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How to Create a Body in Perfect Harmony

Written by: Heidi Jennings, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When I think of harmony, it evokes feelings of ease and flow and effortlessness. Imagine if each of us could experience a life of harmony and how different our world could be. Harmony, though, is not a word associated with modern-day life. We live in a world of disharmony, generated by individuals feeling disconnected and dissociated from the core of who we are designed to be; vital and vibrant beings.

As I drive past my local hospital, I fight the urge to march into the waiting room and shout, “No! Don’t go into that doctor’s office! Come with me, and I will show you another way!” I don’t, of course, and I know many of those people will eventually end up in my office. They come to me feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and in utter despair. “Why should I trust you,” they ask, “when I’ve been let down by so many doctors and specialists and have spent thousands of dollars getting nowhere?”

Because I tell them, conventional medicine is not designed to make you well. It’s a system designed to hand you a diagnosis and prolong your life with medication, not one to investigate the true cause of your suffering. The difference between that system and mine, I tell them, is that I will address the root cause of your symptoms, give you the tools you need to allow your body to heal, and ultimately empower you to put your hands back on the steering wheel of your life. In other words, I will show you how to live inside a body in perfect harmony.

“Let’s get started,” they say, and six weeks later, they glide out of my office with a glowing smile and a newfound reason for living. Welcome to the holistic approach to healing.

Each of us is born into an amazing, intelligent machine whose most primal desire is to thrive. Every single day, our wonderful vessels fight thousands of silent battles to keep us healthy and shielded from harm without even being asked. Even when we abuse them with junk food and toxins or wear them down with too much stress, broken trust, or a broken heart, they continue to carry out their thankless task of keeping us alive. What a tragedy that we are a society of sick, sad, and sluggish individuals who take for granted this incredible ally that only wants us to be well.

Most of us don’t appreciate our health until it is threatened or lost. I certainly didn’t, but it was my plunge to rock bottom and the realization that conventional medicine couldn’t help me that ended up being my greatest blessing. I then discovered the five instruments of healing to create a body in harmony that I can now share with the world.

Each instrument plays its part in the orchestra, synchronizing to create a beautiful symphony. If one instrument misses a beat, the orchestra can’t perform at its best. The human body is no different; every part must work in unity for optimal wellbeing. This is the very definition of holistic health.

Contrary to what conventional medicine will have us believe, there is a straightforward solution to your chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stubborn body fat, menopause symptoms, autoimmune dysfunction, and sleep issues. There is a simple fix for your feelings of overwhelm, desperate tiredness, and emotional eating. The only thing standing between you and vibrant health is the correct knowledge and guidance about what instruments you need and how to optimize your orchestra.

Give your body the whole, nutrient-dense foods it craves, full of vitamins, minerals, and goodness. Remove the excess sugar, fat, gluten, preservatives, additives, artificial flavorings, and colorings. Allow every cell to soak up the sublime nourishment it desperately needs and watch the magic unfold before your eyes. Providing the correct nutrition sets the tone for optimal health.

Stop slogging yourself senselessly at the gym. If your body is under stress, give the high-intensity workouts a miss. These will only push you further into survival mode, resulting in fat storage and the wearing down of an already exhausted adrenal system. Instead, go for a gentle walk or do some light yoga. Allow your body to rest and recover and know that it’s safe. Slow down the tempo, soften the beat, and find the exercise that’s right for you.

Devour all the fresh fruits and vegetables you can find and flood your gut with potent probiotics. Allow these beneficial bugs to break down, digest, and absorb your food so your digestive system can work the way nature intended. The gut-brain connection is incredibly strong, so give yourself the gift of a healthy gut, and you will transform your state of mind. Keep your gut health in tune and listen as the body starts to hum.

Set yourself up with a healthy pre-bed routine and recalibrate your sleep. Your body desperately needs restful sleep every night to perform seamlessly during the day. Give your liver the chance to detox, flush and clean the body. There’s nothing better than waking up fully refreshed, ready to bounce out of bed and face the day. Watch your world transform as you experience the melodic bliss of deep sleep.

Learn to love life again by dealing with the root cause of your stress. Whether that’s a toxic relationship, soul-destroying job, or lousy lifestyle choice, choose to remove yourself from what’s hurting you and shift your focus to what lights you up. Calmly navigating life’s difficulties and managing your stress will set the cadence for a positive and fulfilling life.

So now, with your instruments finely tuned and ready to play, the orchestra can assemble, and the performance can begin. Sit back, watch and listen as the rest of your life unfolds, one of ease, flow, and effortlessness inside a body in perfect harmony.

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Heidi Jennings, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Heidi Jennings is a Holistic Health Coach specializing in Plant-Based Nutrition. After a health crisis left her bedridden and disillusioned with conventional medicine, she embraced a holistic approach to help her heal. She now runs her business alongside her husband Steve, and together they deliver holistic coaching programs to their clients. They specialize in chronic pain, anxiety and depression, stubborn body fat, menopause symptoms, autoimmune dysfunction, and sleep issues by focusing on the five pillars of health; nutrition, exercise, gut health, sleep, and managing stress. Heidi is also a guest speaker and is currently authoring her first book. Her mission is to change the lives of 500,000 people around the world by empowering them to take control of their health and happiness.



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