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Gift of 'Me' Seen!

Written by: Bernadette Bruckner, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Do you know who you actually are and the many gifts you have that you can also use for your business? Perhaps you sense that something is slumbering in you that others should finally see for sure, but primarily by you?

More than ever, we have the opportunity – because of, or even despite, the current crisis - to be able to do everything and nothing. What if the doors for all your dreams were open to you and you could have everything you wished for? And you were 100% aware of your gifts and abilities?

Does that sound spooky to you, or does your heart open up when you read that?

I was fascinated by the film ‘Lucy’ by Luc Besson and posed this question after seeing it, "What does it mean to use 100% of your brain capacity?" In a group of "fearless" people, we play to see who has blind spots, where, and how we can access our subconscious wisdom. According to the Johari window, there are areas that only we know about that others see in us, but we don't; areas that everyone knows and the famous blind spots.

Many people are afraid of their innate gifts and abilities—afraid of harming others using their abilities and gifts, but this may be an illusion that lies deep in the subconscious.

Your gifts are valuable, and they matter!

One day, I was interviewed for a podcast called ”your gifts matter” with Aaron Solly, and I loved it. Click here to watch.

The further I explore myself, letting go of old beliefs I learned and was conditioned in since childhood, I began to do things I didn’t know: