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How To Find The Right Font For Your Brand

Written by: Sachin Parmar


Have you considered how significant the font you choose is to your brand and business? If you’ve barely given thought to the value of fonts, then you need to read this article ASAP.

Paper style ransom note letter.

The font you choose plays a big part to the look and feel of your business. Often overlooked because it’s less flashy and fun than its other design counterparts, fonts should be seen as the building bricks of your brand. When you’ve selected the right font, it will work seamlessly throughout all of your creatives, from your website to your marketing collateral. But if you select the wrong font or litter your designs with too many conflicting fonts, then it’ll be noticeable for all the worst reasons and could ruin your aesthetic and brand appeal.

So, what do you need to consider when choosing a font? The skilled team at evokeu share their advice for picking the right font for you and your business.

Choose a font that matches your business

It can be easy to get swept away by the many different types of fonts that are available, but you must keep in mind the tone that you’re trying to project. Is your business offering a professional service like accounting or legal advice that requires a formal and traditional font to reflect the serious nature of what you do? Or perhaps you’re a creative agency like evokeu and can demonstrate your design prowess through the font that you choose. Select your font carefully as it’s a powerful part of your brand design that will speak to your clients subliminally. Ensure it’s saying what you want it to say about your business.

Keep your fonts to a minimum

As a rule of thumb, we advise that you shouldn’t use any more than two fonts on your creatives. Like most things in design, keeping things simple is often better as it’s easier for your audience to understand the concept and focus on your call to action. It’s also vital that if you decide to use multiple font types, they must work well together. This can be either complementing or contrasting, just make sure that it’s comforting to the eye when they sit side by side.

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Check the availability of your font

Lastly, when you finally settle on the right font or fonts for your business, check how readily available they are. This is a vital step in choosing your font, as you may face difficulties if the font that you’ve picked is only available on certain devices and platforms. Not only are rarer fonts more likely to be discontinued, but if you hire a company or freelancer to support you with design work, they may struggle to complete the project if they can’t access your font. To avoid any time and cost implications, check the compatibility of your chosen font or select a font from the large collection on Google Fonts, as these fonts are free and easy to download by everyone.

Enlist the experts

Hopefully, this article has helped solidify your decision about what font to choose for your business. If you’re still struggling or need advice about other aspects of your brand, then look no further than evokeu. The dedicated team of web and graphic designers, brand strategists and copywriters have the knowledge and experience to transform your brand. We’ll get it working bigger and better to give your business impactful results.

If you’d like to find out more about Sachin and evokeu, please visit here. You can also follow Sachin on LinkedIn, where he frequently posts business advice and inspiring content.


About the author:

Sachin Parmar is the Co-founder and Creative Director of boutique digital marketing and branding agency, evokeu. With decades of design experience, Sachin has a keen eye for detail and a drive to create consistently superior results. Sachin and his expert team work with big and small brands across many sectors to help clients capture customer attention and create growth. Evokeu also has a vertical brand called Graphic Kitchen, which specialises in the hospitality sector.



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