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Cooperating With The Life Forces From Within

Written by Yehuda Tagar, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Consultant and Coach

Yehuda Tagar is an Australian, South African, British and Central European counsellor, psychotherapist, organisational consultant and trainer of therapists, now based in Slovakia. Yehuda is the founder of Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy, director of the Psychophonetics Institute International and Skola Empatie in Slovakia, UK and China.

Executive Contributor Yehuda Tagar

Learning to grow in our awareness of our own life energy; learning to listen and respond, allows us a pathway of self care, self healing and self knowing which can support and serve us our whole lives through. Psychophonetics is a way of learning how to look after ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - through awakening to our living Qi.

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Becoming your own healer

An ‘Internal Healer’ lives inside every living organism. It heals us day and night, unconsciously, but we live in a time when it is becoming both urgent and possible to become aware of this ‘Internal Healer’ and to become its active colleague.

Participating consciously in the work of healing means joining the ‘Internal Healer’ in its work. Everyone can become an active participant in the activity of one’s own healing. To do so is to take a decisive step in one’s spiritual development.

For individuals who choose to become their own authority, their own leaders, healers and teachers – it is imperative to take direct charge of their own developmental and healing process.



Every living organism is alive because it is formed and maintained by a unique Life Body that gives it its form and life. In different cultures, this Life Body has different names: Chi (Chinese), Pranic body (Sanskrit), Haiim (Hebrew), Etheric Body (Anthroposophy), and more. This Life Body is not a 3-D reality but a 4-D reality: it does not live in space but in time. It is not subject to the physical laws of nature but to the laws of the life dynamics of nature. It does not operate through chemistry, biochemistry, elector-magnetic and radio-active dynamics but through the dynamics of life vibrations which could be captured by a combination of conscious activities that come near to its nature: sensations, movements-gestures, images, and sounds. To the reflective, intellectual consciousness that we use most of the time – we can add Sensory, Movement, Visualisation and Sounds/Vibration Intelligence. The combination of these elements in one process is what we call Psychophonetics.

Psychophonetics was created to enable people to become their own leaders, healers and teachers by making it possible for them to observe their own experience directly. It is like putting one’s operating system on-screen and observing it as the basis for improving it. With Psychophonetics one can observe directly and objectively their innermost experiences of body, Soul and Spirit. People can become experts in their own experience, and the major helpers in the process of self-healing.



Every dynamic in the living body can (potentially) be sensed, in the same way that tastes, smells, sounds, touches and sights can be sensed. We have a sense for the life dynamics of our bodies: in the same way that we can sense pain and pleasure, hunger and thirst, freshness and tiredness, desire, frustration and satisfaction – we can sense every life dynamic. We can sense our emotions, heartbeat, stomach reactions, state of breathing, skin, inflammations, blood pressure, pains and bodily reactions. In Psychophonetics we develop further the sense organ for the life dynamics inside of us – into a reliable instrument of self-perception.



Every experience that we sense – we can also express in a direct, spontaneous bodily gesture. The hands can express any human experience. When encouraged – the sensation of all body dynamics can be expressed in a 3-D form. The human body has an inherent capacity to express every experience. Babies do it all the time. That is how our mothers understood us before we could speak. In Psycho-phonetics that capacity of spontaneous bodily expression is being consciously restored for the purpose of self-awareness and healing.



Bodily experiences that have been directly sensed and consciously expressed through gesture – become surprisingly visible to a new capacity of cognition that has evolved in most people over the past 50 years: perceptive imagination. Over the past half-century, we have all become more transparent to ourselves, and we can ‘see’ with the eye of our creative imagination the actual dynamics of the Life Body. Try it for yourself and you will see.



The universal Alphabet of humanity, the group of all the consonants and the vowels that human beings use in their various languages – is the most ancient language of humankind. Babies express their whole being with the sounds of the Alphabet before they have any words. We used to have one language for humankind. We still have it. The mode of operation of the Life Body is at the same time the internal dynamics of the sounds of the Alphabet, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The foundation elements of human language are also the foundation elements of the Life Body.


Psychophonetics – working with the life body/Qi

Through Psychophonetics we found a key to the storage of human memory. At the same time, it is a key to all the life processes of breathing, warming, nurturing, maintenance, secretion, growth and reproduction, all our ‘Life Physiology’. Once the experience is sensed, expressed in a gesture and visualised – we can find a sound or a sound combination to match precisely every dynamic and experience in the Life Body; we can also find a sound or a sound combination for every aspect of human memory. When we find the right sound for the experience – we can explore it, release it, and enhance it. Then we can give a hand to the ‘Internal Healer’ inside of us, become its apprentice and colleague, support it and grow wise and deep and more real in doing so.

Everyone can potentially become a colleague of one’s own life forces and take personal responsibility for one’s own well-being, guided by one’s own intuition. That is the first condition for sustainable spiritual development and always has been. In Psychophonetics we call it ‘The First Condition’.


The willingness to know ourselves

Over the past 30 years of developing Applied Psychosophy and Psychophonetics internationally, we have discovered that the capacity of a growing number of people for the precise imaginative perception of themselves is growing. The younger people are – the more capable they are to be able to perceive their own internal dynamics through their own creative imagination. I worked with this method in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland, the USA, the Philippines, Israel, Palestine, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and with people from many more countries who came to work with me and who were migrants in those countries representing most of humankind. They are all equally capable of making use of these universal processes of self-awareness and self-healing, on the basis of their own unique, individual imagination and intuition. I found that the only limitation to the capacity of self-knowledge and self-healing is the willingness to know oneself and to heal oneself. Potentially everyone is his/her own healer, teacher and leader. But first, we must all be our own self-explorers.


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Yehuda Tagar, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Consultant and Coach

Yehuda Tagar is the founder of Psychophonetics Institute International and co-director of Skola Empatie – School of Empathy, in Slovakia, where he teaches Methodical Empathy – a method of deepening one's ability to See, Hear and Know oneself – generating the empathic capacity of Seeing, Hearing and Knowing another's reality. Methodical Empathy is the core practice within Psychophonetics Counselling and Psychotherapy. "The future of humanity is empathy, if humanity has a future at all." YT.



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