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How To Avoid Business Burnout This Fall

Written by: Jenny Vukovcan, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Have you been feeling the blues lately? Perhaps your energy levels are down, and you notice that you are not as motivated or excited to tackle the to-dos of the day?

If you have, you might take comfort in knowing that there can be a logical explanation for that.

Aside from general COVID burnout where you are constantly online talking with people and exerting your energy by being "on" all the time at the same time you are managing your household, your emotions, business tasks, and life in general, you are also experiencing the seasonal change with fall rapidly approaching.

You probably feel pulled in a million directions and might have the stress of finishing Q4 strong as well...

Did you do all that you set out to do this year?

I like to think of us humans, and our businesses, as a cycle of constant change. At every moment in time, when we are learning, implementing, growing, or going through any kind of change, we naturally go through a cycle that will up-level us to a different version of ourselves. Much like a tree that gets buds in spring and blooms in summer, we as humans are naturally inclined to have more energy in spring and get more creative and then implement ideas that take full bloom over summer.

When fall comes, this process slows down, and the leaves change color and eventually become dry and fall off. This is nature's natural change process to prepare for winter and to conserve its energy. This change often happens within us humans, too, in terms of energy and motivation. Our energy level slows down in fall as well, and we are more inclined to want to stay inside and do low-energy work.

Fall is a good time to take a step back in your business, slow down, and look over your priorities.

During the winter months, the trees drop their leaves and stand bare in wait for spring and warmer weather to return. This is the time for reflection, meditation, and looking more within. When we do, we work with our body’s own rhythm to recharge our mental and physical energy and shift and up-level our mindset so that we can start the new year with a fresh perspective. When we are not in tuned with our body's natural rhythm, we tend to push and do more even though we don’t have the inspiration or motivation for it, and it can leave us feeling depleted, exhausted, and burnt out.

To avoid fall burnout, you get to make sure to schedule time in your calendar for reflections and to just be. Perhaps you have been wanting to try a meditation program or start a mindful morning routine. Fall is a great time to schedule things that support you to slow down such as journaling, reading books, and engage in hobbies that do not require a lot of mental focus but rather bring you a rich emotional experience.

Here are a couple of journal prompts to get you started:

  1. What are some ways you can slow down this fall and still accomplish what you have set out to do in your business?

  2. What can you do to mentally recharge this fall?

  3. Are there any beliefs you get to let go off or shift to move forward and feel accomplished before you finish out the year strong?

When we slow down, listen to our own body's wisdom, and tune into our natural energy levels, we set ourselves and our businesses up for success and can start the new year operating from our highest and most rejuvenated selves.

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Jenny Vukovcan, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Jenny Vukovcan is an international best-selling author, productivity coach, business mentor, executive contributor writer, founder of the Modern Boss Academy and host of the Unstoppable Boss Podcast. Often referred to as the Productivity Queen, Jenny teaches overworked and overwhelmed online entrepreneurs how to manage their time, be more productive, and accomplish their goals, so they can build a business working only four hours a day and have more freedom in their lives. Unlike other coaches who only focus on generic questions and cookie-cutter strategies, Jenny digs deep and focuses on transformation from the inside out. Using her signature 3 levels of wisdom framework and business freedom formula, she has helped hundreds of online entrepreneurs increase their productivity, manage their time and energy, and build a business and life they love without sacrifice and guilt.



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