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Embrace Your Quirkiness – Speaking About Your Clinical Holistic Business On Multiple Stages

Written by: Renèe Hughes, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Renèe Hughes

It used to be that we quirky, awkward types wouldn’t be caught dead on stage. Well, that has all changed! Get ready to unleash your quirky side as you take the stage to share your clinical holistic business with the world! Embracing your unique personality and adding a dash of fun can make your speaking engagements truly memorable. In this article, we'll explore how you can infuse humor and quirkiness while speaking about your clinical holistic business on multiple stages, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

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Let your inner comedian shine

Some of my favorite people are quirky introverts who are insanely funny! Are you one of them? Break out those funny bones and let your inner comedian take center stage! Be yourself and inject humor into your presentations to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Crack jokes, share amusing anecdotes, and sprinkle in witty one-liners. Laughter is contagious and creates a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, making your message even more memorable.

Remember, a good chuckle can go a long way in capturing hearts and minds.

Conferences: Where laughter meets learning

Conferences are the perfect playground for blending laughter and learning. Embrace the opportunity to speak at these events and tickle your audience's funny bone. Share your clinical holistic insights with a touch of humor, using relatable examples and funny visuals. Conferences provide a vibrant atmosphere where people are open to new ideas, making it the perfect backdrop for your quirky approach.

Workshops: Infusing quirkiness into hands-on experiences

Your unique approach may be the exact thing someone is waiting for, so use it! Workshops offer an interactive space to engage participants in experiential learning. Infuse your workshops with quirkiness to make them unforgettable. Incorporate fun activities, icebreakers, and unconventional exercises to create a lively and engaging environment. You can even incorporate props, quirky visuals, or unexpected surprises to add an element of surprise and keep everyone on their toes.

Online platforms: Captivating with quirky content

This is a place where you can easily shine and take over stages. Take your quirkiness to the digital stage by embracing online platforms. Create engaging videos, podcasts, or social media content that reflects your unique personality. Inject humor into your scripts, add playful graphics, or even share amusing behind-the-scenes moments. Quirky content not only entertains but also helps you connect with your online community on a deeper level, making them excited to follow your clinical holistic journey.

Collaborations: Embracing quirkiness together

Join forces with other like-minded individuals and businesses to create quirky collaborations. Team up for panel discussions, joint presentations, or even humorous skits. Combining your unique quirkiness with others can create a powerful and entertaining experience for your audience. The unexpected and offbeat collaborations will leave a lasting impression and make your clinical holistic business stand out from the crowd.

Speaking about your clinical holistic business on multiple stages is an opportunity to let your quirkiness shine. Embrace your unique, awkward, and wonderfully quirky self. Infuse humor into your presentations, and create a fun and engaging atmosphere. Conferences, workshops, online platforms, and collaborations offer spaces to unleash your unique personality. So, step onto those stages with a twinkle in your eye, a smile on your face, and a touch of quirkiness in your delivery, leaving your audience inspired, entertained, and ready to embark on their own holistic wellness journeys.

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Renèe Hughes Brainz Magazine

Renèe Hughes, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Renee Hughes is the CEO & Founder of The Aromaspecialists. She is a trailblazing aromatherapist and mentor who has shattered the myth that success in the clinical holistic industry requires endless hours and burnout. With a part-time approach, Renee has not only achieved remarkable financial success but has also supported hundreds of clinical business owners through her masterclasses and workshops.

Renee's mission is to help licensed and certified clinical and holistic business owners effectively communicate their value. While guiding them to the realization that a thriving business and personal well-being can coexist harmoniously.



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