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Google Pledges 25 Million Euros To Boost Europe’s AI-savvy Workforce

Google has committed 25 million euros to help people living in Europe learn how to use AI. 

The money will be used, firstly, to provide training for non-for-profits and social enterprises, and applications are now open. In a statement announcing the launch, Matt Brittin, president of Google Europe, Middle East and Africa said: “AI will have a transformative impact on Europe’s economy and Google is committed to ensuring that this opportunity is available to all.” He added that the scheme has “…a particular focus on vulnerable and underserved communities.” 

Google is teaming up with the Centre for Public Impact for the scheme and its Executive Director, Adrian Brown said: “AI has enormous potential to transform the world for the better. Yet research shows that the benefits of AI could exacerbate existing inequalities - especially in terms of economic security and employment. This new program will help people across Europe develop their knowledge, skills and confidence around AI, ensuring that no one is left behind.”

The initiative also takes in startups and sees Google’s free online AI training courses made available in 18 languages. Brittin added:” AI has the potential to help us build a better, fairer, healthier society - and to support competitiveness and inclusive growth. It’s up to all of us to make that happen: working boldly, responsibly and together.”



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