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9 Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Launch A Sales App

Written by: Aleksandr Iurev, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


When I think about my nearly two-decades-long professional journey as a Cyber security expert and Tech entrepreneur, having developed startups on two continents, I can now fully appreciate how grueling and demanding this road has been, and most likely will continue to be for years to come.

Along the way, there were many unexpected obstacles and challenges. But it has been a glorious journey and I’d not trade it for anything. I’ve learned so many wonderful and useful life lessons, as well as sharpened my business acumen and sense.

As a co-founder it’s normal if one has a love-hate relationship with your Tech startup, which basically is your ‘baby’. You gave birth to it, so be proud; and don’t worry about getting aggravated at times. Ask any parent; it’s a normal feeling, and accepting this is an inevitable part of the process. One has to learn to manage these emotions.

At the end of the day, no experience is more challenging and frustrating, as well as rewarding and exciting, than creating your own company. So if you have a vision or passion to change the world as a tech entrepreneur, go for it.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of launching not just any Tech startup but specifically a sales app and platform. Some of these 9 tips could be applicable to a wide range of startups, but more than half are precisely relevant for a sales app and platform.

  1. Every new business idea requires investment, and the more the better. It will most likely take years before your company starts to bring in revenue, so prepare yourself mentally for the challenge. Start building your company with a certain amount of savings or financial backup behind you. Of course, be careful when spending your funds, but don’t be timid to spend in places where it’s absolutely necessary.

  2. You need to choose something to sell; maybe you already have an idea, or maybe not. If you don’t then think: What’s hot in the market right now. The economy is becoming tighter and people are cutting back. But spending on children tends to be that one area where parents will always want to indulge. Parents are more likely to skimp on themselves in order to buy something new for their children.

  3. Now that you know what you’re going to sell. The next step is to choose a mobile app maker. This is where Pocketfied can help you to design the best possible mobile sales platform. For more information, please go to our website.

  4. The second thing your customers will see is the screenshots of the application inside AppStore and Google Play and a short description of the application. You will have literally only a few seconds to catch your potential customers. Make sure that this is done very professionally.

  5. Application type. There are few types of applications: native, hybrid (cross-platform) and progressive web applications. Here is a link for detailed information. Hybrid apps are very useful for testing, customer development process and prototyping. For the best user experience, we recommend only native mobile apps.

  6. App user interface should be simple and intuitive. Oddly enough, your own thoughts about the visual elements may ruin the entire user experience for your customers. “I’m not relevant” is the best interface design approach. Let a professional design the interface, in order to maximize a user-friendly experience.

  7. Autonomous app. The easiest type of development process is when you don’t have to think about it at all. Every time when the vendor releases a new version of the software they’ll update your app automatically and new features appear immediately.

  8. Data-driven decision-making. You need to have all the necessary analytics to be able to track all user activities. Only then can you make the right decision about any aspect of your business.

  9. Finally, make sure to have an active social media presence, especially a LinkedIn profile. That platform has over 500 million; it’s a must for any entrepreneur. LinkedIn allows you full control in telling your story and developing your brand. You can customize your profile and company page. Also, keep in mind that LinkedIn is the only social media site that allows you to search for potential new clients and investors, and then to reach out and network with them.

You’re ready to go. Time to launch your sales platform. And remember, for any questions, please contact a capable app developer.

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Aleksandr Iurev, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Aleksandr Iurev is a serial entrepreneur, with many years experience in launching startups. His most recent is Pocketfied, which will radically disrupt the mobile app development industry with its highly innovative technology and service. Overall, Mr Iurev has 20 years of experience in the IT sector, as well as in DevOps, and Information Security. He cut his teeth in Tech working in IT security for the largest banks in Russia, as well as for top IT companies. That experience protecting clients from hacker attacks is one reason why he attaches top priority to building secure systems so that users can be certain they're protected.



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