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Written by: Bernadette Bruckner, Executive Contributor

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Do you know who you actually are and the many gifts you have that you can also use for your business? Perhaps you sense that something is slumbering in you that others should finally see for sure, but primarily by you?

More than ever, we have the opportunity – because of, or even despite, the current crisis - to be able to do everything and nothing. What if the doors for all your dreams were open to you and you could have everything you wished for? And you were 100% aware of your gifts and abilities?

Does that sound spooky to you, or does your heart open up when you read that?

I was fascinated by the film ‘Lucy’ by Luc Besson and posed this question after seeing it, "What does it mean to use 100% of your brain capacity?" In a group of "fearless" people, we play to see who has blind spots, where, and how we can access our subconscious wisdom. According to the Johari window, there are areas that only we know about that others see in us, but we don't; areas that everyone knows and the famous blind spots.

Many people are afraid of their innate gifts and abilities—afraid of harming others using their abilities and gifts, but this may be an illusion that lies deep in the subconscious.

Your gifts are valuable, and they matter!

One day, I was interviewed for a podcast called ”your gifts matter” with Aaron Solly, and I loved it. Click here to watch.

The further I explore myself, letting go of old beliefs I learned and was conditioned in since childhood, I began to do things I didn’t know:

  • I could,

  • I was allowed to do, or

  • was able to.

And yet, beLIEfs from others can destroy our gifts and our awareness that we are more than others tell us we are.

What did others tell you? That you are dull, incapable, or not gifted enough? Write it down on a piece of paper.

AND then…

Just try, fail, and try again out of the pure joy and pleasure of trying what others told you that you couldn’t do.

It’s important – for you and others!

Here are some examples:

Many times in my youth, other people—especially my teachers—told me that I was not good enough at languages. It was truly tough for me to learn English and French back then. Intuitively, I knew that I had to go abroad to learn languages properly. I spent one year in America and six months in France, and I learned the languages. Today, one of my passions is learning languages! Am I perfect? No. Do I want or need to be perfect? No!

“In the imperfection lies the joy of trying, doing, and learning!” — Bernadette

Another “false belief” concerned being creative and good at design, believing I could not. Now, after designing more than 30 dresses, bags, pieces of jewelry, houses, and booths, I know by heart that this has become a passion of mine!

Never underestimate yourself — or other people, for certain feelings like “being loved, cared for,” for peers, for… For no one! Not even for yourself! Instead, explore every single day you and your subconscious knowledge.

Ask yourself, when you desire to try something new, “Would I love to try it? Do I feel it will be fun for me?” If yes, do it, and savor the experience – in all directions!

Just be you…

Doing things out of pure pleasure!

I love being challenged. Many years ago, in a workshop, the speaker on the stage said, “No one can be better than me!” I was shocked, confused, surprised; I smiled and said silently to him, “Watch me!”

“Who are you without your filters of reality and the beLIEfs you were conditioned with since childhood?” — Bernadette

What can be hidden in me? What do I feel that loves being seen, heard, and nurtured?

For a couple of years, I wrote articles for magazines. I was never good at grammar or writing fluidly, yet my PhD topic is in the field of… **drumroll**… Communication Sciences! The more I write, the better I get.

So, master your skills, especially the hidden ones, and make it as fun as possible without needing perfection. If you believe you aren’t good at it, BUT you still love it, try it. Go on, have fun and nurture yourself, AND master this skill!

No matter what.

And DARE to share with others how much fun you are having while expressing your inner wisdom and subconscious desires.

The gift of being seen is, more than ever, a reason to explore more inside|out of yourself. Don’t chase other people from one workshop to another. I know by heart and through empowering my clients that all of your gifts and knowledge lie within you.

Crack your subconsciousness, explore yourself every moment with the unique, beautiful gifts you are actually carrying already if you only knew! Nothing else matters in my world other than exploring myself with my multifaceted layers of beauty inside|out!

And share your gifts with others.

You never know who you are supporting and nurturing with your story and your courage to be seen with your gifts!

Be a lighthouse for others!

Be simply you.

No matter what.

Nothing else matters.

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Bernadette Bruckner, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

The creative allrounder worked successfully in different working fields in Austria and abroad. By her interest in corporate communications, marketing, human resources, and many other business areas, she has appropriated an enormous amount of knowledge over more than 30 years.

Numerous educations at international top-trainers like Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Roy Martina, and Clinton Swaine. Internationally active as holistic trainer in health, nutrition, and mental health with exceptional holistic resilience methods. Founder of „iMM – intuitive mentoring method and 1-min-coaching-to-go“, a further development of NLP, as well as „ORINITION® - n(fl)ourish soul.mind.body.“ – an innovative nutrition work of (re-) membering our own body intelligence.

Successfully Master’s degree in health management with a focus on public health. International Ph.D. & research in health communication with a focus on psycholinguistics combined with neuroplasticity and health economics.

International bestselling publisher and author of numerous books in different languages. Global Author Award 2018 / Nominatee NLP Award in Research 2019 in London. 2021 opening my own research center for intuitive science in Austria.



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