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Crafting Unique Brand Identities And Empowering Creatives – Exclusive Interview With Kathryn Holeton

My name is Kathryn Holeton, and I am a multi-creative with a passion for Brand Design and writing. I’m that stereotypical writer with a coffee addiction and book collection, but I also have a long list of other hobbies. In my free time, I make jewelry, macrame wall hangings, traditional art (sketches, watercolor paintings, pen art), steampunk sculptures and hats, and I make Magic, the Gathering commander decks. I also dabble in amateur nature and urban photography, which I’ve started sharing on social media.

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Kathryn Holeton, Brand Designer for Creatives

What inspired you to pursue a career in brand design, and how did your background and experiences shape your approach?

I had a major struggle when I was designing my brand. I hated the constant overthinking, stress, desperation, confusion, and the other messy emotions that came with creating my brand. I honestly felt like I was going crazy most of the time, and I hated that feeling.

I knew that I wasn’t the only one that felt this way about creating a personal and professional brand. I decided right then and there that I wanted to help other creatives on their branding journey, so that they wouldn’t have to go through the mess of emotions that I went through.

My experience with creating my brand has inspired the way I approach and interact with clients. My goal when working with clients is to guide them toward creating a brand that best encompasses what their goals and mission are.

I want my clients to feel valued, heard, and appreciated for all the work they have put in and the work that they are putting into their brand. It’s not easy taking your business to the next level and you deserve all the help you can get.


Can you describe the range of services you offer and how they address the different needs of your clients?

My services encompass basic brand production (logo, typography, color palette, mood board) to full brand creation (Brand Questionnaire, Logo Design, Color Palette, Type Selection, Secondary Logo, Brand Mood Board, Website, and Collateral pieces). I’m also working on optimizing my online shop to sell branding templates for those who want to DIY their brand.


My packages are designed this way so that my clients can get the most value for a good price. Also, if a potential client has a more custom package in mind, I accommodate them to the best of my ability. I do my best to work within a client’s budget because they deserve a brand that’s authentic and far reaching.


I charge the prices I charge because I do more for my clients than just branding. I help them gain visibility in an online setting. I believe that when one creative is successful, it helps all creatives become successful.


Can you share some success stories or testimonials from clients who have benefited from your brand design services?

My biggest client success story is The Writer’s Community Promotion Page run by C.L. Brierley. The Writer’s Community Promotion Page offers free promotion for writers of all kinds. I designed a logo and a website for the page as a thank you gift to C.L. Brierley. She had run free promotion for me that had helped boost my Instagram page and brand design services.

After I gave her the logo and website, the Page took off. The Writer’s Community Promotion Page has since been in several press features, both local and international. C.L Brierley has also published her book, “The Unexpected,” and was offered an opportunity to work with the LAIPA Association, which is a non-profit organization designed to help self-published authors.

She has been working with the association for about 1 year. I’m very excited about the progress The Writer’s Community Promotion Page and C.L Brierley have made, and I can’t wait to see how they continue to grow.

Another success story is Pazzo. Pazzo is a nostalgic rock band based in Chicago, Illinois. They have 1 EP under their belt, “Crooked Chair.” They came to me because they needed a website and an Electronic Press Kit to start growing an email list and so that they could perform at more venues.

Since I’ve worked with them, their email list has grown exponentially, and they are about to release a new EP soon.


Client Testimonials:

"I first met Kathryn through my promo page in Instagram, and I can say she has been one of the nicest writers who I have worked with. Her design skills are top notch, her prices are reasonable and as a friend, she is wonderful. I would 100% recommend her and I have." – C.L. Brierley

"You are amazing at what you do, I showed the website video you sent me to the dudeski's and we are not only very happy with it but impressed!! You are very awesome at what you do! The website is perfect! Right on!" – Pazzo

“You did an incredible job! Couldn’t have been happier w this 🔥” – Kelly Maxwell


If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

I would put extreme restrictions on the use of AI. While it is helpful for making arduous tasks faster, as it stands, it’s threatening the existence of the entire creative industry. There are so many people who are using AI to create fake brands, write books, create music, and more that its mind blowing.

Because of the lack of restrictions, AI takes whatever content that fits a prompt. The content it spits out is often stolen from one or multiple creatives, which in turn, hurts that creative’s business and brand. No one likes doing work for free, and no one likes their work and ideas being stolen without their permission or knowledge of it happening.

I’m guilty of using AI, but I use it to generate ideas for creating content or to learn how to write specific things. I never just copy and paste what any AI program gives me. When I was in college, the biggest threat for any English major was to not to intentionally plagiarize, otherwise we would fail the class and more than likely be expelled from college.

I believe that the same standards should be applied to AI. Stop stealing work without giving credit.


Follow me on Instagram, and visit my website for more info!

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