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How Ozzin Jun A Business Celebrity Mentor Married Herself?

Written by: Edit B Kiss, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When I first met Ozzin in person in London, I felt she is very special, even though I wasn’t aware of her full transformation story, how she survived being kidnapped 3 times and abused and how she created a striving business within 18 months shortly after the dark incidents. She is only 24 years old but already full of impacting ideas, missions, visions, and actions to make this world a better place while also enjoying herself in the present moment.

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Dear Ozzin, I am sure the readers would love to hear your fascinating story, how have you become who you are today?

There are different experiences that shaped me. From being financially broke, a survivor of 3 kidnappings, rape, abusive relationship and having no direction in life to becoming an international entrepreneur. It was a deep spiritual transformation. But I feel the most powerful thing I’ve done was in my choices and in levelling up my mindset alongside with faith. I realized that our biggest victories start in the darkness. I act beyond my circumstances and choose to turn any life event into my biggest blessing. I’m a very hungry person. I daily dedicate myself to expand my skillsets and learning to remain world-class in my crafts.

Coming out of those terrible situations seems so effortless listening to you. What is your secret? How were you able to recover so fast and even elevate yourself to new highs?

It’s timeless deep true love. I remember lying in my bed in my dark room crying myself out after going through horrible experiences, such as the kidnapping in 2019. I couldn’t open my jaw anymore out of pain, my heart ached, and I felt almost as if I would die out of pain. But thinking about how many people daily suffer like this, my love towards my family/friends and my love towards the world with lot of pain too got me up in seconds.

My faith in God and the power of imagination with my high calling is what healed me very fast. It’s also my secret on how I got so resilient, and get up within hours after a bad incident. I let my feelings fully out, accept it really fast, forgive fast, and from there focus on what can be done in positive ways. Not doing that fast, would in a retro-perspective frustrate me even more. I know that. So, I just flip perspectives really fast in a way that serves me.

That is very powerful indeed! I would love to know more about the “Marrying myself ” concept! Would you explain more about it?

Absolutely. I realized that many people live by the ‘shoulds’ of others. Whether it’s about the pressure that we need to get married or have kids at a certain age, run our business or heal up in a certain way, get a degree, or become something that others expect from us.

According to a study done by Hella Life. 1 of the top 5 biggest regrets is that people live a life expected from others instead of living a life that is true to themselves, leaving them very unfulfilled and leaving them full of regrets by the end of their life. But we don't need to wait until the end of your life to realize that we can live a life that is true to ourselves. Why are we not doing this earlier in our lives?

It also is strongly correlated to self-worthiness. The moment I started to own my self-worth more, I started to make more money, have more thriving relationships and honored my health. Self-worth is our net worth. It exceeds even far beyond that with inner fulfillment.

3 Key Steps to Marrying Oneself:

1. Get Rid of All Shoulds

Get rid of all other people’s should, third-party stories and limiting labels that were put on you throughout your life since childhood. Evolve your own framework. Live in your own universal way.

2. Take Inventory with An Open Mind

Reconsider the "shoulds" that you've been told, and ask yourself: What else is possible?" Replace ‘’I know already’’ to ‘’tell me more, what are other possibilities/perspectives?’’ Filter through what makes YOU ultimately happy.

3. Be Bold

Have the courage to break existing rules for wisdom to fulfill your dreams. Be an odd-ball that stands out. Dare to take actions that feels a little 'insane, scary and somewhat thrilling.'' This is where the game truly starts.

Soon my book: ‘’Marry Yourself’’ will be published. It is not in a literal sense just about ‘’marrying oneself’’. The meaning if much deeper and includes the world in new dimensions of the meaning marriage. Soon more to that!

That sounds really fascinating! I would really love to know how do you help your celebrity clients with your programs? What is it there for them? What outcome they can expect?

I help high-performing coaches, entrepreneurs & celebrities to build and scale their own consulting or service-based business. I help them to brand world-class, dominate their industry through luxury positioning and help them to attract high-ticket clients. The outcome they can expect depends on their goals and the needs they have. But on average most of my clients have 10x their profits with us, they have a world-class personal brand with premium clients that are excited to pay them, they feel aligned to their purpose and run most importantly a business that excites them with predictable income. The rest depends very individually, I work very customized with my clients.

You can join HERE my exclusive FB group where I share free trainings and insights. You can also find on my Instagram @ozzinjun further insights and client testimonials.

I know you are working on several projects besides your coaching program. You just recorded a new song? What inspired you to become a performing artist?

Yes! I recorded a new music video and song this January 2023 in London with a friend of mine. It was a very spontaneous. We wrote the lyrics last minute, booked the studio on the same day and rehearsed the rap in the car on our way there. Fun! The song is about masculine and feminine energy and about world unification. We speak about the coaching space, and beyond business some wisdom we want to convey to the world in a funny, twisted and light-hearted way. It’s soon available on my YouTube Channel.

I’ve always been an artistic person. I create my own arts to take people into a different world. I plan to do more live artistic performances combined with entrepreneurial insights with million people in a stadium, and create the biggest world-class events people have ever seen. What inspires me is the art, imagination and purpose behind it. I believe, ‘’Inspiration Science’’, which is also the title of my podcast on behalf of my media company ‘’Your Universal Way’’ can change the world.

What is the project closest to your heart? What is your biggest “WHY”?

My biggest project closest to my heart is my media company ‘’Your Universal Way’’ which ties in everything I do. From podcasts, artistic projects, content production and my main service offering consulting/coaching to transform lives. My WHY is to empower healings with deep faith, to lead by true love and bring in world-class leadership to unify the world.

Thank you so much for this deep conversation! I am wishing you all the best with your missions! What would be your last words or advice to the readers?

We never know how it feels until we practically do it. Take inventory of your own gifts, get clarity on your big vision and then, melt it down to a purpose that is meaningful to you. Know who you are. Exploration allows focus. Clarity is power. Focus creates success. Tune into my podcast episode ‘’8 Ways To Find Your Purpose In Life’’ if you’re not clear yet about it.

Peeling the onion down to the core: talking to multiple millionaires, billionaires, and my own experiences, I realized it comes down to our self-worth. Worthy of success, worthy of the luxury (whatever that means to you) and to honor yourself (to be able to honor others). Self-love, God-love in his kingdom. Building relationships is key in business & to lead a happy life.

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Edit B Kiss, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Edit B Kiss is a holistic mentor, success habit coach, 1 best-selling author, Humanitarian Award winner and international speaker. She helps her clients to get healed from running mind, insomnia to gain more focus and fill the void in their hearts by raising their frequency and getting them aligned with their true self so they can stand the storms and live their life joyfully and reinvent themselves to the next level.



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