Don’t Blame The Pandemic

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Written by: Felix Tih, Executive Contributor

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A year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic first emerged into our lives as a predicament, causing significant disruptions in our daily lives, depriving us all of our standard, social and physical lives by forcing us to stay inside and to keep our distance from others.

The Real Crisis

The pandemic has confined us all within our homes, causing us to create “The normal life” inside our homes. However, for most of us, this dilemma is more than a loss of everyday life, for we are being compelled to stay within their homes and to feel safe with our families.

This is an enormous issue for people living in toxic households or people suffering from domestic problems because heading out of their homes to work, or to schools/colleges, etc., is how they seek refuge from the hostile domestic environment. But the worst part of it all is that the blame is entirely on the pandemic, and there is no acknowledgment, let alone action being taken on the alarming increase in domestic violence.

Since the start of quarantine, there has been a dramatic increase in divorces and gender-based violence cases, making the whole crisis a lot more arduous than it ought to be. The lives that these survivors lead outside of their homes are the only escape from the emotional and sometimes physical abuse. Their concept of everyday life is dependent on their lives outside because most of us have been taught to suppress our emotions and problems instead of acknowledging them. And whenever the question arises regarding the increase in mental illnesses amongst people and domestic violence cases during the pandemic, we were ignorant enough to blame it on the ongoing crisis.

Violence has increased mostly in the last decade, especially violence against genders. It is in our utmost nature to point fingers at anything that can be blamed and not acknowledging and fixing our society’s issues. And in this case, the virus “corona” is being blamed for all the problems in our lives. Be it a martial problem, financial, mental, physical, or even domestic, we always have a perfect victim to be painted as the villain.

How To End The Crisis

If we stop to look at this whole experience of the pandemic from a positive perspective, we can see that we have all been given time to fix our flaws and work on ourselves. A change in society starts with one’s self. And by counting this pandemic as a blessing rather than a curse and utilizing the free time in our hands, we can bring about a positive change in ourselves and our society. We can all do certain things to eliminate the negative attributes from ourselves, our homes, and our communities.

Only through acknowledging our baneful attributes and habits can we heal ourselves and help others heal themselves too. Initially, it is necessary to completely know ourselves, our weaknesses, strengths, flaws, and toxic traits by writing them all down on a piece of paper and addressing them to get to the root of the cause. We all should prioritize self-awareness and involvement and become better versions of ourselves during this difficult time. The addiction to the idea of being successful than the rest is what is plaguing our generation. Materialism has become a massive part of our personalities. But the more we chase material and approval of others; the toxic traits grow and pass on to the next generations. The whole idea of killing our present for having a better future for ourselves and our children has been wiped clean by the pandemic as it has taught us that reality can shift in a single day, and the entire world has to adjust according to it. This is why the negative culture of working day and night to achieve a better future than most people should not be our priority but living life at the moment and using it to make our present better should be our priority. Lastly, connections with our loved ones should not be lost. And the best way to ensure that is by making sure we communicate with them regularly; whether they are under the same roof as us or whether they are miles apart, communication is the glue that holds all relationships and friendships together. By communicating rather than assuming, overthinking, and isolating ourselves, we break the destructive barrier of emotional distances between our loved ones and us. We can confide in them to help us all times rather than feeling helpless and alone during this crisis. The pandemic is not a curse on humanity; instead, it is nature’s way of telling us to take it easy and take a look inside ourselves before we strive for extravagant goals and ambitions. Being goal-oriented is necessary, but letting those goals and ambitions drive your sense of reality away so much that you forget about the future is when things start to become hostile for you.

So, let this time at home be a gift for us, and let’s aim to become a better human being and help each other acknowledge our mistakes and evolve till the end of this pandemic.

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Felix Tih, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Felix is the author of Personal Branding: Master Your Digital Presence. He believes that Pеrsonal Branding is not оnlу for entrepreneurs, companies, or public figures. It iѕ thе secret sauce thаt саn mаkе уоu ѕtаnd оut. Felix is a Journalist and Life Coach who helps individuals and organizations to create positive changes, see new possibilities and define the steps to be taken to achieve both their short-term and long-term goals. As a Journalist and Conference Host, Felix works with News Agencies and International organizations such as Anadolu Agency, Renux Media, Cameroon Report, and The African Center for Advocacy. He uses his knowledge as a Life Coach and Communications expert to help individuals and entrepreneurs be more strategic and creative in building a successful life and business and live the life that they want. He is also a group director at the CORE Mentors Association. Felix loves trekking, bodybuilding and working his way through every recipe of cookbooks, and indulging his love for seeing new places. Educational background in Public Law and Journalism. He speaks English, French, and Turkish.



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