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Effective Communication – The Business Key To Connecting

Written by: Dr. Robert A. Portnoy, Ph.D., SLP, SPHR, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Dr. Robert A. Portnoy, Ph.D., SLP, SPHR

Communication difficulties can hamper the ability of employees to feel connected to their job, working groups, and organizations.

group of people in the office working together as a team

Often these difficulties stem from speech, language, or hearing problems or perhaps due to limited expertise in business communication skills.

  1. Maybe a foreign dialect keeps employees from being understood by their coworkers.

  2. Maybe stuttering keeps them from talking smoothly and becomes distracting to their peers, customers, suppliers, and supervisors

  3. Maybe a rough or harsh voice calls unwanted attention to how they sound rather than focusing on how their ideas could help their organization grow.

  4. Maybe a hearing loss prevents an employee from understanding instructions and interferes with effective job performance.

  5. Fear of speaking may hold some employees back from contributing ideas that could otherwise help their organizations grow.

  6. Maybe limited experience in designing and delivering effective presentations keeps employees from getting their message considered by essential stakeholders.

The good news is that there are professionals who can help people in organizations perform more effectively by improving their communication skills and, in so doing, help them feel more connected to their organizations. These professionals are called speech-language pathologists and audiologists. You can find a directory of speech-language pathologists at and

You can also contact me, a speech-language pathologist and professional speech coach, by visiting my Linkedin profile.

And for immediate help in designing your own professional presentation that grabs attention and makes a critical point, download your free copy of The Ultimate Presentation Skills Toolkit. It’s a video-based tutorial with examples that demonstrate step-by-step exactly what to do. You’ll be glad you did!

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Dr. Robert A. Portnoy, Ph.D., SLP, SPHR Brainz Magazine

Dr. Robert A. Portnoy, Ph.D., SLP, SPHR, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Robert A. Portnoy is the President and Master Trainer at the Learn to Present Academy. Clinically and professionally trained Dr. Portnoy helps businesses increase their productivity through effective communication. Whether coaching executives deliver compelling presentations, enabling managers to boost employee performance by aligning daily work to company goals, or preparing job seekers to stand out with stellar interviewing skills, effective communication drives results. Dr. Portnoy's proprietary methods are time-tested, research based, and produce visible and measurable results.



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