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How To Use Astrology To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Written by: Maria R. Riegger, Esq., Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Maria R. Riegger, Esq

Do you want to understand your energy? Your traits? Your default reactions? Your triggers? Your strengths in the business world? Those areas that come naturally to you that may not come naturally to others, that set you apart and give you an advantage as an entrepreneur?

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You could spend months or years observing yourself and others, and make conclusions about how they pursue their goals, negotiate, and handle their business. Or, what if I told you that there exists a blueprint to all of the above? A blueprint to your energy that would help you understand how you do business, how you can succeed in your business challenges, and how to REACH your business goals. And it would not take months or years. It would take a couple of hours for you to learn to interpret and understand the blueprint. We can all agree that people are made up of energy. We often say, for example, that our energy does not vibe with the energy of another. Maybe the other person’s energy is too aggressive or too detached. Or maybe their energy is duplicitous, and you wonder whether they mean what they say. If only you could truly understand that person’s energy.

What is the energy blueprint?

There is such a blueprint to an individual’s energy, which also explains how their energy interacts with yours. And it’s not what you think. It is your astrological birth chart. The birth chart represents a snapshot of the position of the planets at the moment of your birth.The energy of a particular individual is explained in the birth chart. For more detail on the particular characteristics of the birth chart, see this tutorial. Let me ask you: When you think of astrology, what do you think of? Now, what if I told you that most professional astrologers, the ones that have been practicing for years and decades, are data-driven? They conduct studies, collect data, collect questionnaires, look at the birth charts of successful people who have made an impact in life and society, and at couples who have had thriving, long-standing marriages. Many of these astrologers are psychologists and psychotherapists. And they have come to the conclusion, as I have, that there are patterns to this energy, and there is merit in studying astrology as a tool for self-knowledge.

What information can you get from your energy blueprint?

Why is this important? What can your birth chart tell you? Let’s go over a few of the main elements so that you get an idea. Your sun sign informs your overall approach to life and the world. It informs whether your default decision-making process is based on logic and rationality, or whether it is based on emotion and intuition (both ways are of course valid). Your sun sign also illuminates and informs the rest of the energy present in your birth chart.

Your moon sign tells you how you handle your emotional experience, what you need to feel emotionally safe and fulfilled, and how you recharge your energy, among other things. It is helpful to know your own moon sign so that you know how to recharge your energy after killing it in the corporate realm. Your moon sign also informs what you need to feel secure and safe. The moon sign of a potential client would indicate what you need to provide to the client so that they feel good about purchasing and using your products and services.

Other planets inform how you best learn and process information, how you show up in one-to-one relationships, if you are willing to negotiate (and how), and how you attack your goals.

Knowledge is power. When you know your energy blueprint and when you understand your intrinsic traits, you are better able to direct them into useful activity. You know your natural strengths, and you know those areas that you could benefit from developing. Further, you understand that everyone is different. The things that YOU value may not necessarily represent what your partners or clients value. Everyone has a different energy blueprint.

Are you ready to get a handle on yours? If so, tell me your Mars sign and I’ll tell you how you do business.

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Maria R. Riegger, Esq Brainz Magazine

Maria R. Riegger, Esq., Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Maria Riegger is an author and parenting coach, who specializes in reparenting from childhood trauma. A rocky childhood, involving the death of a parent and narcissistic abuse, led Maria to consider how to be a better parent in a crazy world. In short, more laughs and positive connections and less dictating and criticizing. Parents should parent with the child's particular needs in mind, rather than the parents' ego needs.



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