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How You Can Generate More Interaction on Facebook

Written by: Joe McKee, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


First of all, let's recap why engagement is so important for successful Facebook marketing. Interaction on a Facebook post takes place when the message makes an adequate influence on people (and frequently sparks organic involvement) that they feel obliged to respond. Influential time and emotional involvement with a target market are clearly at the heart of effective social media advertising and marketing.

Human nature being what it is, seeing reactions and comments on a post will certainly spark interest and push more focus and influence. Nevertheless, for numerous services, the utmost objective is to have their messages shared because the content (and the business name) will certainly get to a whole new target market as well as the sharing itself adds an endorsement, or social proof, to the blog post.

Facebook offers users endless content and entertainment. It can be difficult to drive interaction to your business’ Facebook page while keeping up with everything that users see on their Facebook feed. With all of the information out there, how can you make your business stand out?

Interactive Social Media Contest

Some of our clients have found ways to have more engagement and interaction on their social media pages by boosting monthly contests on their business page with a reward for the winner. It is a fun and simple way to gain more interaction from your current followers and build that relationship with them while seeing all of their creativity. For example, Riverside Grocery took part in a National Day of the Cowboy contest, where their followers had to post a photo of themselves dressed as a cowboy for a chance to win a $25 Gift Card from Riverside.

As it turned out for their contest, Riverside reached 881 more people bringing it to a total of 2,170 people reached with this post and had a total of 40 participants in the challenge. The contestants also shared this post with their friends to like the photo they entered to have a better chance to win, which also drove more people to Riverside`s business page, giving Riverside more interactions with users that may not have seen the page before.

Another example of how these social media contests provide more interaction can be seen with the Halloween Costume Challenge that Jawbone BBQ recently ran.

Jawbone`s Halloween Costume Challenge reached 1,229 people and had 230 engagements while having 22 people participating in the contest. Although Jawbone`s contest doesn't seem very successful than Riverside`s contest, we must consider that Riverside`s following is much larger than Jawbone`s at this point.

These contests can really be great for building relationships with your loyal customers as well as trying to build new ones. With outsiders seeing your business page's creativity and the chance to win free giveaways, people will be more likely to check out your page constantly. This is where you can promote your own businesses daily specials since now you have more and more people visiting your page looking for your contests. To learn more, visit Invoteq


Joe McKee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Joe McKee is the CEO of Invoteq, which offers free processing for credit card processing and full-service custom-designed marketing programs. Offering local companies a strategy to Strive and Thrive in the current economy and future economies that are still ahead of the service industries.



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