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An Interview with Jacqui Grant —Weight Management Practitioner

Jacqui Grant is a highly sought-after Weight Management, Bariatric Surgery, Wellness Coach, Personal trainer, soon to be Advanced Weight Management Practitioner, and International Best Selling author of 3 books — Break Free & Go For It!, Life Beyond Obesity! (Jacqui’s story of transformation) and Can-Do Bariatric Surgery! She is dedicated to helping clients around the world to stop feeling overwhelmed, tired, and embarrassed by their weight by showing them how to create long term changes in their food choices, change their relationship exercise and develop a “Can Do” mindset to live their best life! Jacqui also helps those who have had or considering having bariatric surgery to achieve their goal and keep the weight off and work with professionals such as personal trainers to understand bariatric surgery.

Jacqui has worked as a nurse, coach, personal trainer, manager, and owns her own business, Break Free Consultancy, where she can work one to one with her clients or through her programs, courses, challenges, and books. Empowering others to break free, go for it, and live their best life!

Jacqui Grant, Weight Management Practitioner
Jacqui Grant, Weight Management Practitioner

Who is Jacqui?

I am a mom of two incredible sons who live close by. I come from a family of 7 children, which includes 3 step-siblings. I have a female spoodle named Sammie who enjoys coming out with me when I go for a run. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and enjoy spending time by the beach, sitting at a local café having a coffee with friends. I also enjoy meditating on the beach and working out at the beach. Health, fitness, and wellbeing are a huge part of my life, so I make sure that I choose nutritious foods and do my daily workout, which consists of a jog/run for up to an hour every day. Every second day is weight/resistance training.

I did struggle with obesity for over 10 years until I finally took back control of my life 5.5 years ago and started releasing weight, over 110kgs to be precise, and have kept my weight off now for over 3 years. I did have bariatric surgery, and it was at that time in 2006 that I realized how many people do NOT have a complete understanding of how the surgery works long term and how much your life changes. I have had many people judge me; however, I choose to do it for my health, my fitness.

I bought everything I know from my personal experience, knowledge as a nurse, personal trainer, coach, and weight management practitioner together for my business to help others. This brings me so much joy, and I have so much love for it. I also realized how many health professionals and personal trainers, holistic practitioners do not completely understand the ongoing long-term changes that occur of this surgery, so I decided to create a program for them.

I am someone who enjoys their own company as well as time with family and friends. Going for bush walks is also something that I enjoy, along with time snuggled up reading a good book or watching a movie.

I enjoy gardening when I get the opportunity. Building a business and working in the disability area is full-on at times, so I do not tend to get into the garden as often as I would like.

I have a nursing background with over 30 years of nursing in the different parts of the health industry. As a nurse, I have also studied coaching, motivational psychology, personal training, weight management, nutrition, and currently completing additional weight management studies.

My friends describe me as having a lot of energy and always full of life and passion for life.

My motto in life is: Break Free, Go For It & Live YOUR Best Life!, part of which is the title for one of my Amazon bestselling books.

What is it that you do for your clients?

I assist my clients in releasing excess weight and keeping it off long-term while improving their health, fitness, and wellbeing.

I do this by assisting them in breaking through the barriers they have in place, limiting beliefs about themselves, their lives, and creating new habits that set them free to live a life they enjoy.

I work with my clients on their mindset, shifting the focus from what isn’t working to what is working and what is possible. I encourage them to celebrate their success, no matter the size of it. I also encourage them to be kind to themselves, take care of who they are, and set goals that help them grow a little bit. After all, change comes at times when we are stuck in patterns that are no longer serving us.

I have a variety of ways to assist someone in achieving their weight, fitness, and wellness goals, which also affects their health.

  • Podcast – FREE

  • Books, at the time of this interview, 3 Amazon Best Sellers

  • One to one consultation. (a combination of coaching and providing information such as a menu plan or exercise program

  • Break Free Membership – there are four to choose from, depending on the person’s goal. Weekly tips and strategies to help you stay up to date with information about weight loss, fitness, health, and wellbeing.

  • Make It Happen 8-week program—a combination of consultations/coaching with Jacqui and online content.

  • Let’s Make It Happen 6-month Program. It's like the 8-week program just on a bigger scale for those who are serious about long-term changes in more than one aspect of their life.

Who should hire/work with you?

Those who should work with me are:

  • Choosing to lose/release weight

  • Anyone who would like to improve their fitness, health, and wellbeing, including stress management

  • Those who have had or considering having bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery)

  • Personal Trainers, Allied Health Professionals who would like to understand bariatric surgery and how they can assist their clients

What is your big goal? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

My big goal is to set up the Break Free Foundation.

I achieve this through working with my clients.

The Break Free Foundation is where we have houses all around Australia, and other countries around the world that are set up for those who have been through abuse have a disability, families with children who have a chronic disease/illness where they can go and have a holiday, a break away from their everyday stress and worries. The goal is for each house to be set up to be a peaceful, relaxing environment, and all they need to pay for is food and travel to the house. We take care of the rest.

I also have the goal of traveling with my business and doing that for the rest of my life until the day comes that I am unable to, which is a long way away. 😊

For more information, follow Jacqui on Facebook, Instagram and visit her website!



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