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Embracing Change – The Power Of Self-Leadership And Resilience

Hedi Schaefer is a leader in work-life innovation through identity work, and future skills. An identity crisis and depression made her question herself and work-lifestyle as a jet-setting innovation consultant.

Executive Contributor Hedi Schaefer

Discover the importance of self-leadership and resilience in times of change and how cultivating these qualities can benefit individuals and organizations alike.

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In today's rapidly evolving world, change is the only constant. Whether it's technological advancements, shifts in market trends, or unexpected global events, organizations and individuals alike are constantly faced with the need to adapt and evolve. In such turbulent times, the importance of self-leadership and resilience cannot be overstated. These two qualities not only enable us to navigate change effectively but also empower us to thrive amidst uncertainty. In this article, we'll explore the significance of self-leadership and resilience and how they can benefit individuals and organizations in times of change.


Self-leadership: Taking charge of your destiny


Self-leadership is the ability to influence, motivate, and guide oneself towards achieving personal and professional goals. It involves taking ownership of one's actions, decisions, and behaviors, regardless of external circumstances.

In times of change, self-leadership becomes particularly important as it allows individuals to maintain a sense of control and direction amidst chaos. By cultivating self-awareness, setting clear objectives, and embracing continuous learning, individuals can effectively steer themselves towards success, even in the face of adversity.

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Resilience: Staying strong and grounded during times of change


Unlike popular opinion stating that resilience is the ability to bounce back unharmed from setbacks, modern research shows that it’s more about adapting to changing circumstances, developing successful coping strategies, knowing about the temporary nature of challenges, and about becoming stronger, and more and more rooted in that process. (See Resilience Research and Factors Contributing to Resilience Among the Offsprings of Parents With Schizophrenia, Link)


The characteristics of a bamboo constantly being bent under pressure, going with the wind, firmly rooted in the ground, while growing straight and tall, and often referred to as a metaphor for resilience, are what we need to successfully move through challenging phases.


“In time, even the strongest wind tires itself out, but the bamboo remains standing tall and still.” – Japanese Proverb


It involves maintaining a positive outlook, staying flexible, fostering self-care, self-empowerment and effectively dealing with stress and adversity.

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In times of change, resilience acts as a protective shield, enabling individuals to withstand challenges and overcome obstacles with grace and focus.


You might wonder if resilience is a characteristic or trait we were born with. And there is good news: resilience is a training and like a muscle you develop over time. And by building resilience, individuals can not only weather the storms of change but also emerge more empowered like ever before.

(See Resilience: Lessons from the Bamboo Link)


The benefits of self-leadership and resilience


Training self-leadership and resilience create massive impact for individuals, teams and organizations. It’s not a nice to have any longer. But a necessity to surf the waves of change. Here are the benefits:


  1. Enhanced adaptability: Self-leadership and resilience equip individuals with the mindset and skills needed to adapt to change swiftly and effectively. They enable individuals to embrace new opportunities, navigate uncertainty, and thrive in dynamic environments.

  2. Improved problem-solving: Self-leadership encourages individuals to take a proactive approach to problem-solving, fostering creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness. Resilience enables individuals to persevere in the face of challenges, finding solutions even in the most difficult situations.

  3. Increased well-being: Self-leadership and resilience are closely linked to mental and emotional well-being. By supporting self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and healthy coping mechanisms, individuals can better manage stress, anxiety, and burnout, leading to greater overall well-being.

  4. Stronger leadership: Effective leadership starts from within. By developing self-leadership skills, individuals can become more confident, influential, and inspiring leaders. Resilience enables leaders to navigate uncertainty, inspire confidence in others, and lead their teams through challenging times with greater ease and determination.

  5. Enhanced performance: Ultimately, self-leadership and resilience contribute to enhanced performance and productivity. By empowering individuals to take ownership of their actions, adapt to change, and overcome obstacles, organizations can cultivate a culture of agility and high performance.


In conclusion, self-leadership and resilience are invaluable assets in times of change. By embracing these qualities, people learn to navigate uncertainty with confidence, adapt to new challenges, and emerge stronger and more empowered than ever before. As we continue to surf through the complexities of our rapidly changing world, investing in self-leadership and resilience is not just beneficial it's essential for survival and success.


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Hedi Schaefer, Work-Life Innovation Coach

Hedi Schaefer is a leader in work-life innovation through identity work, and future skills. An identity crisis and depression made her question herself and work-lifestyle as a jet-setting innovation consultant. She understood that to create a business and life based on true passion, purpose, ease, and flow, the key is inner work. Hedi created strategies to shift dramatically and turn everything around. She has since dedicated her life to helping others do the same and become the authentic changemaker and creative leader they wish to be. She is CEO of the Hedi Schaefer Academy, the online hub for Work-Life Innovation, an author, and a speaker. Her mission: Light up and lead! inspires people across the globe.



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