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Different Ways to Scale Your 1:1 Service to 1:Many

Written by: Arna Van Goch, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


One of the best things about being a solopreneur is feeling like you’ve made it.

You’ve hit the ground running, you’ve done the work required of you (inside and out), and you’re starting to reap the rewards! Yass! Own it!

Oftentimes, however, after a prolonged period of “hitting the ground running,” the cracks start to show. First, it’s little moments here and there that make you feel unsure of yourself. Then, you find yourself having entire “off days” or even weeks. Friends and family make off-hand comments about you constantly being busy, and you realize that you can’t remember the last time you took a proper break.

This is when you have to look at changing your business model.

The 1:1 model is awesome. It can serve so many people, and of course, you have the benefit of being able to sell high-ticket, which is a whole different ball game to selling scalable programs.

Scalable programs come in a few different forms, so let’s break them down briefly now:

Low Ticket Offer

The LTO is something that people love and hate at the same time. And personally, I find there is an art to this.

It’s no myth that it’s easy to buy into a low-ticket offer for under US$50 and then never use it again. It’s also no myth that they can be super useful. It’s a great way to build an email list quickly, especially if your offer is sweet AF.

I personally know entrepreneurs who have made 5, 6 figures using the low ticket offer within the space of a month.

What you need will need to do this properly:

  • FB Ads Specialist

  • Copywriter

  • $$ to put into FB ads

  • (If you don't want to go down the ad route, then having a large audience will be important here)

  • Strong post-purchase email campaign to grow your relationship, as written by your copywriter

What you don’t need:

  • A specific outcome. This can be “365 social media prompts” or any template people can take to use.

This is not my favorite way of generating income, but I don’t doubt that it works. This is where you can expect lower sales percentage, although if you play this right, volume will push your income right up, and of course, eventually funnel your new clients into higher offers or even your 1:1. The hardest part of this is that it’s quite an impersonal process, which means you’ll have a higher drop-off rate than you would in a higher ticket program.

High Ticket Program

I really, really like high ticket programs.

I find them super useful because you can foster such a great sense of community within them, take people through a process, many of whom will likely see results, and you can do it all over again.

High Ticket programs are best run 3-4 times a year, although you could even do it once a year if you like.

There is a huge difference between different high-ticket programs and how they are launched. I’ll talk about this in my Clubhouse Room next week, because I think it’s important to know the differences. Since we are giving you a quick snapshot here, I’ll give you the main takeaways:

What you need will need to do this properly:

  • Program platform- this can be on your website, on a third party like Kajabi or Teachable

  • Strong launch sequence/process

  • An engaged audience

  • An effective process that you take people through

  • Lots and lots of copy!

  • A specific outcome or goal that your clients will achieve

What you don’t need:

  • Facebook ads- that is, if you have the right audience

  • Loads and loads of email reminders to build a relationship


Membaaashippssss!! I love memberships. I love being part of them, I love what they can do, and of course, it’s great for the pockets of those running it!

Memberships are great because they’re much less fast-paced. They’re also easier on the pocket, which of course, can be nice depending on who you are targeting.

I’ve seen so many creative memberships in my time! Pattern-making, still-life memberships, and of course, business-related ones as well. These work well when you are working people through a process that can be repeated. I myself am an affiliate for a membership to help you with your English.

When you are running a membership, remember that this is the one that takes the most amount of work long term. Memberships run monthly, meaning that you have to create fresh content and continue to support members through live videos etc.

What you need will need to do this properly:

  • A great place to build a strong community

  • Strong launch process to start your membership

  • Strong evergreen process to keep bringing people in

  • An engaged audience

  • Relatively clear goal of what you want people to get out of your membership

  • Lots and lots of copy!

  • An overview of how you will run your membership

  • Copy, copy, copy :)

What you don’t need:

  • To have your entire year planned out to the minute detail

  • A course platform (if you don’t want to)

There is SO MUCH MORE I can talk about on this topic that one measly article cannot cover, but I wanted to give you the basics, a quick overview of what is possible in scaling your services.

If you want to know more about how to position yourself and your offer, I’ll be sharing so much more in the Brainz Magazine Exclusive Club, and I’d love to hear your perspectives and answer your questions!

When: March 29, at 11.20 UTC

Where: Brainz Magazine Exclusive Club (on Clubhouse)

How: Join our Brainz Club or follow @Beingdutchanese and hit that notification button!

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Arna Van Goch, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Arna van Goch is a business automation coach. She helps 5 figure entrepreneurs hit 6 figures by streamlining their businesses and strategies to work less & earn more. Over her own entrepreneurial journey, she has worked with online businesses to land 6 figure contracts and supported businesses reaching 7 figures. Besides working online, she has an avid passion for travel, energy work, and awesome Netflix series like Next in Fashion.



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