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Diversity And Inclusion In Companies

Written by: Mayra Cardozo, Executive Contributor

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It is increasingly important that companies recognize their role and transformative impact on society and can be active protagonists in collaborating for a better world. Some time ago, companies had their social responsibility only linked to respecting legal regulations. However, companies are currently required to do more than follow the law. At the end of 2021, after the covid-19 pandemic, companies must take active positions to implement human rights and develop actions aimed at social justice. Companies achieve this transformative role is to paying attention to their internal and external communication.

Communication reflects how human beings have to express their feelings. When this communication is abusive and ignores specific identities, it does not recognize that some people exist or give those people the right to live within the corporation. A company can have several damages when it does not work with this type of communication or is not aware of issues of diversity and inclusion.

In addition, the company needs to have training for employees and transparent policies that discriminatory practices are unacceptable. Training to avoid harassment, programs that encourage employees to be more diverse, through a quota policy, and an inclusive environment where everyone feels part of the corporation are essential practices. Need to achieve inclusion.

It is important to emphasize that it is challenging for an employee below the pyramid to transform an entire organization. When we talk about politics, diversity, and inclusion, it has to come from the top-down, backed by the CEO level down, not the bottom up. The employee can implement inclusive attitudes but does not have the power to change the organization.

Often, the sign of abuse depends significantly on the company's size. Unfortunately, Brazilian companies have not yet realized how important it is to invest in social justice, because today the consumer buys the abusive brand.

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Mayra Cardozo, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mayra is one of the pioneers in Brazil in feminist coaching and is something she is passionate about. Despite being a lawyer and partner in a famous office in Brazil and a university professor of Human Rights, these were not enough for her. She always wants to make a difference in people's lives. It was then that she discovered her passion and became a life coach; she has a brilliant curriculum involving the best national and international courses.

The objective of your work is to empower human beings to be their best version and help them emancipate themselves from socially constructed beliefs to be their essence. Her approach is different. It aims to unite the coaching process with the development of an inclusive and emancipatory awareness.



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