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How to Ensure Your Intentions Come True in 2021

Written by: Elle Hari, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If you created resolutions at the start of 2021, then you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this article. Even if you don’t believe in resolutions, this article applies to you. Why?

Because “resolution” is simply another word for intention, and even if you don’t consciously decide to set new intentions, you are actually setting them all the time.

Whenever you have thoughts such as:

  • I want ____”;

  • “I wish I had ___”;

  • “I need to do ___”;

  • “I’m going to do ___”; etc. are setting intentions.

This is why many people think the whole practice of having resolutions at the new year is redundant. It’s because we’re all setting intentions all the time (albeit without really realizing it). Resolutions may be more consciously created, but that doesn’t make them any more or less effective.

So, what does make a resolution/intention more attainable?

The answer may surprise you.

It’s counter-intuitive. And it’s contrary to the prevailing wisdom on the subject (especially that provided by the Law of Attraction crowd).

Yet, it works.

The way to set intentions to ensure that they come to fruition is to make them as broad and general as possible.

The Devil Is In The Details

Here’s what I mean.

Everything is energy.

And when you set an intention, what you are essentially doing is calling forth a certain type of energy.

For example:

  • If you intend to lose 20 pounds, you’re seeking to attract healthy energy.

  • If you intend to make $1 million, you’re seeking to attract money energy.

  • If you intend to meet a romantic partner, you’re seeking to attract romantic energy.

To attract any energy into your life (or more of it), it needs to flow without restriction or limitation. The more details you attach to an intention, the more limitations you put on the energy and the less free it can flow to you.

All limitation is fear. Every detail, every specification we place on our intentions, means the more fear we are attaching to that intention. The devil is a symbol of fear-based energy. This is why it’s in the details!

It’s impossible to attract what you want if fear is present (unless you want more fear). Therefore, we want to remove all fear from our intentions when we set them. This means being as broad and general with our intentions as possible.

Therefore, the most common detail and limitation we all tend to place onto our intentions is time. Time is hands down the biggest reason why intention setting doesn’t work.

Placing a timeframe on when you want to attain your intention is placing a huge limitation onto it.

  • Intending to lose 20 pounds within 1 month;

  • Intending to make $1 million by February 1st; or

  • Intending to meet a romantic partner at the wedding you are attending next weekend…

It only serves to add more details/specifications and, therefore, fear onto your intention and send more fear out in the Universe.

You can even feel the added pressure and stress that accompanies the time details placed onto intentions.

I would suggest editing the three intentions in our examples, thusly:

  • I intend to be healthy.

  • I intend to allow money to flow more freely into (and out of) my life.

  • I intend to be open to whoever comes into my life (or not).

Energy must freely flow, and according to the Universal Law of Rhythm, it flows in cycles. Therefore, we must allow it to flow into and out of our lives without blocking it from doing so in either direction. One blockage in either direction causes a blockage in the entire system, just like plumbing.

Similarly, too many details stop it from flowing in, attaching to it too tightly, hoarding it, or being resistant to letting it go all stop it from flowing out. The more freely it flows in and out, the greater it can build and grow. As this occurs, the more it increases every time it flows back in.

Without Specifications, How Do We Attain Exactly What We Want?

This is where it can seem counter-intuitive because our minds like to think they have some semblance of control. In actuality, that false sense of control is a “needing” type of energy. Needing energy comes from scarcity and lack (aka fear).

Trying to control your intentions – just like adding details and specifications – adds fear to the intentions. What are details and specifications, if not ways to try to control how the intention should happen?

Specifications almost always ensure that you won’t attain your intention…at least not in the energetic space that you truly desire it.

Remember, the details don’t matter. It’s all about energy. Maybe you will lose 20 pounds by the end of the month, but what you really want is to be healthier and to look better, right? That’s the energy you’re trying to attract. Not the details themselves.

But say you did lose 20 pounds by the end of the month, but that intention was shrouded in fear-based energy. So, your new weight loss is going to come with fear-based energy attached. What if that manifests as sickness because you lost the weight too fast?

What if you did make $1 million by February, but in your fear-based tunnel vision to make that $1 million, you weren’t even aware of an opportunity to make $20 million? Or, that $1 million came from someone who obtained it by illegal means, and you become investigated by the feds?

What if you did meet someone that you resonated with romantically at the wedding, but (because there were slim pickings at that wedding, which was the only place that you specified that you would meet someone), the person turned out to be a psycho, narcissist who subsequently destroyed every aspect of your life?

Those are some extreme examples, but stranger things have happened. And ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


Resonating with this truth is key to helping you let go of the need to feel in control.

Your mind may not be in control, but your soul is. Your soul is orchestrating everything in your life, and your soul is miraculous. Your soul is also your true self.

Your soul knows your truth, and it knows your true desires. Your soul is also abundance and love. It will naturally bring those things to you in every area of your life.

If only your mind didn’t get in the way by trying to place limitations on everything your soul is orchestrating, you would experience complete and perpetual abundance and love.

Your soul is capable of infinitely so much more than your mind can even conceive of. As big as you can dream, it’s only a tiny fraction of what’s possible for your soul to bring to you.

When intentions are set without details, you’ll find that you shift into a place of safety and presence where you know that everything is perfect no matter how or when or in what physical form the energy you are trying to attract comes in.

That space is where everything you desire resides within you. It’s the space of contentment, peace, happiness, and fullness.

If you think about it and you’re honest with yourself, that’s all you really want. You are hoping that, whatever your intention is for outside of you, it will bring you a sense of contentment, peace, happiness, and/or fullness. Everything that you already are within.

That right there is the key to perpetual happiness and having all of your intentions come to fruition.

As within, so without. And the energetic space you settle in within yourself will attract that same energy into your outer world in whichever physical form and whichever way is perfect for you. Your mind can’t determine what’s perfect for you because it can’t see all that’s possible.

Letting go of the details is one way to get your mind out of the process and allow your soul to orchestrate your most perfect life.

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Elle Hari, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Elle Hari is a 1 international bestselling author of four books and Twin Flame & Ascension Alchemist, Writer, Teacher, and Coach. After experiencing her own twin flame journey, Elle left her career as a lawyer to help others navigate their own paths toward ascension. Elle has discovered and created revolutionary methods that help her students unconditionally love themselves and manifest their greatest dreams. Devoted to helping people overcome fear, pain, and self-sabotaging limitations, she guides her students to their true nature of bliss and perpetual happiness. Her mission is driven by a passion for expanding people’s awareness of the twin flame journey's truth and assisting humanity’s spiritual ascension on a global scale. Elle is the founder and CEO of Elle Hari Universal LLC and creator of the Be With Your Twin Flame® and Mastery of Ascension Alchemy™ brands.



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