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How Joe´s Journey Shaped Explore Marketing - Joe Gushlow Talks Business And Beyond

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Whilst working with small to large organisations across the United Kingdom, we at Explore Marketing are a two-time winning full-service marketing agency that supports businesses to reach their full potential when it comes to exposure and growth. Company Founder and consultant Joe Gushlow, with 20 years of experience working in various industries such as retail, government estates, property management, and marketing. This has allowed Explore Marketing to reach new heights, delivering service values and guiding our clients through the world of marketing.

With a variety of industry knowledge along with a sports industry background, Joe has been able to help athletes, sports brands and clubs from youth to professional levels. Joe has led teams that have supported some of the highest-profile events in the UK within the early stages of his career, which included the G20 summit in 2009, where most of his career has been focused on supporting some of the most sensitive and iconic property buildings in the UK. Having said this, Joe began his marketing journey with a direct marketing service, interacting from a face-to-face strategy, where Joe felt his strength lay. Joe then realized that a broader reach was more beneficial to support his clients better. By bringing in the digital world into his services and bringing in a trusted team of designers, Joe has managed to help not just Explore Marketing succeed, but also his clients.

Joe Gushlow
Joe Gushlow

Can you give us an overview of your business and how it helps your clients?

Here at Explore Marketing, we have a large variety of services within the marketing industry, which helps provide marketing solutions to many different businesses across the globe, whilst supporting them to make a better impact, as much as possible. We have structured our business as a consultancy where we are able to brainstorm with our clients to guide them the best way possible. With a fantastic and ambitious team of graphic designers behind us, we are able to deliver their solution plan. We have recently opened our sports marketing service, where we work closely with sports brands, sports clubs, and athletes.

Share a bit about your journey so far. How did you end up where you are today in your career?

Over the last 3 years, our journey and aim was to provide affordable service that you could rely on and trust. Our main goal was to build a reputation where our actions spoke louder than words and to provide more for less. So far, our reputation and journey have been fantastic to date.

How do you make sure you have time for both work and personal life? What do you like to do when you're not working?

As in everyday life, I try and find a comfortable balance where I can try and stick to a schedule as much as possible. I always aim to make sure I separate my working life and personal life as much as possible. Away from my working life, I love to enjoy my time with family and close friends, whilst going to watch my local football team as much as possible.

Who are some people you look up to? How have they influenced what you do for work?

From a business point, it has to be Richard Branson. The way he built and brought to life the Virgin brand is unbelievable and in a way mind-blowing in my opinion. From a personal point, it has to be several people, such as my mother, nan, and grandad. They have always supported me and my family which gave us the time and courage to go out there and achieve our personal goals. Their honest and realistic approach has always been fantastic, which has helped me throughout my life. Their support and guidance have played a massive part, which enabled me to start a company like Explore to be able to support others in need.

Joe Gushlow
Joe Gushlow

Looking ahead, what do you hope to accomplish personally and for your business?

I'm looking to keep achieving our business goals by also achieving our clients too. Everything I set out to accomplish personally and within my career, I do to the best of my ability and if I get to that stage where we have achieved that goal, then I know we have accomplished our target.

Do you have a favorite book, movie, or piece of art that's really meant something to you? What is it, and why?

It's a tough one to pinpoint, but the film that has come to mind is 'The Pursuit of Happiness', the story as a whole and the hunger to make it in life is truly inspirational, which in my opinion appeals to so many people, that you shouldn't give up trying no matter what the circumstances are and to keep pushing to achieve greatness, for a better future.

What are some things you hope to do or achieve in your personal life and your career in the next few years?

I hope to be able to coach others and give them an insight into my journey within my career. There is nothing more enjoyable than to pass on my knowledge to those it may benefit in the long run.

To wrap things up, could you share a proud moment from your career? Also, what would success look like for your business in the long run?

Good question! I've been very fortunate to have many proud moments within my personal life and working career, some of which involved managing/ coaching a local youth football team for the last 5 years, achieving 5 winner medals and 1 runner-up but don't get me wrong, none of this would have been possible without a great team of players, coaches and support staff. After some enjoyable years, I have now departed my time at the club to find a new challenge. Regarding my business journey, it has to be winning the Innovation Business Award for the most impactful full-service marketing agency back in November 2023 and the Innovation & Excellence Award for Marketing Consultancy of the year 2024 which was announced this month (March). Those are some of my biggest achievements to date which I'm very grateful and overwhelmed about. Regarding success in the long run, I would say to be able to grow Explore marketing further, hitting our future goals, which will enable us to achieve our client's goals too. With a bit of luck, this may help us become the best marketing agency out there!... Worldwide.

For more info, visit Joe and Explore Marketing on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and visit his website!



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