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How To Use The Energy Of Negative Emotions Like Fear To Fuel Your Success

Written by: Cynthia Martin, CHt, RMT, Executive Contributor

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To find the courage within our fear, we must understand its purpose and function in life to remove the resistance that prevents us from seeing it for the powerful gift it truly is.

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Fear is an emotion that was designed to trigger a physiological response in the brain and body controlled by the amygdala (the little almond-shaped organ in the brain) that is responsible for sending the warning signals to the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which keeps you out of danger by putting your immune system on pause, so all the necessary energy to get out of danger is delivered to the bodies extremities. You know, “Run, Forrest Run!” It has a very important self-preservation function in our life, but unfortunately for us, it doesn’t know the difference between having to run from that sabretooth tiger in caveman days from that pressing deadline of a project at work or having to speak in front of a crowd.

Fear just knows how to do its job, which is to keep you safe and cannot distinguish from the fact that we are no longer in a time where our survival is being threatened by lions, tigers and bears Oh My, it is our ego that is the threat running interference using fear to keep us from moving forward.

The real threat in our modern reality is the ego keeping you in a constant state of fear of the unknown or fear of what “might” happen, and usually doesn’t, replaying outdated stories from the past as your kryptonite against progress. What this means is we remain in a continual survival mode of fight, flight, flee or freeze state, which over time expresses itself as the extreme levels of stress and anxiety most of us experience daily.

The problem with that is that our autonomic nervous system, which has a critical role in regulating our immune system, doesn’t get the opportunity to reset and regulate itself, so the body restores normal function.

In other words, our immune system stays on pause until the fear signal is turned off so it can use the body's energy source to avoid the threat. However, it never resets it stays in a perpetual state of fear to one degree or another and can lead to imbalances and even crises in the health of the mind, body, and spirit.

What would life be like for you if you decided to change your perspective of fear and created a new relationship with it to uncover your own greatness?

Here are just a few benefits of using the energy of negative emotions for success.

  • The first thing is you would switch off the danger mode, and what was once threatening becomes manageable and easier to navigate solutions.

  • When fear isn't driving your decisions in the direction of self-preservation, you become more able to support the mind in the body in self-regulation.

  • You are able to make decisions from a place of clarity and possibility instead of survival and limitation.

  • The best part is that you will have the ability to use the energy of your fear as fuel to propel you forward to achieve big goals and create more success.

But how can you use fear as fuel for success?

By understanding that emotions are simply energy in motion. Think of a moment when you've felt embarrassed and you suddenly felt warm, or a time when you were resentful or fearful. You may have felt the sensation of constriction in the body. Now think of a moment that made you feel joy or happiness you can probably recall the feeling of being more open and safer. This is the experience of the energy moving through the body as a sensation. Emotions serve as carrier waves for the entire spectrum of feelings designed to be experienced and expressed, but because most of us have been taught that "negative' emotions like fear are bad, we suppress, avoid, and/or ignore which keep us in the lower states of instead of utilizing these energy potentials to our advantage. Your ability to deal with, understand and effectively use your emotional energy is key to your sense of life satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness. The sensation of the energy movement of emotions you feel in the body holds the key to uncreating limiting patterns, alchemizing stress, increasing happiness and ultimately transforming your life.

Here are a few key things you can start to experimenting with to begin changing your relationship to fear and using it as fuel.

  • Don't try to "beat, overcome, control, or fight" your fear; instead, try redefining the meaning you give to things that you fear, making them less significant and less daunting.

  • Change your attitude about fear now that you understand it's just energy moving through you and instead of seeing fear as an enemy threat, treat it like a friend who's looking out for you and wants to help.

  • Become conscious and aware of the type of fear that is showing up to help you, is it rational fear which is the kind trying to protect you from real physical threats, or irrational fear that grows when no danger or threat is present because of something that almost happened?

  • Disrupt the body's fear response by safely allowing yourself to experience the sensation of emotional energy moving, observing it and allowing yourself to see what is beneath the surface.

  • When you feel fearful, remember to breathe through the fear response, this will help you begin to gain control over the automatic physiological response to the trigger.

The important thing to remember is that you have the ability to take charge of your emotions by reshaping the way you think, so give yourself some grace, honor where you are and take small, consistent steps to build your resilience muscle. And if you want to get to the other side of fear faster, get the right support, such as a coach, mentor, or therapist who can guide you and help you navigate the emotional energy terrain because you deserve to live happy, healthy and free.

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Cynthia Martin, CHt, RMT, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Cynthia is a Spiritual Awakening & Higher Mind Mastery Coach empowering conscious professionals, entrepreneurs, & emerging visionary leaders in their spiritual journey to become self-actualized and superconscious so they gain mastery of their mind and energy and create their dream reality. She is on a mission to activate greater potentials of conscious leadership for those seeking more than the ordinary in both life and business. By using transformational methods and tangible science-based frameworks that work at the level of the superconscious, she can help you achieve the fastest and easiest path to healing and reprogramming yourself to naturally live at your best in health, happiness, and wealth & success.



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