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Giving Up Too Soon? Develop A Mindset that Creates Positive Change

Written by: Nancy Hovde, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Many business professionals and entrepreneurs have a bad day now and then. Maybe you can relate with having thoughts about wondering if your business venture can really succeed?

There are many different reasons why some business professionals and entrepreneurs give up too soon. Here are just a few of them:

  • Lack of Self-Belief. One tough and very common one is lacking faith and confidence in your abilities. This is when hiring a life coach who can provide guidance, encouragement and accountability, can help support you along the way and help ensure you have a greater chance of succeeding with your action plan and goals.

  • Outside Distractions. This is a big one for so many entrepreneurs. Outer distractions, such as social media and what other businesses are focused on. Many times this can lead to comparing yourself with others, their success, number of social media followers and lowering your self-confidence. Keep the focus on your plan, goals and progress.

  • Lack of Perseverance. It is important to see the desired goal through the long run. Having persistence, digging in and getting even the tiniest details completed, the small steps along the way and realizing it isn’t achieved from here to there overnight.

The good news is, by developing the right mindset, it is possible to overcome obstacles, manage fear based thoughts and limited thinking. Our mindset is thought patterns that shape our perspective on situations and life experiences. Mindset is a powerful element to have while pursuing something challenging, yet rewarding and fulfilling.

We can learn to create positive habits that shift negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns:

  • View any failures as lessons. Did you know that the majority of business professionals will give up after their first obstacle? They may lack the courage to view it as a lesson to be learned and continue moving forward with carrying out their plan. There are a few ways to view failure. We can view them as lessons. We can perceive them as opportunities. If you are too focused on the end result or reward, you will miss out on enjoying the process. It is truly the process when success begins to take place.

  • Expectations. Take a real honest look, are the goals you’ve set really achievable? It is okay to have expectations, but are they actually unrealistic?

  • Clarity and Accountability. Clarity with an action plan and accountability will help lead to success. Hire a life coach who can support you, offer guidance, encouragement and accountability. Having clarity is knowing your top 3 strengths you can use along the way that will support you and energize the process. Clarity also includes your strong “why” you want to achieve this goal and helps to simplify your action plan. Your action plan will focus on your top three strengths.

I share with clients that starting your own business or venture CAN be scary. We like being in our comfort zone. The right mindset is important. The right mindset for not only just wanting to make changes in your life but also for being able to sustain life’s challenges during your business venture and having an effective plan of action

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Nancy Hovde, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Nancy is a leading Life Empowerment Coach who has combined her professional background, credentials, personal experience, knowledge, and insight to inspire and motivate those who wish to create positive change. For over 15 years, she has empowered clients who desire positive change with career/life purpose, personal growth, or wellness goals. Nancy will help you discover how true change can happen when we use our time and resources to develop our minds and spirits, examine our values, and let go of issues that hold us back. She inspires and guides clients to live their optimal life through her books, blog posts, articles, and coaching services. Nancy is the author of Uber Empowerment and Uber Empowerment Quotes: 500 Inspirational Quotes for Knowledge, Insight & Wisdom. Her credentials include Certified Life Coach, B.A. Interpersonal Communication, Stress Management Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist, and Certified Personal Trainer.



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