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Empowering Women In Leadership Through Luxury Fashion – Interview With Lisa Joans

Fashion Designer Accademia Del Lusso in Milan, Accademia del Lusso trains the key professional figures that operate within the sector, from fashion to marketing, brand management to fashion design, and fashion communication. Founder of Lisa Joans Luxury brand for special events based in Switzerland made in Italy. Her mission is to help women be the best version of themselves by creating customized elegant luxury collections for important events, such as business meetings, weddings, and events on stage. Fashion is a communication language. You are your personal brand, so what you wear is what you communicate to the world. Lisa wants to not only sell products but also educate her target audience of women in leadership.

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Lisa Joans, Fashion Designer

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

I am Lisa Joans, and I am fashion designer who studied Fashion in Milan the capital of fashion for 5 years in the most luxury and prestige school in Milan and around the world.

I also have business degree and master in Economy Marketing and Management from University of Economy in Cracow. My Mission is to help women to be the best version of themselves through my collection and fashion as communication language.

I come from Poland originally. I speak 6 languages: English Polish German, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. I lived in 4 countries: Poland, Austria, Dublin, Switzerland part time in Milan.


I love to learn and invest in new areas in business and knowledge I am spiritual person so I believe in law of attraction and constant self development. I am also mindset coach I like to set myself new goals in life.


My hobbies are travelling always never sit in one place, meeting new people and new cultures I believe in networking and inspiring people and learning from them their stories, I love art and architecture. My mum was not only doctor but art collector so give me the eye to aesthetic art and beauty.

I often take part in art exhibitions, I love swimming tennis playing and horse riding and dancing.


Privately I am the mum of 13 years old beautiful talented girl which is the biggest love of my life.

What inspired you to establish Accademia Del Lusso, and how does it contribute to shaping professionals in the fashion industry?


When I was in Dublin I have a vision and goal to be not only stylist as I was doing that in Dublin and studied Styling school in Dublin Institute of design but also designer.


I asked my Italian teacher to find me the best fashion school in Milan and she did it was Accademia del Lusso.

I moved to Switzerland to be close to Milan and for 5 years I was travelling almost each weekend from Zurich to Milan to school.


Accademia del Lusso trains the key professional figures that operate within the sector, from fashion to marketing, brand management to fashion design, and fashion communication, whilst always maintaining constant contact with the business world.


Your mission includes helping women be the best version of themselves through fashion. How does Lisa Joans Luxury brand actively contribute to the empowerment of women, particularly those in leadership roles?


Our Brand empower women through our collection for special events and business meeting that is available on our website but also we give the ability to style our special clients privately and do individual collection that client may have as their own vision which could we work one to one due to online or face to face appointment.


We are also doing lots of webinars blogs and we share our knowledge through our owned media newsletter. This year 2024 we be launching fashion shows private dinners for our beautiful audience when we will be launching new items from our collection and we give consultation about styling what suits women well due to body shape skin tones and understanding the colours palette and fabrics.


We plan to launch online fashion course.

In addition to selling luxury products, you mentioned a commitment to educating your target audience. How do you integrate education into the Lisa Joans Luxury brand experience, especially for women in leadership positions?


As I mention before through webinars, events online meeting, social media channels such as linkedin, facebook istagram twitter tiktok we be giving valuable knowledge about fashion as communication language and how important is to look unique during conferences, events on stage and special events.

Life shows and dinners international locations with lectures are also out strategy for 2024.

Lisa Joans Luxury is based in Switzerland but made in Italy. How does the combination of these two locations influence the brand's identity, and are there any plans for international collaborations or expansions in the futurure.


Lisa Joans is international brand based in Switzerland, with the production in Italy Monza and we use the high quality of Italian fabrics only our suppliers are based in Italy Como.


But we plan first to launch e-commerce shop and ship internationally our orders to any country in the world and in 2024 our mission is also start to resell products in UK London, Milan Italy, Dubai, New York, Florida USA, Paris France, Monaco, Singapore and HongKong.

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.


Greatest achievements our collection was chosen by famous influencer and women on stage in Switzerland such as Lisa Klein German Singer, Valentyna Prostak famous Artist Painter.

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?


Produce less invest in more high end quality of fabrics and items and only produce products with sustainable fabrics which do not damage our environment, less is more and when you buy as a consumer in shops style yourself wisely think about cost per buy, how many times I will use that item and how I can combine it with different outfits so I can create more beautiful looks.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.


My biggest inspiration is Giorgio Armani his passion to his work dedication is same as mine. When I saw his items and read his articles I knew one day I dedicate my life to create unique and elegance items and I came from family of doctors my mum and grandmother were a fashion queens so I was always raised to look sophisticated even as a child it was a habit in our family.


My mum is and be the biggest inspiration and motivation to do that creative job and I will help every women to look different to be strong independent and feminine do not be afraid to express your personality through fashion.


When my mum enter room everyone look at her like diamond so each of us should shine like diamond and build beautiful personal brand and increase first impression through different design especially during important events where you build relationship your client build trust and increase your value.

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