs. But I wouldn’t change a thing. I continue to learn and grow. Because if you read the book, you’ll learn that healing is an inside job and it’s lifelong…

What’s the Book About?

The book at its core is about inspiration. Igniting that tiny spark of excitement, passion and energy that urges us to do more, seek more, be more.

In the book, I share my personal stories…stories of chronic pain, divorce, health challenges, struggles and layoffs. In facing and overcoming my challenges, I have discovered tools that work. Strategies that help us live a fulfilled and thriving life.

My goal in this book is to show you how I personally struggled with and ultimately overcame HUGE challenges. And if I can do it, so can you!

Better yet, you don’t have to stumble and fall as much as I did. Because you have the trail map, the toolkit and someone who believes in you.

I know our world is hurting. I know you are hurting.

We have never been more isolated than we are now. Between the pandemic, technology and social media, we are being challenged at the very core of who we are as humans.

What we need is to slow down…step back and reconnect. Reconnect to who we are and to those around us. Get back to simpler ways of being.

If you feel alone, hopeless or scared, you’re not alone. And the tools in this book provide a step by step action guide to help you get back to a happy, healthy life. The steps aren’t overwhelming. They are simple, baby steps that will help you gain huge momentum.

If you want to step up your health, boost your energy, get more done and be a beacon of light in the world, this book is for you.

No one is perfect at this. Healing is a lifelong journey. It never stops. Once we fix one thing, we are faced with something new. The only constant in life is change. The sooner we accept that, the better off we are.

As soon as you stop growing, you begin slowly digging your grave. Instead, let’s choose the trail to growth, health, inspiration and living the life of your dreams.

You’ve got this!

What’s with the Campfire?

As I wrote this book, I wrote it with YOU in mind.

I wrote it with the visual of us sitting around a campfire, sharing our stories. Our struggles. Our challenges. Our solutions, ideas and support.

I could see you sitting across from me, your face aglow with light and hope. Snuggled up in our coziest of outfits. Sipping some hot java or cocoa. And sharing. Connecting. Laughing. Crying. Growing. Cheering each other on…side by side.

Throughout the book, I share very vulnerable and intimate stories with you. I share these because the biggest breakthroughs I’ve experienced were always in a circle.

Through sharing in Celebrate Recovery I learned I wasn’t alone in my struggles. In sharing stories with friends around the campfire backpacking in Lassen National park I discovered the power of relationships, community and connection. In sharing my step study journey, I had a humbling experience…one full of support, love and judgment-free.

We grow and heal in circles. Because we have blindspots. We need others to point out perspectives we aren’t able to see or hear. We need others to share new ideas we can’t come up with on our own.

The road forward is never black and white. There’s never just one or two choices...but rather unlimited possibilities. We just can’t see them without a community.

When you read the book, it starts off with a story that involves a campfire and a bear!

Want to learn more? Go grab your copy on Amazon…I promise you won’t be disappointed. And you won’t be bored.

Warning…his is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the bold. For those who are ready to take action. For those who want to change. For those who want to take ownership of their healing journey and life.

What People Are Saying

The biggest honor in writing this book is hearing what readers think. I love hearing from you. I love hearing your stories of healing and resparking your own inspiration.

My goal with this book is to spread inspiration and healing like wildfire! And it’s only just begun…

“We've lost something in the modern digital era, and especially with current events, we could all use a little more attention to our health and to learn more ways to succeed, in business, and in life. Holly Jackson's work is transformational. I am already looking forward to putting some of her strategies to work. As she says in the book, "Until we recognize that healing is an inside job, we can't change anything."--Hook SEO

“I can't put this book down! I am totally sucked in and amazed at how much Holly has endured and yet found the strength and courage to go on. And now she has turned it all around and is inspiring others to do the same!! Fantastic read!!”-Michelle B.

“This book is a must read for those struggling to motivate themselves to make change and for those who aren't sure about next steps, and maybe it's a must read for everyone who has an idea that health is fundamental to any part of your success!! I have read many books on similar subjects and found this one kept me hooked and committed.”-Helen C.

“Holly’s voice comes through strong, friendly and frank. It’s like having coffee with a cherished friend. As she unfolds her layers Holly gently invites you to venture into a world ignited by inspiration. Your inspiration. Bonus, there are tools and worksheets so you can engage where and how it works for you. Thank you Holly, for giving us a refreshing outlook for 2022.”- Robin

Want to Help Spread Inspiration?

I thought you’d never ask how you can help join this movement of inspiration. I’m so glad you did!

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Buy a copy of the book on Amazon

  • Gift a copy of the book to someone who needs hope or healing

  • Share about the book on social media, text and email to others who are beacons of light and healers

  • Write a review on Amazon and/or Good Reads

  • Subscribe to the podcast and share it with someone who needs inspiration

  • Follow me on social media so you can see and share all the inspiration being ignited into the world

I would love to hear from you. What do you think of the book? How do you define inspiration? And most importantly, what’s your next step for your healing journey?

You can reach out to me and message me on LinkedIn with your story and comments. I would love to hear from you.

And just know, I am always in your corner. Cheering you on. You’ve got this!

Follow Holly on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. You can also visit her website to learn more. Read more from Holly!


Holly Jackson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Holly Jackson is a certified Holistic Business Coach. Through Holistic Business Coaching, Holly helps holistic entrepreneurs and business owners start, build or scale their business without burning out. Holly’s clients learn how to cope with stress, define their life priorities, and rediscover their passion for business. She helps them see blind spots that often cost them exposure, clients, and income. Having undertaken a thriving career as an executive in Silicon Valley, Holly chose the road less traveled. She decided to leave the corporate world. She has dedicated her life to helping individuals design the life and business of their dreams. For over 12 years, Holly has provided insights, strategies, and fresh perspectives across multiple industries. Holly states, “My clients can expect accountability, growth, and an individualized step-by-step game plan for success. I believe every professional must develop their internal compass and decide what their legacy will be. Holistic coaching goes beyond helping your business and helps the whole person.”



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