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Five Steps to Make a Vision Board for 2021

Written by: Anna Vogel, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I have a lot of lists. Lists of goals, visions, and dreams. In my phone, in different folders on my computer, and in my notebooks. This is how I used to work with my vision and my goals. To write them down, read them as often as possible, and check the small wins towards my dreams when I took action. And I still do.

But I've also added something—a vision board.

Every new year, I bring out magazines, scissors, glue, pens, and a big white paper. And I create my goals and vision in pictures instead of text, in feelings, instead of checkboxes. And it works for me.

Why? Well, the finished vision board is not hidden away amongst other digital files; it's on my closet door. It's big, it's colorful, and it makes me happy every time I look at it. So that's one reason why it works. I get reminded of my goals and vision every morning, and it makes me happy. And happiness sparks motivation for me. And it talks to my heart, not just my brain.

We also know from sports psychology that visualizing what you want is a beautiful tool for reaching goals. And last by not least - it's creative and fun to make a vision board.

This year I was reluctant to make a vision board because it's been so clear in 2020 that many things are out of our control. Then I decided to do it anyway, and I´m so happy I did it.

Dreams and goals are essential to me, even in times when a lot is unknown. So I choose to be hopeful about the future, letting the pictures fill me with joy, love, and anticipation instead of fear of the unknown.

So how can you make your own vision board? Here's a step by step guide to get you started.

1. Set away a few hours. You don't want to feel rushed when you do your vision board.

2. Sit down, close your eyes, and feel into your vision and goal for the year ahead.

  • Where do you want to be?

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • Who do you want to be?

  • What do you want to feel?

  • Who is doing all these fantastic things with you?

3. Write down your insights from answering the previous questions.

4. Decide what type of vision board you want to do. Maybe you want to do one for a separate part of your life, for example, health, a new apartment/house, a creative project, or your business. Perhaps you want to do one for all areas, that's up to you.

5. It's time to create your vision board and get creative! Make sure you have some material when you start. I use a large paper, magazines, printed pictures and words, a pair of scissors, and glue. Fill your vision board with all the things that make you feel good!

When done, put it in a place where you can see it every day. As I wrote before, I have mine on the inside of my closet door. Since I know I have to get dressed every day (well, at least half dressed for Zoom meetings), I won't forget to watch it.

Watch the magic unfold when you see your vision board every day, especially when you start to take conscious action towards your goals.

You can also do a vision board with your family. Or your team at work.

What I’ve learned about my vision board (and Marie Kondo) is that it sparks joy. So I keep doing it. Not even a pandemic can stop me.

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Anna Vogel, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Anna Vogel is a coach, a mindfulness instructor, and a singer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She's passionate about helping women create a work-life they love. She's also helping individuals and teams access better health, inner strength, creativity, and internal motivation. She's the founder of Hey Creative Mind Studio, an online learning space, and Women in Business, a one on one coaching program for women. "With a higher degree of self-awareness, we can work proactively with our health, goals, and mission in life. Let's say goodbye to burn out, overwhelm, and pressure. And let's say hey and hello to creativity, playfulness, and ease."



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