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Conscious Leadership – 10 Outstanding Traits of Conscious Leaders

Written by: Diane Demetre, Guest Writer


2020 will go down in history as one of those extraordinary years when the world underwent a seismic shift in human consciousness. A year when everyone faced some unexpected challenge, whether physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, or interpersonal. And with 2020 hindsight, it will be evident that those who embraced the year as an opportunity to expand their consciousness not only met the challenge but succeeded by becoming conscious leaders in their business, family, and community.

For the past decades, a leader has been described as someone who motivates a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal. In a business setting, this means directing workers and colleagues with a strategy to meet the company's needs. Though this leadership style has generated quantifiable results for companies and stakeholders, a new, expanded leadership model is now emerging to meet the expectations of 2021 and beyond.

A model that goes further than the transformational style of leader to conscious leadership, where leaders are as committed to their team’s peace of mind as much as they are to the bottom line. Where leaders guide and inspire to replace fear with faith in the organization. And where leaders not only minimize and manage risk but elevate and encourage consciousness. The previous traits of great leaders such as highly developed communication, interpersonal, organizational, and strategic skills will still be crucial, but conscious leadership offers a more connected approach to self to lead teams to new levels of innovation, fulfillment, and success.

1. Begin Within

Conscious leadership starts from within. Our primary role as leaders is to engage with our inner resources and develop discernment. We must be grounded in our inherent worth, value, and service to others before we expect our teams to succeed. Unless we have an unshakeable connection to our inner self and the greater good, we will never facilitate others in their growth or inspire them to stand beside us and succeed.

2. Expand Clarity

Conscious leaders seek to expand and deepen their own personal clarity framework through defining their vision, intention, dreams, talents, goals, actions, and habits until inherent purpose reveals itself. Thus equipped, they become consummate communicators, and with their teams, design a corporate philosophy for the business—a living, breathing blueprint on which every SOP is based and compliance assured.

3. Align Decisions

Conscious leaders understand that decisions design the organization’s destiny. No matter how small or seemingly inconsequential, every decision has catalytic power and sets in motion an outcome. Highly intuitive and highly organized, conscious leaders align their decisions with the corporate philosophy and, in doing so, increase the probability of success and personal fulfillment for their teams.

4. Focus Further

With an unwavering faith in themselves, conscious leaders focus within before focusing on the future. They check-in regularly, accessing their inner resources, then focus their attention on the next course of action as intuited. They possess an acute sense of intention and encourage their teams to develop the same.

5. Ignore Limitations

Ignoring limitations, refusing to take counsel from the naysayers, or allowing adverse facts to stand in the way of a good decision are traits attributed to all good leaders. Conscious leadership includes disregarding one’s own fears, doubts, and misgivings—to challenge conditioned thinking through innovation, creativity, and inspiration, knowing these are cultivated from within, not without.

6. Expect More

The desire and expectation for more underpins conscious leadership—more meaning, more responsibility, more peace, more fulfillment. The getting of more is no longer the driving force. The being more is how conscious leaders live, personally and professionally. They adopt a mindset of more, knowing that there is always more than enough resources, money, talent, and skills to manifest success.

7. Lean in

Leadership is more than just setting the course and steering the metaphorical ship. It’s about leaning in, changing course when necessary, realigning with a new direction, and moving forward without resistance. Conscious leaders practice the art of leaning into challenges rather than confronting them head-on. They understand that flexibility, willingness, and adaptability lead to peaceful resolutions and pragmatic solutions in the most time-efficient manner.

8. Unlock Power

Knowing that everyone has the potential for greatness, conscious leaders actively seek to unlock this power in their teams. Demonstrating and instilling certainty, confidence, commitment, courage, compassion, character, consistency, competence, credibility, and congruence inspire others to tread their own path with gratitude, kindness, and shared success. The power of one becomes the power of many.

9. Energize Action

Conscious leaders possess dynamic, energetic resonance through the application of conscious health and well-being habits. They understand the law of attraction and consciously apply and energize the law in their business, acting as if it is already so in the present moment. Knowing they have the power to create extraordinary results, they energize and align their actions for the greatest impact moment by moment.

10. Stay the Course

Conscious leaders know that everything will be all right in the end, and if it’s not all right, then it’s not the end. They are determined, disciplined, and dedicated, not just to success, but to fulfillment and the joy that accompanies it. Despite the distractions, they stay the course until the job is done, facilitating everyone to be more conscious in the process.

As the evolution of human consciousness undergoes an accelerated shift because of the domino effect of the pandemic, many will resist the transformation, wishing for the ‘way it was.’ But change is inevitable, and for those willing to consciously harness the energy of change, they will build empowered teams and stronger businesses. The days of profit above peace are coming to an end. It’s time for leaders to master their mindset, apply a positive, powerful meaning to challenge, and become conscious of the greater good. A new style of leadership is now upon us, that of the conscious leader.

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Diane Demetre, Guest Writer Brainz Magazine

Diane Demetre is a Master Mindset Mentor, Life Coach, Speaker and Author with a 40+ year career spanning entrepreneurship, personal and professional development, leadership training, performance coaching and energy psychology. She is on a mission to shift one mind at a time, one business at a time to a master mindset through her transformative work.



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