Clubhouse Is The Fastest Way to Get Known Online — As Long As You Master These Skills

Written by: Dr. Grace Lee, Executive Contributor

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The key to getting known online is to be known for one thing that is your personal brand. When Clubhouse came into the picture, it quickly became one of the fastest audience builder tools.

For example, within 3 weeks of joining Clubhouse, I grew my following to 700+ on the platform, which also grew my Instagram following by 130% since the two are connected. The best way to use Clubhouse to build your know, like, and trust factor is to host your own rooms. Whether you're a moderator of your own room or someone else's, here are my best tips for owning the room.


When podcasts first came out, they quickly earned the reputation of becoming the modern-day radio.

Clubhouse has taken the world of podcasting to a whole new level where listeners can interact with the podcast host in real-time.

Since it's in real-time, listeners have the choice to be in other Clubhouse rooms with the tap of a button. The key is to make the room sticky — in other words, to get your audience to stay inside your room.

Dead silence doesn't make the room sticky.

If you are moderating a room, develop a sense of when a conversation will end so that you can jump in and keep the energy of the room going.

There are 3 ways I've found to avoid dead silence and keep the flow of the room going:

1. Reset the room. Tell the audience with enthusiasm what you're talking about in the room to benefit those who are just joining.

2. Edify the people. Ask the audience to follow the people who are on stage with you, follow your co-moderators, and follow the people who the speakers follow. This causes others to want to come into your room and stay with you because they know you're going to edify them.

3. Open the Q&A. Instruct the audience that you're going to open the floor for questions. Instruct them to get to their question right away so that you don't keep people waiting in line for too long. Take one question per person.


Clubhouse room participants are there to learn.

After all, this is a platform that gives everyone an equal opportunity to be in a room and talk to some of the world's greatest influencers like Elon Musk and Grant Cardone.

Always be learning so that you have a large enough knowledge base to create great content on various topics and answer questions with deeper insight.

Often people raise their hands and come onto the stage with real questions, real struggles. Show people, you can help them by actually helping them.

When you deliver great value from a heart of service, you'll have people follow you on Clubhouse and Instagram and send you a DM on Instagram to let you know how much they resonated with what you said.

As you speak, do them a favor and talk a little faster than you normally do, and get straight to the point without the fluff. At this point, they don't know, like, or trust you yet, so you have to earn it. The best way to earn it is to show them that you respect their time by working hard to hold their attention.

Eventually, they will reach out to enquire about your services.

Imagine how quickly you can build a following of true fans who know, like, and trust you if you deliver great content consistently in Clubhouse rooms that assemble larger and larger audiences.


Once you have amassed enough of a following to start your own room, the most important thing you can do is to write a compelling topic title for the room.

Use a good copywriting strategy to develop an event name that produces a strong desire for someone to choose to show up to your room.

A persuasive event name is one that evokes curiosity, captures their attention, and elevates a desire to click into the room to join the conversation.

Most importantly, have some fun with it! Clubhouse is a collaborative platform that unites people from all backgrounds and walks of life, one conversation at a time.

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Dr. Grace Lee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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