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Ascend Your Frequency – The Above The Golden Line® Breakthrough

Written by: Lisette Lucas, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Lisette Lucas

In a world saturated with information yet starving for wisdom, we find ourselves at a transformative junction. We've all heard the clichés: "change your mindset, change your life," but what if the secret to true transformation goes beyond mindset? What if it dives deep into the very frequencies of our being? Welcome to the Above The Golden Line Method®—a revolutionary approach to elevating your life to its highest potential, aligning seamlessly with Brainz Magazine's vision to inspire, empower, and educate.

Collage photo of above and below golden line

What is the golden line?

The Golden Line is not just a boundary; it's a vibrational frequency, a metaphysical threshold that demarcates the tipping point between a life of limitations and one of limitless possibilities. It is that celestial line above which your energy aligns with the frequency of abundance, joy, and well-being—what I lovingly call "EnergyJoy."

Why high-frequency living?

Living above the Golden Line taps into the ethos of Brainz Magazine's commitment to personal development and human capital. It's about more than self-improvement; it's self-ascension. By elevating your frequency, you're not merely changing; you're transforming into the highest, most radiant version of yourself. It's a state where problems become opportunities, where challenges turn into stepping stones, aligning perfectly with Brainz Magazine’s core value of "Positivity."

The method: A deep dive

My signature Above The Golden Line Method® employs a potent blend of intuitive transformational hypnotherapy, coaching, and mediumship. This triad elevates your frequency to that of EnergyJoy, where manifestation becomes as natural as breathing.

Steps to implement

1. Identify Limiting Beliefs: Recognize the barriers keeping you below the Golden Line. Are you holding onto past traumas or outdated thought patterns?

2. Frequency Shift: Utilize a combination of meditation, hypnotherapy, and coaching to shift your frequency upwards.

3. Live Above The Line: Once your frequency is attuned to EnergyJoy, you will naturally begin to manifest your desires—be it success, love, or wellness.

Aligning with diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Above The Golden Line Method® resonates with Brainz Magazine's commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). By empowering individuals to tap into their unique, high-frequency versions of themselves, we naturally foster a more inclusive environment. After all, when everyone operates from a place of EnergyJoy, and beyond diversity becomes a celebration, not just a checkbox.

Make a real impact

Brainz Magazine's dedication to making a real impact harmonizes beautifully with my mission to shift one million+ souls to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond. With every person that crosses the Golden Line, we not only elevate individual lives but contribute to a collective rise in global frequency, subsequently benefiting humanity at large.

Conclusion: The time is now

Are you ready to cross into a life of limitless possibilities? It's time to live not just above the line but far beyond it. In the wise words of Brainz Magazine, "there is always more work to be done." And the work starts within you.

Call to action

When the Above The Golden Line Method® resonates with you, take the next step in your journey to high-frequency living. Download the method for free here and gear up to manifest a life radiating with EnergyJoy and beyond.

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Lisette Lucas Brainz Magazine

Lisette Lucas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Lisette Lucas is a masterful High-End Success Medium®, High-Frequency Business Coach®, and Intuitive Transformational Hypnotherapist from The Netherlands. Trained by world-renowned experts like Mavis Pittilla, Marisa Peer, and Tony Robbins, she founded EnergyJoy and offers multi-faceted programs through her EnergyJoy Mastery Academy. Her signature "Above The Golden Line Method®" aims to elevate a million-plus souls to new frequencies of EnergyJoy. Lisette is on a mission to transform next-generation changemakers with love, wisdom, and EnergyJoy.



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