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A Call To Join The Eveolution – Exclusive Interview With Kimberly Viera

Kimberly Viera is on a mission to help every woman become financially independent and gain control over her life and time by starting an online business. As the founder of JoinTheEveolution, she helps new and established professionals build transformational coaching and wellness businesses that quickly earn a sustainable living while giving them the time-freedom they desperately need.

Beautiful photo of Kimberly Viera.

Kimberly Viera, Coaching & Wellness Business Coach

So, “Eveolution”. Is that like “evolution”?

The answer: Exactly. People are feeling called in unprecedented numbers to do something healing, helpful, or transformational in the world right now, often by starting a business.

Eve, the biblical ‘first woman’, ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It’s time we reframe the shame and blame interpretation to the tremendous act of courage that it represents. Eve reached out to the unknown, received wisdom that transformed her into an unimaginable next-level life, and then shared that “awakening” with mankind.

That’s what Eveolutionaries are: Conscious leaders who want to awaken and evolve mankind to the next level.

And, they can do that by starting a business?

Oh, yes. In fact, that may be the most powerful way.

Everything is online now. Socializing, the way we educate ourselves, how we consume goods and services… it’s all kind of blended together as a unified “experience”. As a result, there’s a new, educated, and very human customer today. One who wants meaning and connection.

It’s not about just being popular and talking to people. There are a lot of business owners who are popular but they’re not making any money in their niche. People like them, but people don’t buy from them.

Why? They have no pull. No sway. No influence. They have nothing unique to say.

There’s a process to building a successful modern business, if you want to make more money you should be asking: how do I become INFLUENTIAL in my niche?

Here are two major ways:

  • Pioneer ideas. In other words, don’t teach the same strategies in the same way that everyone else is teaching them. Have something unique to say. Focus on the RESULT your customers want to achieve, then synthesize all the information that’s out there to come up with your own process, your own perspective, and your own signature system that gives them that result.

  • Work with other influential people in your niche. When your prospects see that you’re associated with credible and helpful leaders in your niche, they’ll associate your name with someone who is powerful, respected, and influential too.

How do you make the jump from capturing interest to building desire?

Here’s how the sales process works:

Capture attention -> Get the prospect interested -> Build Desire -> Create Action

A lot of small business owners know how to capture attention with a good benefit-driven, curiosity-arousing headline. But then they can’t seem to bridge the gap between that step and getting the prospect to take action. Basically, they’re not sure how to build interest and then build desire.

Here’s your answer: use features to build interest, and benefits (focus on emotions) to build desire.

Let me give you an example…

Imagine you coach business owners on copywriting. One of the features of your program is that you offer sales letter templates. That’s going to get someone interested in your offer.

Now if you want them to desire your offer (feel like they need it), tell them the benefits of the templates. Let prospects know how the templates make it quick and easy for them to create a high-converting sales letter in as little as 10 minutes. Plus, they’ll save money when they don’t need to hire expensive copywriters anymore.

Everyone says “build relationships” to get sales. How do you do this?

Well, you already know in today’s world you need to develop a relationship with your customers; letting them get to “know, like, and trust you”. This is through actually interacting with them, getting personal, being trustworthy, and providing great information.

But, customers are only ONE of the groups of humans you are in relationship with.

If you work on building relationships with one buyer (and you should), then you’ll make one new customer.

If you work on building relationships with partners (suppliers, joint venture partners, affiliates), then each partner could result in dozens or hundreds of new customers.

So, how do you build relationships with other “niche mates”? Here are some tips:

  • Help without expecting anything in return. For example, become a potential partner’s affiliate (selling their product for a share of each sale) and make money for them first, before you ask them to become your partner. (But don’t expect they will – they’re under no obligation.)

  • Start Talking. You can do this on social media or even by joining the discussions on a potential partner’s blog. Help them out by being an active participant in the community.

  • Start Small. Here you ask your potential partner for a small favor that only takes a minute or two of their time (such as offering one tip that you’ll compile into a tips blog post, or offer a super useful free training exclusively for their people. When you later ask for a bigger favor – a joint venture – they’ll be more likely to say yes.

  • Create a Great Experience. If your partner gets good results and has a pleasant experience with you when you do your first joint venture together (and their followers do too), they are more likely to agree to another partnership.

A third group of your humans is team members (by the job, virtual, or full-time in- person). Don’t forget they are real people who want actual things for themselves and their life by working with you. How can you develop really excellent relationships with them?

How do you sell without selling?

A lot of business owners go crazy trying to boost their conversions. So, they hard-sell their products or programs to the point that they’re turning off their mailing lists and readership.

People are sick of “being sold to”.

What they DO want is less pain and more joy in their life. So, here’s the solution. Stop selling your product.

Instead, start selling YOURSELF. Create value in your marketplace by replacing “selling” with “serving” and people will naturally want to see what you’re offering.

Here are examples of selling yourself:

  • Specialize and solve problems. Pick one problem in your niche and become the “go-to” expert on solving that problem. Offer tips that create quick results, so that readers will keep taking action on what you’re teaching them.

  • Borrow the authority (and audience) of others. Having someone else interview you naturally establishes you as an expert and exposes you to their own customers. Same with articles on established sites, getting on podcasts, being in summits and giveaways, and speaking on someone else's stage. These are excellent ways to sell yourself and establish your reputation.

  • Blanket your niche with actionable content. Do interviews, guest blogging, and offer free webinars, workshops, and challenges that lead your prospects from a small problem they have to results. Then you let them know you can help them with their bigger problem, too.

You say that people buy results, not products. How do you sell results?

Look at the “pain” your customer is needing a solution for. When their pain becomes uncomfortable enough, they will go searching for a solution, often online. You design your product or service to solve that specific problem. In your advertising focus on the “ultimate outcome” that your product produces. Focus on that benefit above all else.

For example, people don’t buy diet information. They don’t buy cookbooks. They don’t buy exercise videos. What they’re actually buying – the ultimate outcome/result – is a lean, attractive, proud-to-be-naked body and a boost of self-confidence. Wonderful, healthy meals with family and friends.

If you focus on selling these results (attractiveness and self-confidence, great family memories), it will be easy to sell your products.

If you want to sell more, consider:

  • Are you working to become influential in your niche?

  • Are you selling yourself?

  • Are you building both interest and desire for your product?

  • Are you building real relationships in your niche?

  • Are you focused on getting your people results?

So Kimberly, what’s your next big goal or project and how can someone get in contact with you?

Oh wow, we have some amazing things coming up. First, my five-part book series is being published: ’How to Start an Eveolution’ which walks you through the steps to start a powerful coaching or wellness business “movement” which will attract raving fans.

And, we are always inviting people into our 3-month program ‘Launch Intensive’ where you will create your own signature system and actually launch it (and start making money) with a group summit in month three.

The website is a great way to learn more and get in touch (take some quizzes about your business while you’re there!). Or, you can talk to me on social media (JoinTheEveolution) and visit our shop if you are a coach, fitness, wellness, or lifestyle professional to get done-for-you products to use in your own businesses. Come and Join the Eveolution!

Stop letting things happen. Start making them happen.

Follow me on Facebook and visit my website for more info!



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