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Celebrating Women Is Part Of Women’s Empowerment

Written by: Dr. Hynd Bouhia, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The whole Month of March was a celebration of Women’s Day and in some places women’s Month. But what happens when the month is over? Do we just go back to forgetting all the work and advances we need to do to empower women all around the world?

No. This is an ongoing mission that calls for a year-long celebration for women, for all the responsibilities they are carrying, and for the frustration and suffering they have absorbed through the years and past generations.

Women’s empowerment is a conversation we want to keep alive all year round. A conversation where women rise and the world rises with them.

Being a woman

Being a woman is being able to wear several hats at the same time and owning each one of them.

Being a woman is being a mum, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover, a muse, an artist, a musician, a magician, a healer, a wealth creator, a professional, and a leader. All of those hats, every woman is expected to grow up knowing them somehow. Although there aren’t any clear guidelines on how to become all of them at once, every young girl will grow to understand how to use them and how to change them seamlessly. It took me many years before being able to embody them fully as I learned to keep the balance while juggling between each one of them trusting that each one will be okay with every move.

To be able to carry all of these responsibilities takes more than the old paradigm that we grow up with of being a nice girl. This becomes more of a constraint and a limitation for women when they duplicate the same education and guidance they received as young girls.

The world needs a young girl to turn into a great woman.

That great woman is on top of her motherhood and sisterhood wounds. She is able to respect herself and love herself for who she is. A great woman is one able to set up standards for herself and or everyone else so that she can enforce all of her boundaries and be respected for them.

A great woman is one able to lead herself to create the life that she aspires for and to share love and empathy with the rest of the world.

This is what it means for a woman to lead herself and her life.

The world needs women to lead themselves

Celebrating women is the perfect occasion to share stories about successful women who have paved the way for others and who were able to draw all the lessons and find wisdom in everything they have been able to overcome.

When a woman succeeds, she does it for every woman.

When a woman is faced with a struggle, her story is for every woman.

This is why celebrating women is not a one-day deal, it is an everyday way of being. We want to be happy and relieved when we see a woman reaching a high-level leadership position and creating big wealth. She shows others what is possible and how every woman can do the same if she chose to. Some women may prefer to stay in a comfortable position and not go for bigger dreams, and that will be all acceptable. But some others wish so hard for life to be otherwise.

And of course, we have another category that will feel triggered by other women's successes and start looking for flaws and imperfections to cover their bitter feelings of jealousy and hatred.

We want to build a different world where we calibrate to each other with love and compassion. We get inspired by others' successes and we wish the best for everyone the same way we wanted for ourselves.

Are we able to do that?

It takes such a strong will and the ability of women to lead themselves and to feel inspired by what they encounter in their journey.

It also takes a big range of soft skills to sustain your focus and inspiration. Starting with self-love and respect for yourself and mastering your emotional intelligence. Because leadership means being able to stay intellectual and intelligent while feeling and processing all emotions. And women’s world is full of emotions!

Women are so similar in their differences

As women lead themselves, they can create a ripple effect of changes and transformation around them. This is why leaders influence others by leading themselves and inspiring others how to do the same.

This is essential for women’s empowerment, as we need women to grow confident, resilient, tech-savvy, and financially free for the world to change. The ripple effect will generate new leaders throughout the world who are standing out in their field with their uniqueness and through their bravery.

The more we are different, the more we are the same in the way we juggle responsibilities and we approach womanhood. Similarities find themselves in the way we approach

We, want to be celebrated through our differences and for each of our uniqueness. And the more there are women succeeding from different backgrounds and different fields, the more we are showing the possibilities for everyone.

So let us be grateful for every woman who is able to stand out for her bravery, for her success, and for the impact, she is making. For she is paving the way for others and showing what is possible for her as well.

This is why celebrating women is a way to express gratitude for all the incredible women in the world who have pushed the boundaries, elevate the standards, and show what is possible to aspire to and to create in your life.

And you want to do the same for yourself. It will expand the abundance.

Be grateful for every step you make and celebrate yourself every day!

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Dr. Hynd Bouhia, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Hynd Bouhia has cumulated more than 20 years of professional experience in high-level and leadership positions, covering investments, financial structuring, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development strategies. Hynd Bouhia was nominated by Forbes among the 100 most influential women in the world in 2008 and among the most influential women in Business in the Arab World in 2015 and honored as a member of the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars in 2018.



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