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8 Ways To Achieve Mental Freedom

Written by: Vivien Roggero, Executive Contributor

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Mental freedom is the process of gaining self-confidence and recognizing our strengths. It's about setting your mind free from external control and expectation or ideals and standards set by our surroundings. External control can make it difficult to carve your own paths or make your own choices. So, we need to work on getting our control back and set our minds calm and composed.

In this blog, I'll unpack eight helpful ways to gain mental freedom and self-confidence. Let's dive into the details.

What Is Mental Freedom?

Mental Freedom is to free ourselves from external expectations and detach ourselves from the emotions, ideals, and standards we experienced growing up. It is to identify ourselves and gain self-confidence.

In simple words, it is the process of discovering our identities by quieting the voices surrounding us and just listening to ourselves and making our own choices. The external voices and expectations can make it challenging to carve our paths; hence, we may lose control of our choices or identity. We must work to achieve mental freedom to live a joyful and satisfied life.

8 Ways to Achieve Mental Freedom

We live in societies with specific standards, ideals, expectations, and labels that all exert pressure on us and bind us to live in their defined way. Most of us have always been affected by what others expect and say. The problem with being affected by external factors is when we react accordingly. Our primary concern is not taking charge of our lives and not taking responsibility for our decisions. It may turn our low self-esteem low and may end up in stress or depression. Therefore, it is significant to achieve mental freedom to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Let's look at ways to achieve mental freedom and maintain mental well-being in our daily lives.

1. Take Mental Rest

First and foremost, we have to make our minds stress-free and make ourselves calm and composed. Here are some great ways to give your mind rest or make it stress-free.

Breathing Exercises

One way to reduce stress or depression is to do breathing exercises. Lie down on the mat with closed eyes, inhale a deep breath, and then exhale it. Follow the sound of breathing and do it repeatedly. You will realize positive energy within. It will make you calm and composed, leading to a balanced life with reduced stress and aggression.


In addition to breathing exercises, meditation techniques may help reduce stress and positively affect lifestyle. There are many meditation techniques that you can learn from online sources.

Nature Therapy

Get close to nature. As close we are to nature, it'll connect us to our inner selves. So, observe nature by sitting calmly in the park or seeing rain. As we get closer to nature, we will discover ourselves soon.

Sound-based therapy

Sound is intrinsic to mental health. There are many exercises or mantras, and by adopting these, you may feel relaxed and calm.

Story Narration

If you can narrate your story, then nothing else could be a better aid to your mental health. Even if we are the listener of the story, then as well, we forget our worries, and we get to know other such things that are out of our world of imagination.

Adopt healthy habits

Adopt habits that relax your mind, and you love to do them. These habits will provide you with inner peace and joy. So, make these habits a part of your daily routine life. These habits will give you a perspective on life.


Another excellent way to make your mind stress-free is reading. Reading books or novels that enhance our analytical thinking or are composed of stories out of our imagination will move us away from mental health issues.

Leading a routine life

Unorganized things might lead to hazards to mental health. Therefore, writing a routine and following it without fail is important. By doing this, you will be busy, and your mind will be free from stressed and depressing thoughts.

Juggle your daily routine

Following the same routine leads to boredom and fatigue. Therefore, make some changes to your daily routine. However, there is no need to cut down on daily routine tasks; just rearrange the routine to feel fresh.

Eat nutritious food

A healthy body has a healthy mind, and a healthy and balanced diet leads to a healthy body. So, to achieve the best mental health, you should focus on a healthy diet.

2. Thrive for a vision

To achieve mental freedom, we have to strive for a broad vision. The vision that will introduce us to our existence. You have to search for who you are and what is the purpose of your life. When you have a broader vision and you start working for it, then you will feel confident and free from unwanted external control.

3. Build awareness or look inside

We cannot get freedom until we get aware of what is the main problem. Why do we feel trapped? It is not sufficient to only ignore what people around us say or worst to isolate ourselves from the society we live in. We have to analyze and dig deep into the root causes of the main problem. So, you can achieve mental freedom by analyzing how external factors affect you and how to deal with them.

4. Face the reality

Now, after analysis, you get to know the reality, and at this point, you have to accept what is going on with you and which things prisoned your mind, and made you feel trapped. If you hide from reality, you can never eliminate the problem. After acceptance, it is easy to step forward now.

5. Go achieve your vision

Now is the time when you start working to achieve your goals which will boost your self-esteem and make you confident and your mind feel free.

6. Language

You can achieve mental freedom by working on the language you use to speak to others and yourself. Instead of saying, "I have to, " I must do it," I should do it," you must say, "I want to," I prefer to," or "I get to do it," and it will put control back into your hands. With just these daily improvements, you can get your power back in your own hands and set your mind free from external control.

7. Become a doer

Become a doer if you want mental freedom and put all your mental health woes aside. You have to start working, despite thinking and planning the whole time, which will lessen your burden. Getting things done on time will make you feel responsible and confident. This will reduce stress and set your mind free and calm.

8. Set boundaries

Lastly, despite just thinking of the bad, you always have to set boundaries to the people around you. Build the habit of letting go of things and setting your mind free from worries. Setting boundaries allows you to prioritize your own well-being, respect your own limits, and communicate effectively with others about what is and what is not acceptable for you. By setting and maintaining boundaries, you can better take care of yourself, both emotionally and mentally.


There you have it - great ways to achieve mental freedom to live a happier life- the life you deserve and you want. Mental freedom can be achieved by focusing on your own targets and vision. By working on your vision, you will recognize your strengths and identity. This will give your control back into your hands, and you will feel free from external control, expectations, and Ideals. Most importantly, you will be confident about yourself. So, start today, try these tips and work on your mental freedom.

If you or your loved one are struggling to achieve mental freedom and need help, feel free to reach out. I'd love to help you set your own path, create a quality life, move forward, and set up for success without any stress and worry.

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Vivien Roggero, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Vivien Roggero is a certified Executive & Empowerment Coach and Entrepreneur. After 15 years of professional journey, expanding from Sales to IT Executive in some world-class startups’, losing his father to COVID, and going through a high-conflict divorce, he decided to dedicate his life to empowering people so they can live a fulfilling life. Those experiences also inspired him to create the One Freedom™ Framework, freedom and purpose-centric approach to life that helps his clients to accelerate their life design process and sculpt growth. His focus is to help clients who feel stuck in their professional or personal journeys or find struggles to re-navigate life after major life-changing events.



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