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Expert In Social Media & Mailchimp, Shares Strategies For SME Success – Exclusive Interview With Bianca Schwartpaul

Bianca Schwartpaul is your go-to expert in Social Media and Mailchimp. Leading the team at B Thriven, she's all about creating custom solutions for SMEs worldwide. Since kicking off B Thriven in 2019, she's been on a mission to help businesses tackle those tricky marketing challenges. She understands the hurdles companies face online and is all about offering smart, encouraging ways to get past them. Her team is super skilled at putting together personalised strategies in social media and email marketing, making sure each client doesn't just get by, but actually stands out in the crowded online world. With a big focus on putting clients first, she's always there, guiding businesses on their path to success.

Image photo of Bianca Schwartpaul

Bianca Schwartpaul, B Thriven

With your extensive experience in social media marketing, what key strategies do you believe are crucial for SMEs to gear up their brand presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook?

One of the key strategies in social media marketing is consistency. I highly recommend planning your content one month ahead of time, or at least have the framework done around it.

Besides that, engagement is super important. Social media marketing isn't just about posting your content; it's about being a part of the community. By this, I mean engage with the content of your potential leads, referral partners, and customers, and of course, if someone comments on your post, make sure to respond. How can we expect engagement on our content if we don't reciprocate?

Our posts should offer a rich variety—beyond just selling. We aim to build trust and brand awareness by sharing testimonials, case studies, practical tips, and of course, our services, but in a way that adds value, not just sales pitches. It's all about striking that balance and making genuine connections.

Email marketing continues to be a key channel for customer engagement. Can you share tactics that B Thriven employs to craft compelling newsletters?

The key with email marketing is to focus on building trust, not just making sales. It's also about finding the right balance in the frequency of your newsletters—monthly, weekly, or biweekly—based on the value and appeal of your content.

What's crucial is ensuring your newsletter is eagerly anticipated by your audience. You can achieve this by truly understanding and catering to your audience's needs, providing actionable tips, exclusive offers, and tangible benefits for subscribers.

How do you maintain your expertise in social media and email marketing trends, and how does this continuous learning benefit B Thriven's clients?

I follow the latest trends by subscribing to newsletters from leading marketing firms and technology providers, like CRM and email marketing tool companies. Social media itself is a valuable resource for real-time updates. However, the depth of our understanding comes from actively participating in workshops and digesting authoritative articles. Besides that, I love listening to podcasts.

Data-driven decision-making is vital in marketing. What are your tips for businesses to keep track of their analytics and use them to their advantage?

100%. If you want your marketing to be effective, you have to review your analytics regularly as they offer invaluable insights into what truly resonates with your audience. Social media, platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook provide built-in analytics tools that are straightforward and immensely informative. These tools reveal the optimal posting times, the performance of your posts, audience engagement patterns, and more.

I recommend checking your analytics monthly to understand what content captivates your audience, what could be improved, and what should be avoided. Leveraging these insights allows for continuous refinement of your strategy, ensuring that your content not only aligns with your audience's preferences but also stands out in a crowded digital space.

Managing social media can be overwhelming for SMEs. What advice would you give to businesses struggling to create a consistent and engaging online presence?

Planning is vital when it comes to managing social media effectively ideally a month or even three months ahead. This ensures you're not making hasty decisions or posting suboptimal content late at night. Timely and well-thought-out posts result in better engagement and reach. If planning a month ahead seems daunting, start with weekly planning, but avoid daily ad-hoc posting as it leads to burnout and a lack of creativity. If you find it challenging, consider delegating this task or seeking professional help.

Some SMEs also seem to struggle with content ideas but it really isn’t that difficult. At B Thriven, we offer a wealth of free resources, including a 30-day social media post idea guide and a virtual brainstorming content planning session. Remember, the content should resonate with your audience, so think from your customers' perspective and address their needs and curiosities. These steps ensure your content is engaging, relevant, and ultimately successful.

With your experience, what common mistakes should SMEs avoid in their social media and email marketing efforts?

Firstly, inconsistency can chew your brand's presence and reliability.

Secondly, an overly sales-centric approach can alienate your audience, who seek value and engagement over constant promotion.

Thirdly, bombarding your audience with too many emails can lead to disengagement and unsubscribes. It's about striking a balance—overloading newsletters or social media posts can overwhelm your audience, making it essential to find a rhythm that keeps them interested without feeling inundated.

Fourthly, social media marketing is not just about posting; it's also about engaging with your audience. Ignoring interactions or not participating in the social media community can damage relationship building.

Lastly, underestimating the power of video content is a missed opportunity. Videos are compelling and can significantly boost engagement and connection with your audience.

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