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A Necessity For Reinvention – 6 Essential Skills You Must Develop To Master The Reinvention Process

Written by: Manas Kumar Mahanandia, Executive Contributor

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The biggest issue is that it's challenging to hear our inner voice because of how quickly time is moving and how much noise is around us right now. Nonetheless, based on my own experience, I can assure you that it is possible to achieve.

Abstract background with connected gears working together, from skills to success.

However, the following factors add up: Low self-esteem can lead to victimhood, conformism, taking care of everyone and everything less than you, and a desire to withdraw from what is happening to you because it causes a lack of faith and confidence in yourself and life. (Making you dependent on more work, sex, shopping, drinking, drugs, etc.), as well as several other things that, after first serving as hurdles, now serve as consequences: a complete vicious circle!

Be clear that the time has come to reinvent yourself if you have reached a point in your reality in which the current reality that surrounds you doesn't satisfy you and you truly believe that it's worth turning your life around. To do this, you must consider a series of essential skills that you must develop for your reinvention process to be successful. Still, multitudinous skills help us in our change process, but we're going to concentrate on studying the most essential.

6 Essential Skills That You Must Develop For Your Reinvention Process To Be Successful.

1. Questioning

The first of these is the skill of questioning. We need to learn to question ourselves, to be mistrustful, to wonder. It's a veritably important skill in the processes of metamorphosis and change. Flashback: reinvention is a process of creating a new way of doing things, a new way of living, it's a process of conforming to a new reality, thus, it's very important that you permanently question your stations., your beliefs, and the order of your values, because if you maintain some beliefs, some stations, and also, the order of your values is rigid and incommutably, it'll be doubtful that you can acclimatize to all these new realities that will present that reinvention process.

2. Self Control

Self-control and tone control are the skills needed to punctuate. Donald Winnicott, the great English psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst said that "the most necessary cerebral resource we need to face our lives is the tone control." Feelings are adaptive responses that the body gives nearly automatically to the realities of the environment. However, if we don't put intelligence to those feelings, the topmost probability will be that feelings will make us feel defeated in the face of certain realities that will be delicate to face if we don't explain. Throughout the delicate process of reinvention, you'll continually find yourself with adverse situations that will beget your sadness, frustration, apathy, wrathfulness, or fear, feelings that you must control and not let take over you, since, if they do, do, the reinvention process would be a failure.

3. Learn To Learn

The third capability to be suitable to induce a satisfactory reinvention process is the capability to learn, they say that this is the queen capability in metamorphosis and change processes. When does this process of literacy to learn to begin? When we realize that there's a gap between what we need to achieve in the future that we want and what we're achieving in the present. That's when the protestation of my ignorance is given, which is technically called conscious incapacity. Likewise, we need the first skill, which is questioning, to be suitable to realize the differences between what we presently do and what we must do to achieve our goal. For this reason, it must be clear that the capability to learn is a process that doesn't happen overnight but rather requires training and recreating action to acquire it.

4. Learn To Forget

The next skill is learning to forget. Just as we need to learn, we also need to learn to forget. And that means that we give up our knowledge and ways of doing things, returning to unconscious incapacity.

It should be noted that learning to learn goes from unconscious incapacity to unconscious capability. While the process of literacy to unlearn is just the contrary, it goes from the unconscious capability to incapacity, which also requires a process, one further capability to develop with which you learn that the way you must do is no longer useful for the new reality that you want to produce, and you must renounce it. This is a delicate step, since it's veritably delicate for people to give up what we formerly know, because that means discomfort, indeed suffering.

5. Relate

It's also necessary to work on the capability to relate; we're referring above all to creating effective networks in the process of reinvention. During the reinvention process, we need others, we cannot face it alone, thus our affective networks must be veritably strong and solid, since along this path we're going to encounter realities that we aren't going to like, indeed some that are veritably painful. Thus, it's veritably important to feel that we've got the support of our families, musketeers, or professionals who'll be our support during this trip and won't let us down.

6. Act

The last skill that you need to acquire and develop is the ability to act. We're veritably used to planning, organizing, and featuring but not veritably given to acting, since acting is a skill that requires a process of literacy to learn and unlearn, and this is a commodity that costs us a lot of work. The first recommended step to acting is to produce small diurnal pretensions that are applicable to the thing I want to achieve. With this diurnal exercise, you'll be developing your capability to act, and you'll achieve your asked pretensions.

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Manas Kumar Mahanandia, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Manas Kumar is working as an Educator in the Ministry of Education of UAE. He has trained an educated more than 10K of students and professionals across the globe. In addition to his teaching, he is a life coach, entrepreneur, educator, and a blockchain influencer. He recently became a founding member of the World Metaverse Council, where he may share his knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the metaverse community in UAE. In barely two years, he became well-known and regarded as a life coach in Dubai. He has also earned honors and awards from many prestigious notables in the UAE. His Mission is to help businesses build winning teams and educate individuals all around the world.



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