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How To Survive A Sexiest Workplace?

Written by: Mayra Cardozo, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Primary, to talk about sexism in the workplace, it is essential to understand that it is easier to identify when misogyny is behind violent acts. Still, oft en it is in the subtlety of some actions that cause us to suffer constantly emotionally abuse, cause us to question our potential, and cause us to be promoted only in "professional coffee holders" for "cappuccino holders."

Do you know that colleague of yours who doesn't let you talk, interrupts you all the time? Won't let you finish a sentence or an opinion? Let me tell you; he's a very misogynist.

HOW TO ACT? Take a stand! The act of speaking embodies our act of existing in the world, don't let anyone take that right away from you. STOP BEING AFRAID OF CONFLICTS! We have to respect ourselves; this requires not accepting that anyone hinders our right to speak.

You can say: "I haven't finished my point yet, can I conclude?"... if he persists, "I'm not able to make my point, I thought this was a dialogue, but it's a monologue, so I 'll stop talking, and when you want an exchange we'll talk." If this doesn't happen to you, but another woman, INTERFERE FOR HER!! Especially if you have a management role.

Another example that reveals sexism in the work environment is episodes that occur when we are in meetings, and the man always asks a woman to report, take notes of the meeting; this is a sexist attitude in which "frees" men from the table to pay attention to what is being discussed in meetings while the women are more concerned with taking notes than positioning themselves and deciding.

HOW TO ACT? when you receive the request to be the "rapporteur" of the meeting, deny it and suggest that a "man" of the same hierarchical level do this task. Don't justify this denial; simply deny it. EX:

"Maria, can you write down the meeting's directions?"

"Boss, I'd like to pay attention to the meeting. Can John take notes?"

Another power imbalance in the meeting occurs when the stereotyped role of the secretariat, getting coffee and water, marking the schedule, etc., is directed towards the woman at the table. Again, this reinforces the idea that women's participation is secondary and far from the sphere of decision-making power.


"Maria, can you get coffee and water for everyone?"

"Sorry, but that's not my job; my responsibility is to keep an eye on the meeting."

Finally, you must know that most sexist attitudes in the work environment are protected under the cloak of SUBTLENESS!! BE ALERT!! POSITION YOURSELF!!

You need to know that behind the misogynist male is the male who wants to hide his misogyny precisely because he KNOWS IT! DENOUNCE HIS MISOGYNY

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Mayra Cardozo, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Mayra is one of the pioneers in Brazil in feminist coaching and is something she is passionate about. Despite being a lawyer and partner in a famous office in Brazil and a university professor of Human Rights, these were not enough for her. She always wants to make a difference in people's lives. It was then that she discovered her passion and became a life coach; she has a brilliant curriculum involving the best national and international courses. The objective of your work is to empower human beings to be their best version and help them emancipate themselves from socially constructed beliefs to be their essence. Her approach is different. It aims to unite the coaching process with the development of an inclusive and emancipatory awareness.



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