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The Energy Anchor – Most Effective Coaching Tool

Written by: Martina Wojtylova Opava, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If you’re an energy freak like me, you keep searching for more and more ways to effectively work with your energy to live your best life ever.

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In my 12+ years of experience in Energy mentoring and coaching highly successful individuals, I've found there’s one most effective motivational tool. For people striving to improve their lives, experiential visualization is a game changer. If done correctly.

We can easily imagine ourselves on a breathtaking beach in the Maldives, we can even feel the ocean breeze and salty water, but this is not enough. Imagining and experiencing our future can lead to both effective motivation as well as significant demotivation. To make sure we stay motivated and connected to our future vision, we need an Energy anchor.

That’s what I created a few years ago to help my clients connect with their future selves on a daily basis. Using the Energy anchor, my clients stay focused and connected to their future vision which soon becomes their present reality.

It’s like traveling in time, placing your dream house into the future and coming back to your reality wearing the slippers from the new house.

During your imagery work, you consciously jump into the future and fully experience the energy of it. I’ll guide you. I’ll ask you questions. I’ll be there with you.

Is it the energy of pride? Self-confidence? Peace? Achievement? What is it like?

Imagine your future desired state of being and embody the energy flowing in your veins. Stay there, consciously, enjoy all the emotions, name them aloud (I’ll write them down for you).

Then, connect each emotion with parts of your body. E.g.

  • What does self-confidence look like in your body

  • What does your body look like when you radiate the energy of love?

  • What does your breathing look like, when you feel loved and accepted?

Describe it all to me. Name it. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense to you.

I’m here to help untangle your images and put them into words.

I’m here to help you create an Energy anchor that will remind you of your future amazing self every day.

This is an example of an Energy anchor created for one of my clients.

I see myself as a highly successful manager, loving wife and mommy.

My success can be seen in my sparkling eyes and a wide smile. My love for my family is shown mainly in my stable and positive tone of voice.

Client’s daily mantra:

I look at the world around me with sparkling eyes and a wide smile. My voice is full of love, stability and positivity.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to give it a shot?

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Martina Wojtylova Opava, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Martina W. Opava is a successful energy coach, mentor, bestselling author, charity leader, and founder of unique energy programs for parents. She launched her masterpiece project "Soul Clearing Rituals for parents & children" in 2018 and was nominated for the “Woman of the year” for her charity work a year later. Martina's teaching helps parents to raise, protect and embrace their core life energy in order to become their best selves. "Learning about our life energy helps us to better understand ourselves and others, and consequently it helps us to create lifelong bonds with our children and relatives."



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