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Alaina Schwartz — How To Have It All

Alaina Schwartz is the Founder & CEO of Alaina Schwartz Enterprises. She’s a speaker, best-selling author, and Intuitive Mindset Mentor. At 14, Alaina suffered a traumatic brain injury, and her mother was told she’d have permanent brain damage. Her mother retrained Alaina’s brain for a full recovery. Then, after 18 years as an attorney in the music industry and the EVP and Exec Board Member of the largest independent music company globally, she walked away from it all to discover her purpose. Her personal life completely unraveled. She became hyper-focused on building her life purpose and rewiring her brain again for success and fulfillment. She has created a multiple six-figure company and a beautiful life since. As an Intuitive Mindset Coach/Mentor, she uses those experiences and her training as the foundation of her work with entrepreneurs, helping them break through upper limits and clear the blocks that are preventing them from creating 7+ figure businesses with ease. Alaina’s mission is to help people remember who they truly are so they can live their purpose and full potential.

Alaina Schwartz, Speaker, Best-selling author and Intuitive Mindset Mentor

You’ve gone from lawyer to Elite Performance coach and international speaker, what did your journey look like?

For almost two decades I was a lawyer in the music industry in New York City. But the truth is, I never wanted to be a lawyer. It was really my parent’s agenda. I believed that when I was more successful I’d finally be happy. I hustled my way to the top and became the Executive Vice President of the largest independent music company in the world. Professionally I was wildly successful. Yet internally, I never felt more miserable. I kept asking myself, “Is this all there is?” Based on societal standards, I should have felt like I was on top of the world. I was so unfulfilled. And realized I’d spent half my life climbing a ladder that led nowhere. I had this burning desire for more and I had to find more. I walked away from a mid-6-figure salary, the perks and the prestige to discover what my true purpose was.

I fell into a major personal crisis, a Dark Night of the Soul, where I watched the life I thought I wanted completely crumble. And as hard as that experience was, I’m grateful to it to this day as it birthed my new purpose. I began coaching early-stage entrepreneurs to help them live their purpose.

I made over 6 figures in 7 months in my first year of coaching. As I became more successful in my business, my level of clientele changed. I started to work with more established, higher-level entrepreneurs.

I was finally happy, but I wasn’t fully healed. There was something dark that was still bubbling underneath the surface. And it had to do with my money beliefs. I didn’t believe I was deserving of keeping money.

I had no problem making money, but it seemed to disappear as fast as it was created. I would sabotage my financial success. I identified my self worth with my net worth and this limiting belief proved to be lethal.

I made a couple of what I thought to be good business investments that ended up wiping out my bank account, leaving me broken and penniless as a single mom. How would I take care of my family with no money?

That’s where the second limiting belief of not being worthy because of what was in my bank account kicked in. The shame and guilt I experienced during this time in my life prevented me from bouncing back with ease. It took me far longer than I care to admit, but I did it.

The lynchpin was learning how to tap into my inner genius on demand. I radically changed my life by profoundly connecting to my Intuition, energetically aligning with my business and income, and greatly expanding my capacity for impact. When I embodied this all…

My income 5x itself in one year! I now work with multi 6 and 7+ figure business owners who want to scale their business, triple their income while working less than 30 hours a week. I’m here to show you how Financial success doesn’t have to cost your time, health or relationships!

What’s your superhero power?

Slaying limiting beliefs in a single bound!

Seriously though, my superpower is tapping into my client’s subconscious and superconscious minds and removing their blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs at the DNA level. I teach them how to tap into their inner genius so they create a business and life by design.

Success is often counterintuitive. What is something unique that you have done that supported your success?

Stopped working so hard! Gave up control. When I really integrated that we’re meant to have an easy, effortless life, which includes business, and stopped trying to control outcomes, my business became easy and effortless. Essentially, I got out of my own way.

What are some of the tangible and intangible results that your clients typically experience?

I love this question! My clients get really excited about the tangible results ‒ which are awesome, don’t get me wrong. What I get most excited about are the intangible results.

My clients typically triple their income in 30-90 days. In the first month coaching with me, we shave 20-30 hours off their workweek, before any delegating.

How my methodology differs from most other coaches that help people scale their businesses, is that they reduce time by having their clients delegate. It’s a great thing to do, and delegation is key to scaling, for sure.

However, most clients are wasting a ton of time and energy in their businesses. What I do is help them to shift their energy of how they spend their time. We ditch the limiting beliefs that they have to work hard to succeed, money is hard to make and/or nothing of value comes easy and 20-30 hours a week just drops off organically. Then when you add delegating, now you’re on fire!

Tangible results are created by the intangible.

For me, my fave part is watching how their whole life changes. How all of a sudden they start loving on themselves in a way they never did before. Treating themselves and others around them with more loving-kindness. Spending time with people they love in a more relaxed and unreactive way. Doing the things in their life that light them up that they didn’t previously have time to do. Becoming a potent and powerful leader of their teams and clients.

Not only do they see direct bottom-line changes, but their relationships, first to themselves, then with others, health and life totally transform. Their nervous systems relax. It’s incredibly inspiring!

Again, intangible results create tangible results.

What’s the most common thought(s) that go on in your clients head that they don’t want anyone to know about?

Imposter syndrome ‒ That people are going to find out that they’re a fraud, they’re not worthy or good enough.

The brighter you shine your light, the darker your shadow.

Another big one is shame and guilt. My clients all know they’re capable of so much more. Even though they’ve already accomplished what most entrepreneurs dream about, they’re still not where they believe they should be.

Guilt because good isn’t good enough for them. Shame because most people would be satisfied at the level that they have achieved, but no. My clients desire more.

Their worth is so tied up in their business success that a few clients have actually admitted that they’d rather their relationships suffer than their business suffer. They still believe they have to trade one for the other.

I teach them how to have it all. What are you currently super elated about?

I have a Brand NEW powerful intimate group program I’m launching at the end of April that will take you to 7+ figures from the inside out. It’s called 6 Into 7. It’ll allow you to tap into your inner Genius, scale your profits and income while creating your rockstar lifestyle and impact. It’s time to get off the hustle train.

6 into 7 will help you to:

  • Clear out your intergenerational past patterns, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage at a DNA level.

  • Develop a success mindset so they are thinking like a multiple 7 figure business owner, and learn how to truly manifest on demand. This is not the law of attraction type manifesting that’s inconsistent depending on if your subconscious mind lines up with what you desire. This is the real deal that Works. Every. Time.

  • Step into your next level leadership.

  • Understand how to tap into your inner Genius on demand that will act as a GPS system and guide them to 3-10x their income with ease.

  • Consistently know what action to take, aka aligned action, so you achieve the results you want on the shortest, fastest, most effortless path.

Why are you the best Elite Performance coach?

I’m masterful at both seeing your limiting beliefs and patterns and clearing them. As well as seeing what’s possible for you and holding the mirror for you until you see it for yourself.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “feed a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

My clients are all high-performers. What most will never understand is that high performers are all really tough on themselves, pushing themselves harder than average and beating themselves up when they don’t perform at an elite level. When I show my clients how their whole life has been built upon untruths, it frees up space emotionally, energetically and on a cellular level. They are finally able to see that they’re so much more than they thought they were.

I am the best at teaching my clients how to tap into that inner genius…inner knowing and allow it to guide their life. As a result, magic happens and manifestation follows. They now have the skillset and tools to play at their highest levels. Freedom from their mind allows my clients to become unstoppable and create unf*ckwithable confidence, the byproduct of which is time freedom and money freedom.

I am the best at helping my clients to create TRUE FREEDOM!

What is a quote you live by?

“The truth will set you free.”

Truth is the antidote to eliminating limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. When you learn how to bring truth into your subconscious mind, you liberate your mind. That’s true power and freedom!

To find out how you can not only Quantum Leap your business but go from multi 6 or 7 figures to millions rocking your lifestyle, reach out to me here and let’s chat!

For more info, I invite you to connect with me here on LinkedIn or visit Alaina Schwartz and follow Alaina on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s a free case study to watch! Read more from Alaina!


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