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Elevate Your Leadership Part 2 – Bringing Energetics Into Your Identities

Written by: Dr. Hynd Bouhia, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Leadership starts by leading yourself first. To lead yourself, you need to master the different identities that you have inside of you. When you know your identities and how they behave you will start unlocking the enigma about what business strategy to follow and when to use it. ¹

The three energetic archetypes that matter the most are the following:

  1. the warrior and the active person which uses masculine energy to do,

  2. the divine which represents feminine energy and the feeling of being who you are,

  3. the boss is about the vision and the strategy, and it is a hybrid in terms of the energy used, both the masculine and the feminine.

Being aware of the different identities, make you appreciate every step you do more. It is also the start to understand what is activated in you in terms of emotions as you go through your journey and how to react to it.

How to feel fulfilled?

You don’t feel fulfilled because of all the achievements and what you have created, or the projects you have completed. It comes from finding meaning in what you do. It is also about connecting with the feelings that you have when you achieve your work and when you embark on every single thing you do.

When the meaning is lost, you will feel that you are continuously running after your objectives. As soon as you get to one, another objective shows up. So that run will never stop, it will feel like a never-ending hamster wheel or running on a treadmill without going anywhere.

That feeling gets exacerbated by the notion of lack of time to do it all. You become not only overwhelmed by the tasks at hand and the responsibilities, but also stressed with time and deadlines.

An important step to elevating the leader in you is to be aware of the different identities that you have inside you. You can use each of the identities to strengthen yourself and to understand the uniqueness you are made of. These identities come with different types of energetics and style. When you learn how to embody each one, you will rise to reach the success you aspire to achieve.

1. The identity of the warrior, ² the active and the doer in you

This identity is about doing. It embodies your capacity to take on any project and do it perfectly well and just on time. That identity that you know when you have her triggered, you can take on mountains and do them so well you can even surprise yourself at times.

You write the list and you go through every item one by one. You know how to Make sure that each one is properly executed. This way you get ready again to start the next one on the to-do list. Nevertheless, it may start feeling like running after a never-ending to-do list.

This identity finds roots in the masculine paradigm we grow up with. When we go to school, it is all about doing the homework learning the lessons, passing the exams, and having good grades. These good grades are so important so that you can get into the best universities, and then prepare for that interview for the best job. It doesn’t even stop there. It continues as you go on the track to more responsibilities, becoming a manager, and later having a cozy retirement.

It is all about doing continuously. And this doing always comes with looking for more to do. Because that active warrior knows only doing, working hard, long hours, and making sure that the daily schedule is always filled with tasks. This is why that identity alone gets us overwhelmed and burned out when we add to it that “never enough” feeling.

2. The identity of the divine, the goddess in you

This identity is so new to me in the way we can integrate it into our lives to change it around. When I started integrating its understanding and its meaning three years ago, it echoed into my deepest understanding of what fulfillment meant. This identity is the force of life. It is the power inside you, it is your connection with the universe, mother nature, infinite intelligence ... the divine.

This identity is the one that helps you reconnect with who you are, and celebrate every step with gratitude for what you have. This is about what you feel. Owning the divine in you and honoring the goddess for female leaders. It is about feeling good, feeling aligned and connected with your inner drive, your values, and your true mission in life. It is taking the moment to anchor the why behind your work, and the why behind the service you provide. It helps bring meaning to everything you do and it helps you enjoy every step in your journey. Success is not doing different things, it is about how you feel when you do what you do. Make it a celebration and an honoring of the incredible soul you have inside you as you do the work that you do!

3. The identity of the boss and the great leader

This is the most powerful identity that combines both the feminine energy, which is connecting with the divine in you and the masculine paradigm of the warrior and the doer. This identity is about finding harmony while defining your best-fit strategy. And the strategist is the boss in you. The one that contemplates every move, anchors every success, and gets ready for continuous growth and evolution.

This identity comes from the wisdom in you and the leader that helps you articulate your action plan and magnetize all the opportunities for you. All this while mastering your emotional intelligence and understanding the energetics behind each identity.


Being able to embody those identities, is the first step to letting go of finding excuses and justifications for not going faster and rising higher. The only way to step out of the victimization mode and to bring yourself into those spaces where you can have a conversation about what you can do, instead of what you can’t do. You want to feel empowered to stand tall and face everything that comes your way as you walk toward your goals and get closer to your dream vision.

Finally, while working ³ on helping women find the power to stand up as great leaders in everything they do and in their life. The more I deepened my understanding of energetics, the more it became about finding harmony and balance emotionally first and then strategically for business and professional aspirations. Combining between the feminine energy of being fulfilled and profoundly happy, and the masculine paradigm of doing and creating a brand of excellence.

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Dr. Hynd Bouhia, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Hynd Bouhia has cumulated more than 20 years of professional experience in high-level and leadership positions, covering investments, financial structuring, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development strategies. Hynd Bouhia was nominated by Forbes among the 100 most influential women in the world in 2008 and among the most influential women in Business in the Arab World in 2015 and honored as a member of the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars in 2018.





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