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From Grief To Growth– How Loss Ignited My Creative Spark

Dionne Malush is renowned in Pittsburgh real estate and personal development. She owns Realty ONE Group Gold Standard, leads a Think and Grow Rich Mastermind, studies to be a Napoleon Hill instructor, and studies personal development relentlessly, blending expertise and inspiration.

Executive Contributor Dionne Malush

In the wake of losing my Dad, a journey unfolded, transforming deep sorrow into a fountain of creativity. This narrative shares how the legacy of a loved one inspired a surge of innovative projects, from podcasting to web design, and finally, a look into the future without him. Each step is not only a tribute to his memory but also a vital part of my healing.

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The passing of my Dad marked one of the toughest chapters of my life, yet it unexpectedly opened a new avenue of creativity and determination. Initiating a podcast, designing websites, and crafting my Vivid Vision with my coach, Rob Cressy, have become more than just projects; they're a homage to his life and a crucial aspect of navigating my grief.

Sparking creativity amidst loss

After my Dad passed away, I found myself channeling my grief into creativity. Launching a podcast became a way to share stories of resilience, mirroring the strength my Dad embodied. Designing websites allowed me to weave narratives of hope, each page a step toward healing. My Vivid Vision, a detailed blueprint of my aspirations, now carries a piece of his legacy, guiding me forward.

Legacy as a beacon of innovation

A voicemail from my friend Zack, reflecting on our Military’s Special Forces' approach to loss, struck a chord with me. They celebrate and honor the spirit as well as the contributions of the departed, focusing on the legacy and lessons rather than the void. My Dad was a warrior in his own right, battling life's challenges with courage and love. In fact, we realized too late just how much he battled. Inspired by Zack's message, I've chosen to honor my Dad not by dwelling on the loss but by celebrating his life and the wisdom he shared.

Creativity as therapy

Each creative endeavor I undertake is infused with my Dad's spirit, as he too was creative, and he has left my sisters and I each with our very own pieces of his creativity. The podcast episodes, the websites I design, and my Vivid Vision are testaments to his resilience and ingenuity. This creative journey has become a therapeutic outlet, helping me to process my grief and keep his memory alive. It's a way to ensure his values and love continue to influence me.

Embracing legacy and love

Zack's message reminded me of the importance of carrying forward the legacy of those we've lost. Every decision I make, every challenge I face, is ingrained with my Dad's teachings. By living out the values he held dear and spreading the love he showed me, I honor him. This approach to grief has not only aided in my healing but has also inspired me to tackle life's hurdles with the same strength and determination my Dad exhibited. He was by far the strongest person I ever knew.

Moving forward

Navigating grief is deeply personal, yet it reveals the universal power of love and legacy. By turning my sorrow into creative expression, I've found a way to commemorate my Dad's life and carry his legacy into the future. It's a reminder that even in the face of loss, we can find strength, inspiration, and the ability to make a lasting impact. As I continue on this path, I'm grateful for the support of friends like Zack and Rob plus the enduring lessons from my Dad, which light the way toward a future filled with hope, resilience, and creativity.  

This story is for anyone walking through the night of loss. It's a testament to the fact that in honoring the lives and lessons of those we've cherished, we can carve a path of healing, innovation, and enduring legacy.


Dionne Malush, Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Dionne is a marketing maestro and mindset mentor, guiding professionals to elevate their branding and personal growth strategies. Her expertise lies in harnessing the power of effective marketing techniques alongside fostering a positive, success-oriented mindset. She offers insightful tools and support, enabling individuals to navigate the competitive world of marketing while developing a resilient and growth-focused mentality. Dionne's approach empowers others to achieve both professional success and personal fulfillment.



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