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Empowering Women's Health – Exclusive Interview With Agata Tiurmorezow

Agata Tiurmorezow works as Eating Disorder Recovery Coach. Agata after sufferring herself 20 years ago, earned a master's degree in Food Technology and Human Nutrition. This allowed her to deepen her knowledge of nutrition and better understand how the body functions. For the past 10 years, Agata has been helping women achieve their goals, improve their health, and minimize symptoms of conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid issues, or menopause through a specially tailored nutrition plan, supplements, and exercise.

Image photo of Agata Tiurmorezow

Agata Tiurmorezow, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better. Hi. My name is Agata. I am working as a Personal Trainer and help women to find balance with nutrition, fitness and mindset. My specification is eating disorder recovery as I experienced it myself 23 years ago. When I was 15, I went for a camp.

I was very active and healthy girl, eating everything. Yes... this one camp changed everything. I came home and told my mum, that I'm not going to eat meat anymore. I wanted to be like “those girls”...super cool.

And my “toxic friend” anorexia was round the corner waiting to hit me fully. She was taking me step by step. Day by day.

I remember when I had very high temperature, my dad who was sitting next to me...cried. He was saying “Please...Stop doing this to yourself”.

Deep inside I cried as well because I couldn't stop. Didn't have that power and didn't know how. It was very difficult time in my life as there was a lot of misunderstanding.

Having no help and support made me study and learn how I could help myself.

I went to University and earned a master degree in Food Technology and Human Nutrition.

For the past 10 years, I am helping women achieve their goals, improve their health and mindset. My work is my passion. I love to watch my clients how they change, not just physically but mentally as well. I feel powerful and motivated when I see others happy.

Can you provide a brief overview of your business and its core offerings? For 7 years I've been working at the gym as a personal trainer but when my daughter was born, I built gym studio and I'm working from there.

I work with women through face to face personal training sessions, online sessions through the camera, and I also do online coaching.

Every type of offer comes along with nutrition and supplement plan.

Every women is different and have different needs. Some suffer hormonal imbalance, some have thyroid problem and other experience low energy.

If someone come with specific condition, we might go for blood tests to find out more about heath.

I helped many women with endometriosis, PCOS, low thyroid function, low energy, painful periods, depression etc. There is no words which can be enough to explain the feelings when someone is feeling better. Every time women get my support.

I want to be “this person” I didn't have around me 23 years ago. What sets your business apart from competitors, and what is your unique value proposition? Me. Every women is unique and important. I listen to their needs. I will not leave anyone without help. My knowledge and experience help others to feel energised and powerful. I help them to set mindset and feel happy with themselves. When someone says they feel themselves first time in 20 years, I know I am at the right place. Who is your target audience, and how do you tailor your products/ services to meet their needs? Any women. Anyone who would like to be healthy, lose weight, change shape, get stronger or have any other physical goal. Anyone can sign up who want to boost metabolism, change eating habits, learn how to eat and enjoy meals, without yo yo effect.

How do I tailor plan? I do it through analysing health and lifestyle.

Busy mum will have different needs and plan than women with menopause. How do you engage with your customers, and what efforts do you make to build and maintain strong customer relationships? Strong relationship with customers is crucial. My role is to keep everyone motivated and powerful. I use anything what is more convenient for client.

For all my ladies I use What's App group. It's private and we motivate there each other. It's very important that every women feel unique and important. If someone prefer to use other form of communication, I follow it.

Imagine, every day you get the massage that you are important and you can actually change and do anything you like. You are in control of your life! If my customers are happy, I'm happy!

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

The best achievements are clients achievements.

If someone after years of trying, lose weight, get pregnant, quit medication, stop taking antidepressant, change job, or even because of you became a personal trainer, that's the best award ever. Change someone life is the best what what can be.

My ambitions are very high but once goal is achieved, I set another goal.

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